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  1. this is still a problem at moose lake are you ever going to bug fix anything
  2. About time you did something nice for players how about removing bobber durability x series bobbers arnt that easy to get
  3. so in quanchkin lake an alberta very time u get a snag your gear goes flying and you have to restart game to get your line back, reported this last update ,do you ever test your updates before applying them or is it to much trouble and right before st pats day thing an big tourny who made this decision should be shoot
  4. almost 3 months on and still nothing .what a joke ppl buy dlc an premium account and yet you monkeys do nothing about this problem
  5. get a snag and you lure goes flying into the air ive already sent screen shoots an log files few months back but still its a problem
  6. Garrg

    i call foul play

    doesn't take a genius to work out people have found an exploit in the game . (single button fishing macros) this seems to be going on in a lot of competitions and for some time now ,either nobody has the balls to say anything or your just letting it happen are you going to put a stop to this ?? or would you call the top 3 scores legit fishing??
  7. i sent you about 5 email 3 months ago with many screen shoots and still nothing done and i know ppl even reported this 6 months back an yet still nothing done unreal
  8. what sort of support are if you dont know the location from the video ,do you even play the game??????? god dam no wounder nothing gets fixed if this is the support response keep posting ppl maybe they will fix this
  9. Garrg

    ANZAC 240 ping

    well its about time you guys supported New Zealand and Australian players by giving us a server, ive spoken to multiple people and spinner fishing is just a joke you miss more fish than catch during peak and proven times and locations, line tension is completely flawed, your lure flies all over the place when u hit a snag or your fish hits an object and then to top it off you have float fishing the solid consistent feature (no matter what i do) bait pulled away fish is gone ,ive supported you guys with 300- 400 bucks worth of dlc content etc ,most of it worthless as ping is so bad you cant fish with it .i could rattle on about other issues as there are SO MANY but ive reported them many times to zero help and or fixes ,You have an awesome game here but your very intent on making people rage quit after they have brought dlc an in game coins etc is sickening ,why not fix the problems and people would stick around an support the game more. thought ild add this in so you know it not my internet
  10. still nothing done ,are you ever going to address this issue or do nothing like you have in the last 2 months when i first reported this
  11. what a whale, ild upload the other 8 screen shoots of this happening but the fish are so big they dont fit in the picture
  12. still a problem yet nothings done months ago i reported this bug
  13. still not fixed how many screen shoots an log files do need to see there's a problem
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