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  1. I had noticed quite a few changes in the game as far as physics go but I thought it was just me being picky. And I haven't filled my fishnet once since the update. Before, I could fill it before the in-game day was finished. And I'm glad that a few of you are having to grind to hit 54. I think it's taken me at least two weeks of fishing and still haven't hit 52. I'm so close but I expect another two days of fishing before I actually level up.
  2. Well now I'm trying the Netherlands. This is my third time trying and I think it's going to be my third time bombing too. I just happened to catch a European Flounder last night and some other fisherman went crazy. It was his first trip and wanted to know all of the details of how I caught it. I gave him what I used but I was too embarrassed to tell him that it was an accident and I had never had any luck there. And I've tried everything, lures, float fishing and bottom fishing; nothing! I might have $50 but nothing is consistent. I'm off now to look for YouTube videos.
  3. Oh my word, I think I found my glory earlier this week. When I first started with Fishing Planet, I was always eager to learn new techniques, places, etc. So as soon as I leveled up and Alaska opened for me, I spent the bucks and went. What a bomb! I decided Alaska was the most awful place to fish and a total waste of money. But...as I continued to learn new techniques, etc. I decided to try it once more earlier this week. All I can say is WOW! I had a blast and left after one day with $49,500 in hand. I watched no YouTube tutorials, nothing. I went and simply used the techniques that many of you have taught me and I was totally amazed. Now I'm fishing like a mad woman trying to reach level 54. I'm absolutely dying to get to MIssissippi! And sorry I haven't been around for a while. Been dealing with some pretty major health issues and I will admit that Fishing Planet has saved my sanity!
  4. suepollock

    Hi guys

    These guys are great! I know I've asked some of the dumbest questions and never made to feel ignorant. My husband is a fisherman and I can now outfish him. But only because of all of the advice given to me on this forum.
  5. I have been bedridden for the past two plus weeks and as such I've fished as I could and felt up to it. I was fishing in Alberta. Although I never finished a complete in-game day, on my third day of trying to finish out the in-game day, I returned to find that Fishing Planet had reset my day, still on day one, but I lost almost 400 pounds of fish! I didn't realize the game did this as I've never had this issue before. The word frustrating doesn't begin to describe how I felt! And since the holiday update, if I have to go to my inventory while on the lake and in the boat, when I come back to the game, supposedly in the same place where I left, my boat is positioned at the dock again and I must find my spot again. I must love the game to continue to put up with these issues!
  6. Hi anglers! I haven't asked a dumb question in a while and thought you might be missing them. So here goes: First off, I finally reached Level 50!!! I am so excited and of course I had to have a bass boat. I loved boating when my health permitted but now it's all done on the PS4. I finally figured out the trolling motor which is great. However, here's the dumb part. How do you stop it? I landed a huge muskie the other night in Michigan and it pulled me from here to yonder. I was using the trolling motor and just had to let the fish drag away. I finally managed to pull it in but the only way I could drop anchor again was to put my rod up and then depress the triangle for the anchor to drop. Once dropped, I pulled the rod out again and kept fishing. What am I missing? Do I regulate the trolling movement with the throttle of the motor or is there an actual anchor drop for it? I don't troll per se but rather simply move the boat from area to area within the larger areas without starting the main engine. I've checked out YouTube but I didn't find anything so you guys are my next resource. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. PS: I have asked the developers to upgrade the boats and buoys with lights to enhance the reality of the game.
  7. suepollock


    I was asking my husband last night which side of the buoy should I be on and we noticed there were no lights on the buoys or the boats. How about considering adding the red and blue lights to both? It would really enhance the reality of the game.
  8. I was thinking of this just the other day. And I agree, a calendar would be great!
  9. FPdimsam, the first try I caught a trophy Largemouth Bass! Thanks!!!
  10. Thanks a bunch! I will try that later to tonight.
  11. Can / will anyone give me some tips on how to fish using the jerkbait? I have been using a stop and go with a retrieve speed of three but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have seen / read that too. That night I think there was a guy pretending to be straight but was really looking for a guy to hook up with. Holy moly, when he was discovered, it was almost WW III.
  13. Hi fishers! I haven't posted in a while because I'm been busy fishing. I've fallen in love with California and Russia fishing. But last night, I had traveled to Michigan to try to catch a few muskie, pike, etc. I can't for the life of me understand why the fishers that enjoy fishing late at night would rather argue with other fishers about jobs, the number of fish caught, the size of fish caught, etc. If it hadn't been so annoying, it would have been hilarious! I understand, even enjoy friendly competition but downright arguing. I felt like I was on the lake with a bunch of three-year-olds that was having the red licked off their candy. And don't misunderstand...I'm not griping; I just found it odd that grown men couldn't simply enjoy the game because the fish were really biting!
  14. Hi fellow anglers! I hope your fishing has been productive lately and not like mine, ugh! But I wanted to ask if anyone has been having issues connecting to the server. I have been having issues for the past week. I sign on, see people fishing but when it starts to load my location, it can't connect. I have to literally exit the game and do a restart to get it to reconnect. I know that I have experience lag issues at times and yes, I'm still griping about those, but now this is getting ridiculous. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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