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  1. Is there a potential of cross-play between steam and PS4 in the future?
  2. Seems like a weird game to stream. Why not just record and edit it later to make it interesting?
  3. It definitely makes a difference. I just wish we could adjust the vibrate function and make it vibrate harder.
  4. I ended up catching an upper 30# unique pike yesterday with 20# line. It put up a good fight and I thought it was going to break my line, but I got him in. The only problem was that my keepnet couldn't hold a fish that big lol. Go figure.
  5. So you’re releasing all the fish?
  6. I always hit L2 and try to hook the fish when it vibrates. If there’s any tension showing, they’re biting. If there’s no tension it’s just a nibble and you won’t hook them. So if you’re paying attention, just try to set the hook if you see line tension.
  7. I play it because it’s relaxing as well. I’ve found myself starting to float fish most of the time while I catch up on the news or do something else.
  8. The boat update sounds nice. Will this be a feature that console users have to wait a while for like the night and topwater update?
  9. Just saw a guy catch a 42 pound unique northern pike in Michigan. How heavy of a line do you need for that? Can you catch a heavier fish than your tackle says it is for? For example, using 25# Line could I catch a 30# fish? Or a 40# fish?
  10. There is. It took them about 1-2 weeks to get back to me before. You’re probably best off posting here and waiting for a response.
  11. I’ve had this multiple times and I see other people reporting it. The peak times have been changing on me between logins. It may be when the actual real life day changes in between logins that it changes in game.
  12. Hit start, use R1/L1 to navigate to one of the far right menus. There is a full PS4 controller diagram.
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