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  1. mdram

    XboX News ?

    the answer is..... get a pc
  2. did you use the correct setup? sometimes its bait, sometimes lure, sometimes keepnet, sometimes stringer read all the rules and verify what you did
  3. ps4 and steam are diff, i dont think they can transfer content between the two
  4. try verifying the game files
  5. why not have it supply the correct rod, bait, lure also? yes that is sarcasm
  6. mdram

    How to get cap

    i think its 100 fish, easy to do at michigan fishing for cats ot walleye from the floating dock
  7. what is a barbel rod? i have never heard that term
  8. another fan for st croix rods here paired with penn reels for river/bay/ect exception is my custom surf rod built on a rainshadow blank with an avet sx reel
  9. i dont think its a bad thing. you can use it to play vids or stream on a non smart tv, by using your computer
  10. no clue on that i just know that when i used it, i have access to anything on my pc if i want it iirc it used a version of teamviewer to mirror the pc and take control
  11. note, that not only can you access steam via the link, but anything on your pc iirc many samsung models now have access to a steamlink app also
  12. you can also hook a wireless keyboard/mouse to the link
  13. mdram

    XboX News ?

    search works wonders
  14. mdram

    New Waterways

    looking good! im going to guess Germany
  15. line/rod rating are not just for lures when you put a sinker on you need to know the rod weighting. i would never put an 8oz that i use for surf on my river rod that only goes to 2oz or my ultralight that only goes to .5oz(maybe less) throw in that if you put on something too heavy the game tells you there is an issue
  16. if they cant figure out the rod setup, this may not be the game for them. there is tons of info out there if people want to go look for it
  17. what lvl are you? what gear? what keepnet do you have? go to youtube, check out kpshimanos vid series on leveling
  18. look at a larger net eventually money will come so fast it wont matter
  19. maybe it lets you board the kayak when at a launch area. or maybe it drops the anchor or equips a rod
  20. heres a list from the 4th of july event in 2016. i do remember some last year also https://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/0/358416600605946886/
  21. i thought historic fish were only at certain times, special event things
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