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  1. This isn't to get away from the bugs on the PS4. I was simply interested in knowing if it might be worth downloading Steam to play the game and wanted your thoughts. With my health issues, I can't always get in front of the PS4.
  2. Since I seem to find every bug known to man in FP, I had considered trying the PC version. I wanted to see what the overall opinion around here might be? If you have used it, what did you like about it? Less bugs, more bugs (God forbid), maneuverability better or worse? Just thinking about testing the waters.
  3. I know what you're saying Hate-ful. My dancing glitch came back last night (the screen moves forward looking like someone took a step, then backward...what a few moments and then we start the sideward slide step). And if you remember for the longest time, I couldn't board my kayak. Thankfully that finally cleared up on its on. I genuinely think I spend more time logging off and then logging back on that I do fishing at times.
  4. Cool Rob-cheese! I've been back once since I died over there but still nothing happened. I don't understand what I can't catch squat but I know me; I won't give up. I just need to up my bank account a few dollars as I've been traveling around a bit and most of the places I've been I haven't purchased permanent licenses yet. I like to make sure I really like the fishing at a spot before I commit my hard earned bitcoins for licenses, if you know what I mean. My husband loves the two plus rod system but I guess I'm not that coordinated. When I have one rod beeping like no tomorrow and I'm reeling in another, it gets stressful for me. I like to stick with just the one. Of course, on some days it's all I can do to handle the single rod too! Especially when I'm trying to "will" the fish to bite - LOL
  5. Good morning anglers! I think I might have figured out my issue with boarding the kayaks. I had to go to Michigan to discover it so I hope to return to Oregon in a day or so and at least a day or so in the competition. But for me to now board my kayak, as soon as I step foot on the dock in Michigan, I must look down without stepping one step and then and only then do I get the green triangle to board the kayak. Before I could walk over to the kayak and then board but no longer. However, I was on the platform and decided to switch out rods for a heavier one. To make sure I got the correct one, I switched to my inventory and selected the correct rod. Instead of returning to the platform as I have previously been doing, I ended on the dock again. But I simply couldn't board the kayak, I had to step back one screen and then come back to the dock before I could board. This added quite a few steps to the kayak procedure but so far at least I can board it...again. I still have my email to support because (and it might be just me) this just doesn't sound correct to me.
  6. I posted earlier that I did a rebuild of my database earlier today. I got the speed issue under control after a couple of more rebuilds and my friends returned as well. But now I cannot board my kayak. It's there on the screen, it's my purchased kayak but I never get option to board. In fact it appears to be floating away. I have restarted the program at least five times and a complete shutdown of the PS4 just as many with no success. My location is Falcon Lake and as you know our competition starts next week and we have to use our kayaks. I just posted a bug report but thought maybe some of you may have had this same issue and you found a work around that I could use until I hear from the support team.
  7. suepollock


    Help! My PSN ID is suepollock. I use the PS4 platform. I did a rebuild of my database earlier today and now I cannot board my kayak. It's there, it's my purchased kayak but I never get option to board. In fact it appears to be floating away. I have restarted the program at least five times and a complete shutdown of the PS4 just as many with no success. My location is Falcon Lake.
  8. Hello to all my fishing buddies! Out of ignorance this morning, I listened to my husband and rebuilt my database. He said this would help the stutter with my fishing planet, wrong. However, what it did was remove my friends and it has slowed my PS4 down tremendously. Please, feel free to send me a friend request at suepollock on the PS4 fishing planet. I think it would be easier for you all to remember just one person then for me to remember all of you. Thanks a bunch and hope to see you at the lake!
  9. Yep, have that problem too. As I said, I can deal with it but it is a bit aggravating when it starts costing, i.e. replacing bait.
  10. I have experienced quite a bit of stutter over the past few days; in fact since the last update. Mine normally happened if I'm standing still getting ready to cast. It's as if I take a step forward and then backward, but numerous times. Doesn't work well when someone's vertigo is kicking but I'm griping to myself and just dealing with it. The devs fixed the menu lag and absolutely nothing compared to the pain that was. To set up for a different fishing location or update my inventory, it was nothing to spend two hours or longer just dealing with that aspect of the game.
  11. Good morning fellow anglers! It's been a rough week for me health wise so I spent quite a few hours on FP, trying to work out this bottom fishing. I have the feeder rods and bottom fishing rods but is there some sort of equation to use when deciding the length of the leader? I've gone long, I've gone short, I've gone in-between. Each length will work but it's never consistent. I'm not at one specific lake or river but just jumping from location to location. I thought Louisiana would be great but I had to revert to my bobber setup to catch anything whatsoever. Any help, suggestions or advice? I read somewhere that your leader should be a consistent 40" but then if you're at a river, it should remain short; about nine inches. TIA!
  12. Cool, I will try that. I finally left today and headed to Michigan. I had to make sure I hadn't forgotten how to catch fish. Hopefully I can get back to the Netherlands tomorrow.
  13. Thanks but as I said I was having fun just trying to find the best places. I didn't expect to have markers sent but I'm not going to turn them down either LOL.
  14. Oh my word, I'm dying over here in the Netherlands. I've been there since Monday morning, spent a boatload of money and have one fish on the board. I caught several zanders and a few were good size, one trophy, but nothing else! Well. one Ide but still, the others are obviously not in the canal. I know that I shouldn't and I certainly wouldn't add them to the board but I think I'm going to have my husband fish for me today and see if it's just that the fish hate me or what. I've watched all the YouTube videos available on the Ghent but so far, nothing has worked for me. But on the brighter side, it's sort of fun walking the canal trying to find that perfect fishing hole!
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