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  1. Cool, I will try that. I finally left today and headed to Michigan. I had to make sure I hadn't forgotten how to catch fish. Hopefully I can get back to the Netherlands tomorrow.
  2. Thanks but as I said I was having fun just trying to find the best places. I didn't expect to have markers sent but I'm not going to turn them down either LOL.
  3. Oh my word, I'm dying over here in the Netherlands. I've been there since Monday morning, spent a boatload of money and have one fish on the board. I caught several zanders and a few were good size, one trophy, but nothing else! Well. one Ide but still, the others are obviously not in the canal. I know that I shouldn't and I certainly wouldn't add them to the board but I think I'm going to have my husband fish for me today and see if it's just that the fish hate me or what. I've watched all the YouTube videos available on the Ghent but so far, nothing has worked for me. But on the brighter side, it's sort of fun walking the canal trying to find that perfect fishing hole!
  4. Yeah, I know it's my own stupidity for doing this but is there any way to retrieve a private message that is gone? This laptop has its buttons in odd places and of course, I hit the wrong button and my private message was instantly gone. I immediately tried ctrl+z to recover it but nothing. It was gone! And what's so bad is that I used to teach computers!!!! I know to save these drafts every minute or so! I used to own a cross stitch forum set up exactly as this one and in our private messages I provided the option to automatically save a draft of the message until it was sent. I couldn't find that option here so I just thought I was ask and maybe someone else had done this same thing and could help. But no biggie....I'll simply type it again.
  5. It worked great! I can hardly wait to see what happens later tonight when I crank up the game again. Thanks ever so much for all of your help and suggestions!
  6. Thanks fellas! I will make notes of this and try it out later this afternoon. This makes great sense to me and what is even better is that I had half of the equation right. I think my problem was the hook leader...too light in comparison to the line weight. I will beef that up and let you know what happens.
  7. Hi anglers! I have been on YouTube looking at videos but I don't know if those tutorials are for fishing or for perfecting the use of four-letter words. And I don't want tips but I could use an explanation. I'm playing around with the bottom fishing and doing pretty decent for someone's that has never bottom fished in her life. I understand the concept of matching the rod, reel and line just as I have been doing. But what is blowing my mind is matching up the sinker and the leader. Do you match the sinker to the casting weight or what? And the leader weight...should it be matched to the line? I was in Alberta and landed a 10-pound Lake Trout. Evidently the leader was too weak because I almost broke the line getting it in. And the 12-pounder was almost impossible to land. Any suggestions on the matching what with what or names of videos/tutorials that are at least PG-13 would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This is normally the reason I always go into a private room. If you remember I had a problem with freezing and thanks to kdog013 I tried to remember to close the chat window as soon as I finished with the photo and or chat and that fixed my freezing issue. I just have to remember to close the window!
  9. One week! Seven full 24 hour days and I maybe caught four Redear Sunfish in North Carolina. With the help of a few buddies, I found the Smallmouth bass, white and black crappie but those Sunfish hate me. The largest I caught in a week was 2.4 pounds. I referred to shared markers, I tried every size hook suggested, I changed rods and I changed baits. I saw everyone hauling in three and four plus pounders but not me. Therefore I am convinced that the Redear Sunfish is merely a figment of someone's imagination to make me crazy!
  10. Good morning anglers! I imagine I'm sharing this to fishermen that already know this but just in case, this little trick is better than ketchup. I've always had a hard time gauging my distance on the controller, even with the cast marker and many times wished I had brought my Troy rod with me. Now I can have that option without the actual rod. My husband showed this to me yesterday. If you depress the R1 (right toggle) and give it just a second, you get the underhanded short cast, regardless of the rod. I could only get my 10'10" rod to cast 23 feet but that was the perfect distance for crappie. But then, depress the R1 again, and you get a spot light! I love that one as I always have a hard time distinguishing shadows from real weed beds. But toggle R1 again and you're back to your distance casting. As I said, most of you already knew this but I didn't and it was such a big help to me. I'm still in North Carolina and hated to cast out 50 feet and then reel back in 30 to get to the weed bed where I needed to be.
  11. Good morning fellow fishermen/women! I hate to even remotely consider myself a fisherman because I catch minnow compared to some of the sizes you all catch, but it's sure fun trying. I just finished up the Community Event challenge in North Carolina and with the help and advice of a few friends that were willing to help, I managed to catch some decent size fish. Finding those honey holes is the trick! But the event closed out and since I had purchased time in North Carolina, I figured what the hey; I'd stick around for a few more days, especially since they're paid for. And wouldn't you know it. In the first few hours, I managed to catch larger fish than I posted on the scoreboard. Each one was at least 3/4 to a pound larger than the ones I posted. I guess I'll just keep practicing for the next event...and watch it be in a place that I've spent very little time too. You'd think somebody that lived in North Carolina would know the rivers in NC just a bit better!
  12. Thanks for all of the advice. I tried kdog's suggestion this afternoon and sure enough it worked. I caught a fish, opened the chat box and added the word, snapped a photo to share with the chat box open. I went back to the fish, closed the chat box and then saved the fish. Next cast worked perfectly! I love coming here and getting the wonderful help and or suggestions from all of you as well as the speed in which you all respond. You're the best!
  13. Hi kdog, it is very possible that I did have the chat box still open. I get so excited when I catch a fish that is eligible for posting, I forget what I do have open and what I don't have open. If I have an opportunity, I'll go back on before 12 today and see if I can recreate what was happening. my four-year-old granddaughter is here with me and when that happens, nothing much of anything else happens. Thanks for the info and I hope you have great success in the event. I saw yesterday that you were already way ahead of me. I'm just thankful that I can catch enough and large enough fish to at least make it to the scoreboard. LOL
  14. Hi fellow anglers! I love the new update and I can now switch out and update my inventory in less than three hours! Thank you devs so much for that fix!!! I ran into one glitch the other morning. I am competing in the Community Event and finally caught a good size fish which I wanted to add to the score board. I had pulled up the chat box and added the necessary word for posting and then shared the photo to the community. I returned to the game and saved my fish. However when I started to cast again, the program would not allow me to cast. In fact, I couldn't move. I had to exit the 'location' screen and return to the inventory screen (or any screen for that matter) and then return to the location to be able to cast for the next fish. I thought it might be a glitch in my controller but this just started happening and only happens when I share a photo directly from the game. I didn't know if anyone else had had this issue and if you managed to find a work-around, please share. As of yet, I haven't found a work-around and it's very frustrating. Thanks in advance for any help available.
  15. Thanks so much for the hard work. I just saved a copy to my drive and hope I can soon start filling it in with some notes.
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