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  1. Naaah, I catch uni peacock regularly on the 5/8 oz #3/0 frog-popper
  2. Just stand on the new dock and cast towards the old dock. I watch people do it all day. I am a little more bummed that the perfect angle to my favorite walleye spot is on the old dock, and the new bank angles don't provide me with as many Uni. But you know, the Kayak DLC isn't so bad when you consider that $10 is the cost of a month of premium, so its like 24 dollars to be less annoyed. I pay far more to be less annoyed by things in real life.
  3. Not sure what you guys mean. I am not experiencing this. I catch just as much as I used to at every lake I fish except Louisiana and Florida (where I now catch more). You have to change the way you play. Fish during the day and night peaks. Try different lures. Go to different spots. You mention St Croix. I fill up my net faster than before. Here's a typical day for me. Early morning (5-8): Walleye/Pike, mid-morning (8-10): Drum/White bass/Pike, late morning to early afternoon (10-2): Pike (even at no peak), afternoon (2-4) Tiger trout or muskie, early evening (4-6): Brown Trout, finally: blue catfish if i want.......THEN NIGHT FISHING. If my net is not filled, then I must've been playing with my toes or something, cause my net fills itself just going around having fun and figuring out where I can get bites. You also don't have to do this all at once.
  4. I can easily pull out 200lb of walleye on a rainy night in Michigan using a 6 inch glow worm!! (umm...that's...what she..nvm).
  5. I'm also a huge Wicked Tuna and WT: Outer banks fan. I would love to see this, but it would be several years down the road at best (if you're talking specifically blue fin tuna caught trolling, chumming, or green-stick). They could incorporate a new fishing location, where you fish from a stationary boat in the ocean and perhaps make big-eye, blue fin, and yellow fin the prime species. Look out for ultimate fishing if you're hoping for trolling/chumming a tuna within the next couple months, I know they're planning some ocean fishing as well but until that game is out, who knows how well it'll be implemented.
  6. I'm not having problems with any of these lakes. It sinks slowly in Alberta and NC more than others, that's true, so I give it some slack (reel speed -1) and it sinks WAAAY faster. I talked about it in chat in Alberta and everyone there at the time noticed it as well. On a couple occasions I gave up like 25 ft in slack before it sank immediately. As for getting jigs etc off the bottom, try a different setup (i.e. a pole with a minimum lure weight closer to the lure's weight) or faster action rods. Jigs particularly, are also less responsive when they're out over 200 ft (60 m), and can often be hard to use until ~ 150ft out. If you're having trouble just getting a jig to...well um...jig in a particular environment, perhaps its not the best lure to use. If you could specify what setup you're using, I could test alternatives for you. These days, my favorite heavy jig/spinner rod/reel is Loki 8'10" + Espira DoublePunch 6500 w/ 25 test fluoro. I also like lighter jig setups based around the Jigmaster and Thora (9'6" specifically), but I'm currently mid-trip in game and I didn't bring those rods with me. About cranks: I noticed this mostly happens in faster moving water.
  7. I would really love a way to display my best catches more dynamically. A list is nice, but when you want to show off its hardly a thing to get excited about. Plausible Options: Wall mounted fish: paying credits for taxidermy and space to mount them on a "wall of fame". (This is so premium shop-able, that you already have my money if you do this) Players could share each other's "wall of fish" by accessing a menu (that can be set to public or private) via right-click interaction with the players name in chat. Fish tank: Keep a live well of your favorite fish species, perhaps even breed them. . . (this could snowball quickly...so i'll stop here) Camera feature: Shareable in-game photo album that can also be viewd by right clicking your name from the chat menu. (This could even just interact with Steam's screenshot feature). Best, Belly
  8. I feel like the responses posted thus far are solid so I won't add too much. I find a lot of success with shads using a slow stop and go (speed depends on jig weight), or a slow lift and drop. The main focus is to maximize the amount of time the lure spends at the target depth. Usually that depth is as deep as possible without directly dragging the lure across the bed. But TBH... I've managed to catch walleye via dragging since the night fishing update.
  9. cant find delete for this one oO
  10. First off, from killerwhale "Lure color has a different visibility due to different weather, and cause the faster or slower fish attacks. However not affect attraction." So do pay attention to color. http://www.fishfinder.poulhollensted.dk/index.html (Fish hotspot suggestion map and lure info. Mostly accurate) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B5W-Ab_oaUAmJKQC0F6EsZ-3O9kyutLQtP4EuSh8VT0/edit#gid=1353546866 (The google doc of knowing.... Use it.)
  11. I always seems to do better with lift n drop using a jig and purple worm.
  12. N1 !! somehow looks more dino-like in the dark.
  13. Ahem, yes...then I can pay attention to Netflix better hehehehe
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