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  1. Red_Onyx

    The Happy New Year thread.

  2. Red_Onyx

    Michigan Qualifier #2

    Just look for the beer cans ! That will tell you where V.V and jim fish at......lol
  3. Red_Onyx

    Weekend Fishing Party

  4. Red_Onyx

    Can we be friends

    Roy one thing ...........if they pull out a black marker RUN LIKE HELL ! LMAOOOOOOOOOO add me also x_red_onyx_x
  5. Red_Onyx

    Topwater Technique

    Best i can get is 2-dots
  6. Red_Onyx

    Michigan Walleyes On A Lighter Note

    Correct #6/0 rainbow spinner time of day was day 2 11am peak time cloudy i was doing stop and go letting it bounce on the bottom was getting bites like crazy but wouldnt take it. so then i changed to just doing a slow drag (speed one ) on the bottom and he nailed it.Yes i will be there tonight!
  7. Red_Onyx

    Michigan Walleyes On A Lighter Note

    Yes this spot is very productive , i pulled a uni tiger trout from right under your kayak last night! ......lol.
  8. Red_Onyx

    Pike alley

    I started of with a 6ft crank bait wasnt doing to much with that, then changed to a spoon caught one or two.Then i said well hell ill give that popper a try man- o- man they were hitting that like a lil kid in a candy store just about every cast was getting pike muskie and even a bass. Its so cool to see the fish come up and hit that popper! and yes that sound it make sounds like a barking dog......lol.
  9. Red_Onyx

    Pike alley

    Ill try again tonight , hope ill have better luck ! That spot is my money maker !!!!
  10. Red_Onyx

    Pike alley

    Yes i was in a kayak, seems like they were not biting as much and i was in prime time.
  11. Red_Onyx

    Pike alley

    So i was at pike alley last night usally it takes me 2-hours to fill my 440lb net now its taking like a whole day. did the DLC change this.
  12. Red_Onyx

    Kayak dlc

  13. Red_Onyx

    Kayak dlc

    I added both of ya ill be on in around 2 hours Niagara Falls, NY here.
  14. Red_Onyx

    Pond pass

    I thought that was just the basic license.( pond pass) But i could be wrong.
  15. Red_Onyx

    Kayaks/new fish

    How much does the new pack cost? ill have to stop on my way home and pick up a PSN card.