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  1. Can we be friends

    Roy one thing ...........if they pull out a black marker RUN LIKE HELL ! LMAOOOOOOOOOO add me also x_red_onyx_x
  2. Topwater Technique

    Best i can get is 2-dots
  3. Michigan Walleyes On A Lighter Note

    Correct #6/0 rainbow spinner time of day was day 2 11am peak time cloudy i was doing stop and go letting it bounce on the bottom was getting bites like crazy but wouldnt take it. so then i changed to just doing a slow drag (speed one ) on the bottom and he nailed it.Yes i will be there tonight!
  4. Michigan Walleyes On A Lighter Note

    Yes this spot is very productive , i pulled a uni tiger trout from right under your kayak last night! ......lol.
  5. Pike alley

    I started of with a 6ft crank bait wasnt doing to much with that, then changed to a spoon caught one or two.Then i said well hell ill give that popper a try man- o- man they were hitting that like a lil kid in a candy store just about every cast was getting pike muskie and even a bass. Its so cool to see the fish come up and hit that popper! and yes that sound it make sounds like a barking dog......lol.
  6. Pike alley

    Ill try again tonight , hope ill have better luck ! That spot is my money maker !!!!
  7. Pike alley

    Yes i was in a kayak, seems like they were not biting as much and i was in prime time.
  8. Pike alley

    So i was at pike alley last night usally it takes me 2-hours to fill my 440lb net now its taking like a whole day. did the DLC change this.
  9. Kayak dlc

  10. Kayak dlc

    I added both of ya ill be on in around 2 hours Niagara Falls, NY here.
  11. Pond pass

    I thought that was just the basic license.( pond pass) But i could be wrong.
  12. Kayaks/new fish

    How much does the new pack cost? ill have to stop on my way home and pick up a PSN card.
  13. Not bad to first catch by night

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^
  14. Correct the servers are down for the update but you will not be able to buy the new pack until the PSN store up dates. Im in the U.S new york and the store updates at 1pm today.
  15. PSN store usally resets at 2pm est. So i would say somewhere around that.