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  1. Hey All You Fishermen & Fisherwomen, Can anyone Please tell me how I scroll down on the side menu on a PS4? I’m trying to read All the info on a Bait Rod and I’ve tried everything except what Works!!!! I’ve watched videos and no one talks about this. It’s Easy on a PC, click and scroll…. What the Frick do I press to read the rest that’s not displayed on my screen. Thanks all *NOTE I live in Alberta Canada and There Is No Lake in the Mountains Called White Moose!! It’s in the North East where there are NO MOUNTAINS!! So the description and the Salmon Stalking is the stuff that comes out of the North end of a South bound Steer!!!
  2. Thanks SoliDoeGloria, I’ll check. I’ve kept 1 of everything and the few that stack. Cheers, Reacher
  3. So fellow fishermen & fisherwoman, it’s 2021….. What’s the Point In Keeping these Items? They just take up space STILL!!
  4. Hey you… Yes I’ve experienced this since I’ve downloaded the game. I’ve got No Problem with my connection, well okay that’s a lie (I’m a Guy lol) 3 times I’ve lost connection lol Daily and about Every 5mins of game play it FREEZES!!! Grrrrrrrr
  5. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the constant “Freeze” in game play?
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