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  1. Been awhile since I was here but I found them on Steam, guess they are split between using this forum and the steam forums...
  2. Caught most stripers with large cutbait. They are in many different locations, best way to find the standard spots is looking at YouTube guides. Most are fairly outdated as not many people play since they got super greedy with the economic model, though.
  3. Just because you aren't experiencing an issue doesn't mean that others are not. You're not under the hood looking at code. The bite rate is horrific now for a lot of players. I switched it up a ton, different spots, lures, baits etc etc. in California for multiple days and it was insanely bad. Maybe your account is effected by this but others clearly are.
  4. Jumbo's Clown Room in Los Angeles as well. Super unique.
  5. There was just a patch for the game... where are the patch notes? How do you expect your user base to give you feedback on a patch if you don't state anything about what you are patching in your forums?
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