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  1. Yes ,I was 2 times with this boogi 1 and second 2 come in.this is ridiculous why FP not just banned them.I am confused how gguys like this are still in the game?
  2. Yes, I think teams are very helpful especially for competition.evryone whit second account must be banned.this game starting defective for me. Google translate used.
  3. Yea I watched sabs life , you catch trof but time is over.this blue screen have to be removed.
  4. Sabiscs you asked people,but whats your big mistake or failure?
  5. I sell all of my X series hook 4/0, it was my mistake offcourse. I guess all of uss have like your compet story.
  6. First blue screen now trash , what's next.rhis blue screen killing me ,I can finish 1 comp without him.
  7. I do it in one by one comp,I understand how exactly I did it
  8. Not only on tournament,4 times and I left.
  9. Yea probably when they tell you everything is more fun to play
  10. Wow only I play from 1 account. Baxta before time was banned but he played with 2 in tournament.well we have so many videos. See it and everything else is practice and practice.i know how where and when to catch but sometimes and luck is very important . Good luck to all .
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