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  1. It's fishing season!
  2. You will not be able to link to any current FP account on PS4 Steam or Xbox/Windows10. You will start at level 0.
  3. Don't leave the lake, advance to next day to empty your keeper. Fish until you have recovered the travel costs and license fees and some repair costs, depending on the length of your stay.. Keep fishing after that to reap some profit.
  4. Del_Udy


    They are there, patience required. Caught a lot of common and trophy before this.
  5. Go to game settings and turn Player models in close range off.
  6. Del_Udy

    Xp grind

    I suspect Sander Baggersee might be a good XP farm after you hit level 42, if you can locate the Unique Pike. I caught mostly Carp and Catfish when I was there on Steam.
  7. I made it a point long ago to unequip all rods and reels after each trip and repair so the change doen't affect me.
  8. I found you could mix from saved recipes IF your amount of ingredients is sufficient. I had to adjust to smaller batch sizes. Don't use more than half of an ingredient and expect to mix another batch
  9. One of the DLC currently available on Steam for the European update (Power Bottom Pack - Fish Castle L Plus) has 200 kg (441 lbs) capacity the other is 70 kg (154 lbs). The difference is the European net has Max Fish of 165 lbs instead of 110 lbs.
  10. FP said after Christmas, I am thinking 2019
  11. Del_Udy


    There are four trophy Alaska Blackfish on the Steam leaderboard. 0.716, 0.709, 0.602 and 0.444. I have a 0.441, 0.003 lbs shy.
  12. Del_Udy


    There was one trophy Alaska Blackfish on the PS4 leaderboard when I checked last night. It was 0.722 lbs. I believe I have seen trophies at 0.482 lbs. I am not far off at 0.441.
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