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  1. Maybe it's all geared up for The Fisherman release.....these lot seemed to have wiped their hands of us......
  2. I understand FP is looking into the this annoying bug... drifting lines. Can you please give a update on how this investigation is going on? When using a PVA set up or a method feeder and casting to the same spot, you hope that particular area will be gradually laying a small layer of bait to attract Carp. It's a pain when after a few minutes the line, weight and baited hook has moved several feet from the baited area. I'm using a ledger weight of nearly 6oz that's almost half a stone!.....on a lake too! It gets you wondering is this all a waste of time using ground bait? Are the baited hooks still over the ground bait and the drifting lines are a sort of illusion?(for want of a better word). What with the lagging issue this game is becoming unenjoyable.
  3. everything ok....all my downloaded content on the ps4 is as normal....nothing lost
  4. Level 53 is not available yet.....but no doubt about it....it'll be on pc first.
  5. Think that's for the level 53 Mississippi......spelt that first go..... 4 me!
  6. Hi fishdom49 I'm on ps4 and other online games seem to be fine....think it may be FP.
  7. Please FP do something about the lagging at Weeping Willow.....It's making the game very unenjoyable!
  8. Thanks Fellas much appreciated. SabiScs video started from 20 odd minutes that's why I missed it.
  9. Lol.....I meant feeding bait from the hand. FP mentions it in its write up on weeping willows intro.....thanks anyway.
  10. Does anybody know how to hand feed at Weepers? I'm having a problem trying to suss it out.
  11. Great venue.... the price of ground bait and boilies a bit steep. Mind you, IRL they 'aint cheap. Did a session using just Boiles….filled my 661lb net and a few Uniques to boot.
  12. 5am-9am cloudy is very good for sturgeon. Usually cast 2 or 3 spots towards the wooden posts then during the night session, another 3 spots around and close to the island.
  13. Unable to purchase items in the home shop screen....stuck on the first page. Tried purchasing a rod but it is only allowing the first page so I cannot scroll the others. Tried other items same result......very frustrating as I'm low on bait too.
  14. Yeah It's a challenge....
  15. Now that we use 2 or 3 rods at a time....can we please change the way we move the time on. Such a pain having to TAKE the rods to enable me to move a couple of hours.
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