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  1. My Christmas wish is the developers give lure physics the attention it needs to make the cranks and sinking lures work again
  2. Shiners confirmed- max depth with 4/0 hook is getting consistent bites.
  3. Didn't see it mentioned here- Atlantic salmon will take shiners. I haven't been back since Halloween so I'm not sure about depth- I think it was max though. Straight out as you'd cast for them with cranks or whatever. I sure miss those ghost pike from this lake. That was the most fun I've had in this game.
  4. Aside from the comic relief, it looks like the bug is repeatable. Board the [DLC, not rented] kayak and paddle to the old Fairytale platform, exit the kayak, travel to another peg, return to the Fairytale peg and there is no kayak to board and it's missing from my inventory. Exit game, relaunch and the kayak is back where it's supposed to be.
  5. You want a screenshot of a kayak that isn't there? Details? Here's the screenshot: And here are the details: the kayak isn't there. It's supposed to be there.
  6. Since this last update my kayak disappears when I change locations from Fairytale platform to any other peg. When I return to Fairytale the kayak is no longer in my inventory. If I exit the game and re-start it's in the inventory again. I saw that one other player experienced the same bug while I was playing yesterday. Playing on PC in Michigan. Thanks
  7. I think what the OP is saying here has been an issue for a long time now- since water depths were reconfigured many months ago. Before the change you could use a 30ft crank- now they all just get left at home. All deeper cranks never get used anymore except maybe in Alberta. Sinking lures don't work right either. Try Alberta- let your spoon (or jig, spinner, etc.) sink to the bottom and it goes haywire- completely out of control. You still catch fish but wow- the lure action is crazy. Frequently it's like you're pulling the lure thru heavy mud trying to do a stop and go or lift and drop-- like the bottom is magnetized. It'd be great if you could control the depth of the lure with your retrieve more.
  8. They like bouncing stuff- medium spoons, worms on a 4/0 jighead, stuff like that fished stop and go or lift and drop. Other things work too but that's what's been most consistent for me. The best spot before kayaks was the Fairytale platform, casting straight across towards the large boulders and towards the lighthouse. It's been a while but last time I checked you had to use a kayak to get to the platform.
  9. It'd be a lot of fun to be able to make your own lures. Working off the basic lure types players could choose skins, depth, hook size, etc.
  10. Sorry- I think your original opinion was the right one. After those 2 fish I got a bunch of nibbles but no takes and gave up on it. Was casting the same distance as the old spot- roughly 120-135ft. Another guy fishing the same area was there for at least as long as I was and he only got a couple, nothing big.
  11. I'm finally back there now and just tried it. First cast got a 2 pounder, second cast got a 7 pounder. They are there but just tiny ones so far
  12. So so true. I'm just one player out of thousands but I will extend an olive branch and go buy a dlc now to show you that communication will earn you loyalty. Bugs happen- I think everyone understands how complicated the code must be but when players spend actual money and a bug steals the chance of that purchase being useful-- this is when you need to step up and take care of your people. Step up! Offer something in return to all the people that spent money on and got nothing because of glitches. I'm not one of them, by the way- I've got plenty of game currency. I just want to see this game thrive so please... and I've said this many many times, please improve the way you deal with your players. ps- ghost pike were awesome
  13. There's only one way left to voice your displeasure with the game when your comments have been ignored and that's by not spending money. Economy, physics bugs and poor communication between the FP team and players is why I'm not buying anything. Regarding the physics issues- I believe they are incredibly complicated and take time to work out but I strongly suspect they aren't being worked on at all. Economy- haven't read anywhere where KW said he plans on doing anything about the hundreds of complaints.
  14. Having played FP since nearly the beginning I'll offer another perspective. This type of disappointment and alienation of the players is not new. In fact, it's been the management style for a very long time now. So many fine people have left the game (even after months of trying to help shape a better game with positive criticism and good attitude) but that hasn't changed their approach at all so we are left to either stay or go, accept it how it is or move on. There are a lot of us that try to enjoy the game but without supporting it financially. The developer will do what he wants to do regardless of our complaints. If there was competition out there that provided the same exciting experience FP is capable of it would be a different story but that competition doesn't exist as of now.
  15. During the Halloween event you can see when a ghost gar appears and watch as it inspects your bait or lure. This has added a whole new level of fun to the game and I'd love to see it added as a permanent feature. Thanks!
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