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  1. Community Event #9- Finished

    Thanks for hosting these events. At least I wasn't last. I beat whoever this Test guy is!
  2. Does anyone know if the Spring Cats Michigan qualifier last year was held in the daytime or the nighttime? Thanks!
  3. Community Event #9- Finished

    Got it! Thanks!
  4. Community Event #9- Finished

    Thanks for hosting your monthly tournaments. I may have messed up. My steelhead submission was caught on X-Series line. I didn't realize I was using this line. Sorry. I'm not sure how to delete my fish. Thanks!
  5. Q&A with the Dev Team! #4

    When club competitions are introduced will clubs be able to field more than one team in a team comp? And what will be the size of each team in a comp?
  6. During the "Battle of Kaniq" event today these problems appeared: 1. Many times I received the "rod not equipped" message and was unable to move or equip anything. Restarting the game didn't help. 2. Only once during the event was I able to fish, but after changing lures and returning to the map I had no rod. There was just a fishing line where my rod should've been that projected away from me. 3. I'm still seeing other players in-game every once in a while. Thanks.
  7. events

    Thanks for a great simulation. For the coming weekend, 11/12 Nov, there are only 3 or 4 non-amateur events that players in N. America can play during the waking hours. I work full-time Mon-Fri, so the weekends are the only time I can put in some serious fishing time. There were plenty of events to play last weekend, but not much this coming weekend. Also, from Tuesday to Sunday there is only one event at Kaniq Creek. I hope the Devs can work on this. Thanks.