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  1. I was thinking of this just the other day. And I agree, a calendar would be great!
  2. FPdimsam, the first try I caught a trophy Largemouth Bass! Thanks!!!
  3. Thanks a bunch! I will try that later to tonight.
  4. Can / will anyone give me some tips on how to fish using the jerkbait? I have been using a stop and go with a retrieve speed of three but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have seen / read that too. That night I think there was a guy pretending to be straight but was really looking for a guy to hook up with. Holy moly, when he was discovered, it was almost WW III.
  6. Hi fishers! I haven't posted in a while because I'm been busy fishing. I've fallen in love with California and Russia fishing. But last night, I had traveled to Michigan to try to catch a few muskie, pike, etc. I can't for the life of me understand why the fishers that enjoy fishing late at night would rather argue with other fishers about jobs, the number of fish caught, the size of fish caught, etc. If it hadn't been so annoying, it would have been hilarious! I understand, even enjoy friendly competition but downright arguing. I felt like I was on the lake with a bunch of three-year-olds that was having the red licked off their candy. And don't misunderstand...I'm not griping; I just found it odd that grown men couldn't simply enjoy the game because the fish were really biting!
  7. Hi fellow anglers! I hope your fishing has been productive lately and not like mine, ugh! But I wanted to ask if anyone has been having issues connecting to the server. I have been having issues for the past week. I sign on, see people fishing but when it starts to load my location, it can't connect. I have to literally exit the game and do a restart to get it to reconnect. I know that I have experience lag issues at times and yes, I'm still griping about those, but now this is getting ridiculous. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Great! Thanks a bunch kdog!
  9. I have had the same issue so hopefully I can head to CA tomorrow and try that spot out.
  10. I realize this will not affect many of us as I am guessing the majority of everyone here is of the male gender but please allow this one vent. I am a woman and enjoy fishing. No longer able to fish in real life, I get a lot of enjoyment from this game and so appreciate all of the help everyone has offered me. Your help and tips have enhanced my fishing skills tremendously. Last night while trying to finish up one of the missions and finally catching the necessary fish for the mission, I decided to stay and catfish for a bit since I had to buy the license. I went to the catfish hole, dropped my bait and immediately landed a 13 lb trophy cat. Woohoo, lots of remarks, etc. Dropped the bait again and within five minutes, landed a 12 lb trophy cat. This time the remarks got a bit colorful but I'm not a prude and I simply didn't respond. The next fish was yet another trophy cat (3 within 10 minutes) and then the language went hooker status. Some of the remarks felt like they were being made to a $3 hooker standing on a street corner in torn fishnet stocking and stiletto heels. As I said, I'm not a prude and I can deal with real life but I am a wife of 47 years, a grandmother and I consider myself a lady. I enjoy the random rooms for two reasons; I see some of my fishing buddies there as well as pick up some pretty good tips at times. But I'm wondering if I should simply fish by myself and go into a private room each time. I understand you can't change a leopard's spots but good grief; I truly thought fishing on Fishing Planet was a fun sport and not one of trolling the 'Net for easy women or men. Trust me; I've seen some women's post just a bad toward the men. . This is the second or third time this has happened to me that was this bad. I appreciate all of your advice, your tips and your professionalism of the sport, which is the reason behind my question asking for your opinion. I hate to fish alone but if I must, I will. You can't say anything to these uneducated jacklegs because it only makes it worse. And to the forum owner, if this type post isn't allowed, please delete it. I will understand.
  11. I'm no expert by any means but I usually catch mine in that location about 90 - 95 feet out.
  12. Perfect, this was excellent and answered a lot of my questions! Seems it wasn't an idiotic question after all as many others had the same questions.
  13. Thanks for the input. I checked and did have everything correct and thank goodness, it finally acknowledged my fish last night. One good thing about it, I added at least five uniques to my fish base - LOL. And I agree, customer support was my next step if it hadn't worked.
  14. Idiotic question here; regarding the sonar, the slow and medium speeds on which they work, is that the boat speed or can you literally access the sonar to change any settings? I'm still learning how to work with this thing and it will show a fish every now and then but trying to catch them is a different ballgame. I think if I could figure out where the transducer is located, that would help tremendously. Also, somehow my husband uses it to find fish; he drops his line in the water and catches a boatload of fish every time. I can't get it to do that for love nor money.
  15. I wanted to ask if anyone else is having trouble with their missions? I am trying to finish each one as I am at the particular lake. Last evening, it took five tries to get the game to recognize the mission and give me credit for a unique redear sunfish. In fact, I caught four uniques before the game ever recognized the fifth one and I received credit. I am still at Neharin today and now it will not recognize the trophy bass that I am catching on the particular braid and bass jig. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! and before this suggestion is made, I will tell you that I stopped and exited and restarted the game at least four times last night and I am doing the same today.
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