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  1. Bushidowarrior

    Catfishin in MudWater Missouri

  2. Bushidowarrior

    Replacing Your X-Series Gear, (By Purchase)

    I agree I would spend coins on getting my gear back. I lost my Xseries Frog Popper on Blue Screen.
  3. Bushidowarrior

    Events tournaments and handicap

    I'd be on top as well Warlord. lol
  4. Bushidowarrior

    Independence Trout Open: Final Results

    Thank you SabiScs.
  5. Bushidowarrior

    Independence Trout Open: Final Results

    Thank you Rotacomando and Hate_ful
  6. Bushidowarrior

    New Waterways

  7. Bushidowarrior

    X-Series Float/Lures 4 free!!!

    When you do it for the other lakes make sure you keep your fish net and Kayak at home. Because when you advance to 30 days you are going to pay a lot to repair those.
  8. Bushidowarrior

    Advance time skips to morning

    had the same issue, but I found a way around it. I would place my thumb on square and roll it down to x while i was still holding square down and it let me do it.
  9. Bushidowarrior

    Largemouth Bass April Cup: Qualifier 1 Results

    Good Luck to All.... Go Get'em Carlo729
  10. Bushidowarrior

    1 person inters Turny's with mutable accounts!?

    You might be right. There could be the same person creating a few Noname accounts, since it is a clan. People my think its different players. Hopefully it is investigated.
  11. Bushidowarrior

    Largemouth Bass April Cup: Qualifier 2 Results

    Well I got knocked out again by 1. FML Good Luck everyone..... Go get'em RotaCamando and Carlo.
  12. Bushidowarrior

    1 person inters Turny's with mutable accounts!?

    NoName is a Clan. They have several member on the team for PC. All different people. They help each other with tips and how to fish certain spots.
  13. Bushidowarrior


    Are you talking about Criteria 2. If so, Criteria 2 is for the biggest fish you caught incase there is a tie. If not, then you can see why you are so low. These kind of competitions if just pure luck. I've done so many of these hoping I would get the RNG but the best I have done is .031 - .011. One day the luck will hit me for a 0.000 . Tight Lines everyone
  14. Bushidowarrior

    End of the road.

    I had the mountain thing happen to me, so I just restarted the game so I wouldn't lose my crank bait.
  15. Bushidowarrior

    Spring Cats Qualifier 2

    PS4, almost everyone in my room was in the same situation. The whole tourney. I hope they look into this and if something was up they so something for the ones who had issues. I bet all the top 20 played earlier in the day because later in the evening no one was getting any bites or fish for the whole tourney.