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  1. Hi there, seem to be having a bug with the new mission system. I'm on the first mission where you're instructed to go to the waterline in Texas and fish next to the lillies with a telescopic rod. The moment I cast into the circle, I get disconnected from the game (connection to server has been lost). If I cast outside the circle I stay in the game, but the moment my line is casted into that circle I get an immediate disconnect.
  2. Trulight - my teammate deserves full credit for all our team's catches. My sincere apologies to my team - I was unfortunately unable to log in at all during the last week due to work-related travel. Sorry to let you down!
  3. aktorsyl

    totally false

    What's false about it? To increase by 50% you multiply it by 1.5. Take those numbers on the left, multiply them by 1.5, and you'll see that the numbers on the right are correct. The numbers on the right are what you're getting.
  4. Agreed, the license costs are extremely high.
  5. Florida is infinitely better than New York if you want to farm credits. Rather save up for that, in my opinion.
  6. Thanks Trulight, was a lot of fun as usual. Looking forward to the next one!
  7. Nice catch! Think my PB uni carp is only 20kg, I need to up my game I heard peas work better, but even so I still find myself using corn. Hey, if it works in the Vaal river, it should work ingame, right? Heh.
  8. I've noticed that, while fishing a certain spot from the shore, and fishing that same spot from a kayak - the bite rate seems much reduced while fishing from the kayak?
  9. I agree, it would be nice to get a confirmation from the devs, but what I suspect is that the lure IS hopping, but you can't see this on the indicator because the hop distance is relative to the total depth. I've retrieved lures on lift&drops where it was completely static on the indicator due to the lake being extremely deep... so the few cm's hops don't even show on an indicator that has a scale of 10m. But I got bites the same as always. Not saying this is a perfect situation, just that I think what the lure is actually doing and what you're seeing on the indicator is not necessarily the same thing.
  10. aktorsyl

    On the drop

    I definitely get that a lot in real-life (especially with plastic worms) but never experienced it ingame really. I'm on PC - what does left-trigger do on PS4? Is it like right-clicking (jerking the rod)? I need to try this..
  11. aktorsyl

    Common Carp

    Try fishing around the car wreck area, I've had luck with the slightly bigger ones there before.
  12. aktorsyl

    Bug maybe?

    It looks like you're currently on a waterway? Home storage will display if you're on the main map... leave the current waterway first.
  13. Amazing initiative, Trulight! You basically ensure that there's tons to do (and prepare for) after level 40, and it's great to see such frantic community activity and camaraderie again! Quick question regarding this specific competition - I may have missed it in the rules, but: do the two teammates need to fish at the same time, or can they fish separately during the same week? (timezones, etc)
  14. Nice observation! I also have a lot of fun using very light float tackle and fish off the bridges to the left of the map. Lots of small fish to be caught there.
  15. I believe the randomizer pulled number 4 for the random
  16. I think it's boats first, then bottom-fishing + European lakes later. No idea on ETA though, haven't heard from the devs yet regarding a status update (hint hint)
  17. Tony, I think you misunderstand. He's talking about 2 hours in real-life, not 2 hours ingame. There are many places where you can fill a net in 2 hours real time - for instance, I do it daily in California just catching striped bass and steelheads, and my net is full from doing that in about 1 real-life hour. Bigger fish would fill it even faster. Hell, I filled my net in under 2 real-life hours in Florida and those fish aren't even all that big. Remember, 2 hours in real life is what, 8 hours ingame? That's a long time. He is definitely not referring to an exploit.
  18. I agree - or at least a "squint" (slight zoom) button to look into the distance. Similar to the current right-click zoom, but available at any time, even while the line is already in the water.
  19. Agh no - I missed the part about the time allowed to post the screenshot being reduced to 1 hr instead of 6 as in the previous one. Missed out on submitting a great catch That'll teach me to read better, lol.
  20. Not sure if this helps, but rule of thumb is.... casting reels go with casting rods, spinning reels go with the rest.
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