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  1. Hey guys any E.T.A for this update on ps4?
  2. I say go back to pre patch. Twitching was great before it felt realistic and the line action looked realistic now it feels completely opposite. I was easily getting 3 bar twitching on 2 reel speed witg my setup that was great the night before update but now I can only get 3 bars on 3 reel speed because I have to try so hard to keep it off the bottom now with a 1/ 10oz jig. It's so bad that the same twitch retrieve i do is now struggling to be a lift and drop. I was easily able to look straight ahead and do this retrieve now I have to look at the sun to be able to stay off the bottom. You can also really tell how it completely screwed the line physics for sure because it looks crazy elastic rubberband line when twitching as well so I would much rather go back to old patch because all retrieves were working great then now i'm stuck doing lift n drop. Just please make twitching great again its my favorite method in real life and the smoothness and realism before patch is why I have fell in love with this game. Thanks for all your hard work and listening to the community as well they dont make em like you guys anymore.
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