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  1. Hihi #8... 3-5 coins per uni?? You get one(!) for a whole rank up
  2. Oh, and my favourite float rig is: Ardix 400, EspiraDoublePunch 5500, Braid 0.28mm 196m (643 ft), Break set to 11/12 == eff. max. drag 11kg (24.25 lbs), cast distance 62m (203 ft) with pear shaped float + shiner. Hope that helps.
  3. The weight plays a part, but heavier is not always better. The big Zeus for example casts a 42g Spoon farther than a 52g(?) one. For spinning rods it seems like somewhere around 2/3 of the maximum casting weight is the optimum. For float rods you could try a pear shaped float for maximum distance. Using a braid line instead of a fluoro will help, too. And the reel is also significant, the Espira reels seem to cast best for me. But the ultimate goal is using some resonable gear for the fish your targeting, of course. A Fenix 450 with an EspiraDoublePunch 5500 SE with 196m Braid 0.28mm and pear shaped float casts 57m (187 ft), giving an effective max. drag of 10kg with break set to 10/12.
  4. Yep, had this, too. But I think this happens if the wheel is still moving when you press D-Pad up, it‘s just the remaining momentum. So simply wait for the reel to stand still before switching gears
  5. BTW I didn‘t mean to degrade poor trouts. Hope santa will come up with some fungicide after the holidays to fight that fungal attack that seems epidemic over there at the moment
  6. I think first it is a matter of luck (or bad luck, 499/500m is a pitty). I played with the brake (seems like the fish sometimes needs to feel some resistance to keep going, and the kayak can build up some momentum while temporarily increasing the brake). And I took a long rod (Fenix 450) adjusting it to get maximum drag on the boat, not trying to steer. Which means I drove most of the way backwards without knowing the exact heading of the boat . Using crankbait will help to focus on the antlered salmon, as the trout has a lot less „fish power“. And then... good luck.
  7. Snake

    50 Baitcoins

    You get 50 coins and first thought is „something terrible happened“? You had a hard youth, hadn‘t you?
  8. Snake

    50 Baitcoins

    Hi, I assume you wrote to santa
  9. Yep. The platform is still there (in front of the ship in some distance), you have to get there by kayak and land by using the triangle key as prompted.
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