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  1. Premium Account

    i dont even see that pack on steam if you find it can you link it?
  2. Glitched Fish??

    its all about the time and weather
  3. Crankbaits Broken and Topwater Too Light

    if a crank hits bottom stop reelling, let it rise, but not to the top crank some more rinse and repeat fish will sometimes strike it as you stop, and as it rises
  4. Topwater fun

    muskie def take poppers in pike alley. back left along the reeds, or from a kayak.
  5. Competition gripe and questions!

    make sure your actually entering the comp area and not the normal lake
  6. Pike alley

    keep an eye on the bite times also. off peak will take longer
  7. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Running

    whats the problem?
  8. Special Edition Stuff

    i think they also have a higher base wear
  9. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Running

    thanks, looks simple enough may have to give it a try
  10. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Running

    thanks, will take a look at that when i have time
  11. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Running

    can you point me to the post about how to submit screen shots? newb here to the forum, and looks like fun
  12. just hit lvl 40, been catching pike alot want to try some walleye. location? advice?
  13. Kayak/ Night fishing

    30-35k in the in game store