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  1. soulsyphoner

    A letter to Santa

    first of all, the previous messages I sent were on the staff page to support which originally is the way I thought you had to do it. then a staff member said I had to send it in an email, which I did(2 to be exact) that is at the beginning of the website. after going back n forth, I figured it out and realized their are 2 ways to send messages to support which I would think staff would have caught this problem from the beginning. Now, if you cant send messages to the staff page, then why have it. it just makes it confusing for everyone including staff. this should have been resolved fast but it wasn't. now you are claiming that you did not get my messages, i'm telling you right now that you have 2 messages in email format to support and have heard nothing about it. also, I sent olga a dear santa letter and nothing. Olga said in her post that the results would be on Christmas day and a list of winners n the prizes they won. I have not seen this or was she going to send that in an email form to each n everyone of us.i find your last response rude since you did not post the whole conversation we had, just bits n pieces of it that perceives it into something its not.keep my lures and my baitcoins since I wont have any use for them anymore. Just so you know, the support staff is just important as the game itself. keep that in mind next time you come out with a game.
  2. soulsyphoner

    A letter to Santa

    I have sent a couple emails to support for my disappearing lures and still have not heard anything on it yet. now, according to Olga, on Cristmas day their would be a list of winners and what they won. I see nothing of the sort. all I see is send message to support. Not only am I fishing on the game, but I also am fishing for answers. I was very optimistic about sending support messages but now I don't expect it or plan on getting answered. Very disappointed on support and the santa letter(a letter that apparently never got sent to santa because it has not been read yet).
  3. soulsyphoner

    A letter to Santa

    good question. my letter to santa shows that it has not been read yet nor did I receive anything for it. oh well, only took me an hour to write it
  4. is your question of morals towards you not paying attention to the screen, which is the way it is supposed to be played or feeling as though you got cheated?definition of moral= 1. concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character:
  5. but does not allow you to see warning of expiration on license while your watching tv or talking or whatever you want. it happened to me but I was just going to release the fish. apparently it does not work that way and I was fined 20000. lesson learned. its fine that you do other things while bobber is in water, just make sure you check your expiration time. if your going to run out of time before you land fish, cut the line
  6. soulsyphoner

    A letter to Santa

    that's awesome Olga. I sent you a message under your name in staff but was not in email format. I hope that worked since it was not in email format. you havnt read it yet so I'm thinking it is not going to work. I am very frustrated on how to send messages to fishing planet. it seems there are 2 ways to send messages and 1 way is not the right way. if that's the case, then I feel as though the staff listed should be off the site since that is not the right way to send messages to fishing planet. Happy holidays and a happy new year.
  7. I think I might have figured it out. when you first go to fishing planet website, it shows play, forum then support. unfortunately I did not use that support to send message(which I opened up today and is more like an email). I went in under the staff which has 2 support teams listed. those are the ones I sent to. so apparently I used the wrong support to send messages. I really did not know 1 support was different form then the other support team under staff. I would suggest that if you cant use the support team under staff, that it should be removed from site. I had to break out my Sherlock holmes hat and pipe.lol. so I guess I sent it to wrong support group that was not in email form. I apologize for making this frustrating for you and i but i think we might have figured it out. now how to fix it, i guess i need to send to the email form at beginning of page?I do appreciate your help and wish you and your family happy holidays and a happy new year
  8. yes, I was logged into web page (fishing planet.com). I went to support under staff and sent an email for both supports. 1 was read by staff and left the conversation and the other one has not been read as of 2 weeks now. is this not the proper way of sending an email to support staff? I'm on a ps4 if that makes any difference but I figured if it was read, it would have been answered but instead, they left the conversation on the email that I sent logged in to fishing planet .com under soulsyphoner. I feel as though I am missing something other then lures...lol
  9. i used both support emails. only seen 2 on the staff page for support
  10. I have sent a few messages to support and have not heard back so thought I would post in here. I have had 2 lures disappear on me that I paid coins for. the first one I lost, the game had froze up and after resetting it, the lure that I had on was now gone(12 ft #4/0 blue crank). the other lure I lost was in florida. I had caught a bass and after I bagged it, my poles switched. I didn't think anything of it until I went to put lure back on and realized it was gone(red frog popper, 36 coins). it had just disappeared after I caught the fish. I did not cut the line nor did it even pop up. Not sure if other gamers have experienced this but it is very frustrating to use coins on these just to lose them days later. I have only had 2 lures disappear on me and unfortunately they were both purchased with coins. any feedback would be appreciated. Happy Holidays n a Happy New Year
  11. rod at around 45 degrees. line and rod should be at 90 degree angle with lure. that is a great starting point and usually can get it to pop right away or with some fine adjustments. as to get 3 beeps, just move rod back a lil at a time till you get the 3rd beep, not much passed 90 degrees will get you there. Keep in mind, I have not won a competition and I have just been playing over a month so take it for what its worth. good luck n tight lines
  12. you will have to practice it but have your line n your rod at a 45 degree angle with the lure. sometimes you have to adjust as the lure gets closer to you but this will give you maximum action not to mention that if you can get your popper actually popping, you will get all kinds of action. you can hear it when it pop correctly. pop it, let it sit for a second or 2 then repeat. the red frog popper is a great lure to have, it moves like a frog , it pops and wont snag when you go over the lilly pads. the bad thing is, its 35 coins or the dlc which I'm really considering in buying. I hope this helps. remember, line at 45 degree with rod and lure and have rod in the upward position. the popping noise is the most important imo. tight lines
  13. is there a way that you can turn off the leader board during competitions on the upper left of your screen ? all I need is the counter and besides, all the screen does is stress me out n limits .my vision
  14. Thank you, I will give that a try. I have been making more money in Florida after this update. I just have to try different methods to get back on track. by 9 am I would usually have 300lbs n now I would be lucky to have 100 lbs by 9 in Michigan.
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