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  1. Uni Gar bite at night also? Peak times?
  2. How it's fishing at night? It's worth? It's just for Catfish? Thanks
  3. In which scenarios or why do you choose between one and the other? What is your preference and what difference do you find between one and the other? Thanks in advance... Happy New Year
  4. Hello friends. Have a question about that. When you buy a DLC the rods and reels are of identical stats than what is in game stores, perhaps the only difference is the durability, I would like to know what is the difference in durability of the rods/reels of the DLC and the bought with baitcoin (SE edition) Thanks in advance. Keep casting!
  5. Manny4Play

    New reels

    Hello anglers! Can I use the new spinning reels in the old spinning and match rods? Happy new year Thight lines!
  6. Exactly. It is the same time zone used for the change and advance of the daily climate.
  7. That's why I'm back... For the trash.... LMAO
  8. Achievements for underwater trash?
  9. Well said n I love you for saying all those things. LOL
  10. Agree! It's about patience and confidence. I'm enjoying so much hunting all the Unis and completing the species list.
  11. Don't forget the captured in game sound for the gameplays... BTW I'm confident about the game. I'll give my vote up to the devs. And supporting financially buying some stuff.
  12. Comps? Friends? I hit level 40 at Michigan, I had spent very little time in California and I have not yet visited Alaska. I started to complete the fishing species and Uniques starting from Texas again. But yes... They need to do something for the dedicated and veteran players.
  13. Well ... Yes and no. It depends on everyone... For my part, the only casting rod that I carry with me (almost always) is the BassCaster and the other 6 spaces I use with match and spinning rods, from a light setup to XHeavy setup. However, I usually plan my trips carefully... With schedules, fish species, lures or baits and the necessary setups. Then I spend several days in that locality until I achieve what I went to capture (Uni fishes or just fishing for farming money) or until I get bored. Obviously everyone have preferred setups to carry (Zeus and Brutus are inmovable, so only 5 left) BassCaster, Fenix, Thora, Aurora, JigWinner are good all round rods... And the others are most specific when your looking for a certain size or fish species ( lure and line weight and cast distance are determinable) Good fishing and tight lines!
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