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  1. Perfect, this was excellent and answered a lot of my questions! Seems it wasn't an idiotic question after all as many others had the same questions.
  2. Thanks for the input. I checked and did have everything correct and thank goodness, it finally acknowledged my fish last night. One good thing about it, I added at least five uniques to my fish base - LOL. And I agree, customer support was my next step if it hadn't worked.
  3. Idiotic question here; regarding the sonar, the slow and medium speeds on which they work, is that the boat speed or can you literally access the sonar to change any settings? I'm still learning how to work with this thing and it will show a fish every now and then but trying to catch them is a different ballgame. I think if I could figure out where the transducer is located, that would help tremendously. Also, somehow my husband uses it to find fish; he drops his line in the water and catches a boatload of fish every time. I can't get it to do that for love nor money.
  4. I wanted to ask if anyone else is having trouble with their missions? I am trying to finish each one as I am at the particular lake. Last evening, it took five tries to get the game to recognize the mission and give me credit for a unique redear sunfish. In fact, I caught four uniques before the game ever recognized the fifth one and I received credit. I am still at Neharin today and now it will not recognize the trophy bass that I am catching on the particular braid and bass jig. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! and before this suggestion is made, I will tell you that I stopped and exited and restarted the game at least four times last night and I am doing the same today.
  5. I told you my head is full of stuff. Thank you for the reminder of the bottom fishing tackle. I always forget to utilize that and I have it with me everywhere I go!
  6. Okay, I have the markers for placement, I know the bait to use, I know the time to fish but for the life of me I can't remember the depth to catch the Californian sturgeon. I know I wrote it down but I can't find it among all these little pieces of paper. I used to be so organized until I started fishing! I would also appreciate your thoughts and prayers if you are a praying person. I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease along with an advanced stage 4 degenerative disc disease which means pain injections won't help and surgery is definitely not an option. I am slowing losing my ability to walk and this has been a hard bullet to bite. So if you see me online and I don't respond, please don't feel hard at me. I'm still processing this news as I just turned 66 and just not ready for the walker or possibly a wheelchair. So you can understand why I need that depth!!! I need to keep my mind busy!
  7. Being a grandmother in poor health, I thought that I would have very little influence upon my grandsons. However, my thirteen-year-old has fallen in love with fishing planet as well as fishing with Mawmaw. Last night, his younger brother our little six-year-old Dillon, walked into the room and was so excited because he wanted to tell Mawmaw and Pawpaw that he fished yesterday morning. He managed to catch a bass, a bluegill and yet another bass. However the bluegill as he described it was very large, and fact it was "king daddy" of all bluegills. It's so nice to see the next generation of fishermen and fishergirls coming to enjoy this particular hobby. So all of you grandparents out there, never think that you do not have any type of influence over those grandbabies. And to all of you that have offered me so much help, thank you. I am passing your tips along to my grandchildren and they are finding themselves to be extremely successful in this newfound past time.
  8. Believe me when I first started the game, I was dumb as a conch, and still am at times. I always forgot about the home storage so as the others said, be sure to check there. And if not there, check your backpack. These guys (and a few gals) are eager to help and you can trust what they tell you. I didn't know about looking in the rod case myself but thankfully, I haven't lost any rods recently. I'm sure you'll find them but don't fret; while you're checking out these suggestions, you'll be surprised what else you'll stumble across! Good luck!
  9. I was online last night fishing when I had a message to come in. It was from my 13 year old grandson who just downloaded Fishing Planet. He had caught his very first fish. It wasn't but a 3.5 lb bluegill but it was a fish and he caught it without any help! Hopefully his love for fishing will continue to grow into a real life adventure for him as well. Needless to say, we have a party planned for tomorrow night. God bless his heart; he had no idea of what a minnow was so hopefully Mawmaw can share some of the tips her angling buddies have shared with her. Sorry, I know this isn't earth shattering news but I figured if anyone would appreciate it, it would be you guys!
  10. I almost released a 65 lb. blue catfish the other night and about had cardiac arrest! And I DID accidentally release a trophy rainbow trout! Talk about having a hissy fit, I had one. Thankfully my husband had pointed this change out to me but I forgot as it had become second nature to just hit the button to keep the fish. Very frustrating to say the least!!!
  11. Yeah, it would be nice to know how the arrows affect us as far as the XP points. Unless I am fishing in a pond / lake known for smaller fish, I usually err on the heavy side. Of course, I tend to go for the heavier fish too. My husband likes to go for anything that's biting regardless of the size, but nothing makes me happier than landing 99 lb alligator gar in Louisiana or a 75 lb blue cat in Michigan or even a 55 lb sturgeon in California. I mean I'll take the smaller fish but I much prefer the larger ones simply due to the fight. Thanks for the input too!
  12. I'm not an expert by any means. I mainly fish to salvage my sanity due to poor health so as I said, I'm definitely not an expert. But I normally fish in the same locations as I do during the day. (I've also had some great tips from other players!) And basically use the same bait. However, I found that if I can't get any bites on live bait, I switch to the lures and stay with the night lures. My husband swears by the glow worm at the river for bass! Good luck! You can add me as a friend if you like...
  13. Good morning anglers! I don't think I will ever completely understand Fishing Planet ins and outs. I understand the red arrows pointing left mean that your XP are decreased, however I have no idea of telling how much. But last night I noticed green arrows pointing to the right in the same location after some fish that I caught. Can anyone tell me the reasoning behind the green ones? I'm thinking the XP might be increased but how much, or is that even possible to tell? Thanks in advance for any explanation anyone can offer. Sue
  14. This isn't to get away from the bugs on the PS4. I was simply interested in knowing if it might be worth downloading Steam to play the game and wanted your thoughts. With my health issues, I can't always get in front of the PS4.
  15. Since I seem to find every bug known to man in FP, I had considered trying the PC version. I wanted to see what the overall opinion around here might be? If you have used it, what did you like about it? Less bugs, more bugs (God forbid), maneuverability better or worse? Just thinking about testing the waters.
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