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  1. Topwater and hooking

    I've noticed that, but it's pretty realistic as this happens a lot with me in real fishing too It's almost the same as those line bumps you get with underwater lures ingame too.
  2. Carp at North Carolina

    Carp and catfish have pretty low biterates for me on this river as well. Bass are aplenty at the bay where the broken car is, though. I usually run medium spoons through there. They slam topwater lures too.
  3. When I'm there again (probably tonight) I'll take a few screenshots of where I fish - maybe it'll help
  4. Hm, no - try the medium spoons and casting spoons in Florida. Specifically the holographic ones (marked for night fishing). I've been there numerous times and I get a bite almost every cast, you just have to switch your casting locations now and then as you do "fish out" a spot and it takes a while for it to have fish again. Crankbaits aren't as good as they used to be, and bass don't like the worms ingame as much as they do in real life (Man, I hope that one day we can C-rig or Texas-rig some senko's and really simulate serious bass fishing)
  5. How to make profit and where?

    I'd say Florida is a safer bet with lighter gear, but I rate them about equally to be honest.
  6. Line durability

    It can't be repaired. I usually replace it at around 10%. As far as I know it has no effect if it's damaged (someone correct me if I'm wrong), but you don't want it to reach 0% and completely break during a fish fight.
  7. The medium spoons also work very well (the holographic night ones). But yes - you can use walkers at night too. Poppers and frogs as well.
  8. Good Luck

    Saw you online during qualifier #1 just now - you did pretty well, nicely done!
  9. How to make profit and where?

    Once you reach 5am (either by the time passing naturally or by fast-forwarding time) it will sell everything in your keepnet. You don't have to leave the waterway.
  10. Uhm, I have no idea what you're doing wrong, Marshall - but I catch a LOT of fish during the night on various lures, including even the non-glowing topwater ones. Definitely a great update for me so far. I don't really fish up any Northern Pike at night, for instance - but bass in Florida and California are plenty. I think some species are less active at night than others, with bass really loving the dark.
  11. How to make profit and where?

    Ahh right. Okay, on Florida the bass will bite on medium spoons with a speed 3 stop&go. Cranks will work too. In fact, this combination will work in California and Michigan as well
  12. How to make profit and where?

    Once you can fish in Florida/California/Michigan, here are the things you should focus on there: 1) Florida: Largemouth & Peacock Bass. Topwater lures work really well for them, and they are very active at night too. Cast around or near lillies. Takes longer to fill your net as the fish are smaller, but they give decent payout and the catch rate is very high. 2) California: Fish for Striped Bass and Steelhead Trout. Both can be fished from multiple locations, but I usually go to the docks (top peg) - specifically the middle dock, and cast roughly towards the green building. But fan-casting works too, they're not limited to a small area or anything. I use walkers and poppers with great results - in daytime and nighttime. You fill a net very quickly here, and a full 200kg net can yield you about 20k (non-premium). 3) Michigan: The real money-maker. Float-fish for Northern Pike (I use shiners on a #6/0 hook at 30cm leader length) around the lillies on the south of the lake. High bite, rate, and VERY good value for money on the pikes. They will also bite cranks and medium spoons.
  13. Some questions for the devs

    Thank you very much for the reply, @Killerwhale! Just to clarify a couple of my questions: 2) Thanks! But I meant the PC roadmap - do you expect it will get more dev resources now that the PS4 version is released? 3) The thing is, Texas/Carolina/Wacky rigs are applicable to spinning/casting and determines how the senko worms (or other lures) are rigged onto the main line - often used together with offset worm-hooks, etc. Feeder fishing has rigging too, yes - but that involves feeding baskets, PVC bags, etc. That would be amazing to see as well! Both spinning/casting rigging, and feeder riging. 4) The kayaks and boats are wonderful news! The reason we ask about daily quests etc is to give level 40+ players a sense of purpose and a reason to fish other than just fishing casually (which is fun too, but having set goals/aims are a very good thing as well). Boats will definitely help with the wait Thank you again for the detailed answers!
  14. Boats

    It's clear then - she really wants you to have an outboard motor!
  15. Please add bite alarms to the shop

    Maybe, but when bottom-fishing/feeder rods are introduced, you're definitely going to want bite alarms for those, seeing as you cast them and then put them down for sometimes hours.