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  1. boat rent

    i thought it was 24hr real time you can also buy them in the ingame store
  2. home tackle limit

    not too thrilled with this change. i think i mine is 190 or something like that as a paid sub, i cant see extending the subscription in the future. an no i wont buy any more dlc to expand this, nor any more baitcoins very bad move imho
  3. Tackle Weight too heavy

    yep line should be week link so match drag real to rod max rating add line that is close without going over
  4. Tackle Weight too heavy

    try a heavier line, somthing closer to the max for the rod
  5. Tackle Weight too heavy

    whats the rod rated at? what the hook weight you are putting on it? what bobber? what lure?
  6. Uni Location

    fishing diff locations, even offpeak, can have surprising results caught a few cats on worms, craws, and other rubbers while going after walleye in michigan
  7. Unfair Competition??

    end-user license agreement (EULA) you agree to it when you install the game, its usually a pop up, or link edit: you agree to one with every peice of software you install most people odnt read it and just check the box and move on
  8. see 1.2 https://fishingplanet.com/TournamentRules.htm
  9. Community Event #8 Finished

    all my screenshots are gone also theres always imgur
  10. What is needed is a unpredictability factor!

    license cost can be covered in @ 1 hour of realtime, usually. in cali i can actually fill my net (largest one) in 1-2 hours of real time not many trophys, no uni's.
  11. Community Event #8 Finished

    i think its a technical thing can ya take screenshots via ps4, post to steam and do the google database?
  12. Few Tips Not For Pros

    dont leave the lake when the keeper is full, forward time to next day @ 5am, sell fish, fish more rinse and repeat when your done, close out of the game, dont leave to go home dont go to a lake just because its unlocked, dont buy every piece of gear.
  13. When to repair

    farm away. if its too expensive, just replace it later
  14. California

    i use a 30lb rig with popper from the kayak launch dock works well.
  15. Nothing at the top

    comps are not hte issue, at least now as they are now if they were actually competitive, then maybe