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    Event hours

    Hello, the event are random? Because all this week since monday to sunday that are noone after 16h. In Michigan. My time to play is like 17-22 and not a single event have that hour in 7 days. My sugestion is that you change your system so it makes the events more spread. And by the way there is not a single one at sunday in michigan...
  2. Também sinto a mesma dificuldade amigo. Os materiais deviam estar mais divididos em categorias. Everton, se comprares algo num lago tens de voltar ao mapa principal para equipar
  3. Where do i find the challenges to do? I dont see anyone of the above in my game profile where all other challanges are
  4. In personal oppinion i dont like how the XP we get from a fish is popping out in the screen. For me that takes the game in an arcade rather then a simulator.
  5. I like how lures are working now. It is a lot more natural and how it actually works.
  6. I agree with all the comments above, but changing words one by one wount take you anywhere. There are a lot of bad translated words and senteces so i sugest give our community some data and we help. Fish names have been already discussed here but one of the most apreciated fresh water fish here in Portugal for sportive fishing have his name in english. Im talking about "Largemouth Bass" in the game you have "Black Bass" instead of "Achigã". I say it again, i think the portugese translation deserves an all new look, not word by word.
  7. Bons dias pescadores. Venho por este fórum apresentar vos o grupo de Facebook que criei para poder juntar a comunidade de língua portuguesa e mais facilidade partilharmos histórias, recordes, dicas, etc. O link é o seguinte: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1690216941288826?tsid=0.4370288653299055&source=result Foi o primeiro grupo a ser criado e o que tem mais membros e conteúdos! Até já e bons lances! (Divulgação do grupo não oficial autorizada pelo Fishing Planet oficial)
  8. Muito fixe! Obrigado pela partilha. Estou sempre atento para tentar ganhar o máximo que conseguir nesta competição.
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