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  1. What is the Watcher mission? I see it being achieved all the time, but I cannot find anything about it. What is it? How do I do it? Yes, I feel dumb asking this.
  2. Peoples.... I reel and it goes backwards... tried different reels. It isn't drag. I tried zooming camera in and out (though I don't see how that would help... but there is a post about it) I have logged in and out and in again... it was working great, then all the sudden it is fudged! I have tried different locations. I have even tried support, but the lady didn't seem to know what a reel was (yay!).... I see something about switching gears... dunno how to do it.... tried the "X" key... tried pizza, then tried fishing again... still.... I am new to this game, so please, help this dumbass fix his reel please. Not one of my real reels are this complex... lol. If I get this fix, gonna name this reel "Satan"... tbthp Thanks folks... good fishin and good coffee for ya... and thanks in advance.
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