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  1. Tarpon

    You may want to take a bigger rod (fenix,ardix, brutus) but more important a bigger reel ( fatboy, hornet) but stay reasonable in line lbs, lets say braid 7,7kg or less if you like fight for minutes. fill the reel with line completely. that should allows you to cast at 50-60. enjoy the day. In real life people do not use low action rods to fish tarpon, it jump as there is no tomorrow (unless wader-boots lagoon tarpon fly fishing)so it make sens the Nero is in trouble.
  2. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Ended

    I am new to Steam, level 0 (mid- 2017), and that makes you unable to use the share pics option, its called Eso system to prevent I guess people never did buy anything to flood the Steam interface with their things. I, eventually, agree that, only it is not stated clearly anywhere on Steam, spent a lot of time trying to solve what I was thinking to be a bug. I have another comments but its off-topic in this thread matter which is a very interesting way to comp as we call in Europe "enduro". have a nice day.
  3. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Ended

    can not play. technical foul. unless I find a solution on Steam forum :-(
  4. NEHERRIN RIVER-North Carolina

    thanks for the information.
  5. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    I found I think. my Steam profile set to Private. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198418218229/screenshots ... doesn't work either. It does not matter and thanks for all.
  6. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Thanks Hilrond for your message, I saw it very late, having to work, seems I do not master Steam yet , I seemed me I have done. select SC then "make it public, then "continue" then "yes". Just remove me from the chart instead that barred thing. I am not barred anywhere in my life usually.
  7. NEHERRIN RIVER-North Carolina

    In the species list, Carp is listed as << young, common> but I think there are only youngsters, and, eventually, it is a tiny inexactitude . If any veteran player can confirm that it will be fine to have a look and correct. or add some medium sized carps to NC.
  8. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Thanks to all with special mention to Hilrond that kindly invited me, a super way to learn the game with a bit more depth ! I caught a unique historical agressive troll but there were no input column for that specie. Congratz the winners and yes, magic crappie ! that's on the to do list for me now.
  9. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    you have no mercy for beginners lol, trained to night lures, fished with shads only . Nevermind, i'll adapt...
  10. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Yep, so good that I missed it, I was thinking about a surrealist " < To Be Announced > to be the factual passcode to use. My brain eventually buzy to handle steam/fp/google as a nightmare. Please do not invalid my entries because of course I am going to upgrade the fishes. thanks and have a nice play.
  11. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Thanks a lot for the detailed answers. The purpose of keeping screenshots private is to prevent other competitors to see which lure was used ? I think I will first follow the simplest route, catch a fish, enter a code in the chat box below the catch infos, take a steam screenshot, upload it on steam and enter data in the spreadsheet in that order and it will be good enough for a start. Good luck to all as well.
  12. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Hello there, I wish to participate. I met Ph_Hilrond in NY last month and he said everybody is welcome even newcomers. So now about the Steam screenshooting , I will learn to do it, I am most annoyed by the Google Form management. 1) First of all neither my Steam account nor my FP registration is linked with a google account, and it cannot be for technical reasons. However I have an active google account that I used, for exemple, to register in this forum. How to link my FP Player name to my active google account ? 2) Second question is a contender for the silly question of the year, should I download Google Form app ? I would not refuse a bit of help, thanks in advance.