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  1. K so the first link is old so it really doesn't help anyone and even if it did they would still have to contend with RNG. The second link is an ESP (I explained what it was in a previous post) that is old and never went into circulation, I know the person that made it he made it as a troll to all the people asking for ESPs on MPGH. The third link is a scam and won't get you anything but wasted time, this guy does this for almost every multiplayer game out there. Regarding the fourth link, Cheat Engine doesn't work for FP do to most of the information being server side which me that Cheat Engine edit the data. The fishcam was a couple of dataminers poking around in the files, they found it and decided to see how it worked on a private server, also it's quite old and probably not in the main file set anymore. As for the sixth link for some reason dailymotion didn't want to load for me but judging by the title it had to do with Cheat Engine which once again does not work for FP. AS for the last link the use of custom window that is just cheat engine with a preloaded cheat table(probably nothing there) that a lot trainers are made out of, once again it's Cheat Engine so it doesn't work.
  2. I would hope that you actually read my whole post before you said something like this but that doesn't seem to be the case. They aren't catching all the fish they want, they still have to contend with the RNG system, meaning yes they learning how to catch a certain fish quicker than someone else trying to figure it out by trial and error but that doesn't make them a better fisher at the end of the day. Most FP don't need assistance to figure out how to catch a fish, and on top of that they can do it quicker and more effectively than most new players. So in short "hackers" are just skipping the learning process, which still sucks but they are destroying the game.
  3. I don't cheat, break or hack multiplayer games but I do singleplayer games and I've been around the communities for almost 10 years now and can tell you that one, a hacker or scripter even a vet one can't hack to get infinite money or xp due to them being server side...two they do have whats called "ESPs" a generic term for a tool that displays hidden information to the user such fish spawn zones and snag zones. The fish cam that you brought isn't really a hack, I talked to few guys and they dug around in FP's files and dlls and they found that the fish is actually already in the game most likely for the devs to test things out(you can make you own opinion of that). There is other tools such as the one that instantly pulls the fish out the water which is actually a autohotkey script (a script that presses buttons for you in various speeds and combinations). There is one other one that as far as I was told was created to help disabled players and that just helps with retrieval, if that was true or not I don't know. So in conclusion yes there is tools out there that assist in finding and catching fish, but I think the main one everyone was truly worried about was the "hacking" of money and xp, of which at this point no one that I know of (and I know a lot of them) has created a script or "hack" for. Though I'm not going to lie, injecting scripts into the server is a way to gain money and xp but it's extremely hard and dangerous(you can be arrested for this) and as a faithful FP player and someone whos been around those communities for almost 10 years I can say with complete faith that there is no "hacker" or "scripter" remotely trying to gain money and/or xp thru any means other than fishing whether it be assisted or not. This is due the game no being all that popular(not saying it's a bad game I love this game), most of the people that create tools or "hacks" are doing it to sell them to other people, therefor if the game isn't all that popular that means less money to be made. It's my hope that people reading this won't flip out on the devs and others about whos right and whos wrong, I simply wanted to clearify some info and give others a new perspective on the world of the "Hackers". If there's anything you should take away from this it's that the Devs have one hell of time competing with thousands of "hackers" around the world and that they are most likely doing their best to thwart such efforts(by the way the most anti-cheat programs are easily bypassed). P.S Hopefully I won't be banned, I was just trying to help.
  4. I had tons of fun with the guys on the PH TS and in the comp thatnks for letting me join in.
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