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  1. Thanks. I tried L&D with L2 and I wasn't getting the right action on the lure, I got it once or twice by pressing L2 and snapping the rod back with the stick in unison. Just finding it impossible to be consistent. I'm also keeping L2 held down setting the hook... I actually just found a post where someone said not to strike when you feel the controller vibrate but when you see a good bit of tension on the tension meter. So I'll give that a try, but yeah I'll also go back to trying to perfect my lift & drop! Thanks mate!
  2. Good tip, I'm going to have to give that a try!
  3. Hey, I did see another similar thread on this but it didn't really give me a good answer. So I've only been playing a couple of days and firstly, I'm finding it extremely difficult to set the hook using lures. I feel the bite and I press L2 to set the hook pretty much instantly and about 90% of the time there's no hook-up. Is this just the way the game works or am I doing something wrong? Secondly, what's with the poor rod sensitivity? There's almost no difference between 50 - 100. It's impossible to fish lift & drop with jigs because of this, or again, am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated, especially the trouble setting the hook, it's really affecting my enjoyment of the game. Thanks!
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