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  1. Ok, rounded the centimetre depths to the nearest 5cm.
  2. Not sure why it's creepy, and multiplying by 2.5 would be both close enough and easy to do in your head. I've added a new column but it's just the depth in inches times 2.54 so some of the numbers look a bit odd. No, I'm not adding a new column to include lure weights in g - remember, 1 ounce is 28g, so just multiple all weights by 28.
  3. Clear Muskie

    Worth the time, but not aware of anybody succeeding at this. No reason though that they wouldn't go for the right lure - just may take a lot of experimentation to find which lures they like. May be sensible to test outside of the 5-6am sunny slot and restrict that time period to the lures that catch the smaller Clear Muskie at other times, if you're looking for the uniques.
  4. An updated list of the fishing techniques required to catch (almost*) every unique in the game, including 2018 video of them being caught. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XV6SgJuwCYGDHWFzouapEyfnlFDcMdLXTr1DhKIBdrc/edit?usp=sharing Includes major trophies and common fish too. *Except half the uniques in Quanchkin Lake because I hate and loathe the place and I'm not going back. This is a copy of a post made in the Steam discussion forums. I didn't want to assume people read both forums.
  5. ghosts in Louisiana

    Getting the same thing in Emerald Lake, and it's the same issue I reference here: Mods are welcome to merge my other post into this one.
  6. Louisiana Weather

    I'm sure this is intended behaviour by the devs, but it's the first time I've been to Louisiana so I hadn't encountered it before. Changing weather isn't necessarily a bad thing, the bug is that the weather forecast is wrong and can't be trusted (which is silly these days). It may be that the exceedingly low unique catch rates for most of the uniques in Louisiana are due to other reasons, but this is one of the ones that's made me leave without getting them all. The leaderboards are bereft of bluegill and black crappie, and quite light on several of the others. Perhaps this is the future direction for the game, but at the moment Quanchkin is very much at variance with the other waters and that's why I perceive it to be bugged.
  7. Louisiana Weather

    Returning to Quanchkin Lake would incur travel costs so I'm not going to be able to provide screenshots. However, I do have video of the weather changing: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/224268239 You're welcome to take my word for the weather forecast not being accurate, or go and experience it yourself.
  8. Louisiana Weather

    The weather in Louisiana keeps changing during the day. This is playing havoc with any planned attempt to catch uniques, as it's close to impossible to plan ahead for the day's fishing to pick locations and times. I don't mind varying weather but the weather forecast is incapable of handling it. Right now the weather forecast is telling me it's sunny and a peak time to catch fish; I switch to the fishing view and it's telling me it's mixed cloud/sun, and I have no idea whether I'm just wasting my time fishing. I can only conclude I'm wasting my time fishing. Quanchkin Lake is not a fun place to fish, and this is a factor in that.
  9. ghosts in Louisiana

    I've been fishing in Louisiana for the past few days and the chat window keeps telling me people exist that I can't find. This is annoying as it means that instead of 6-7 people fishing together you get 3-4, then the other 3-4 get bumped to a new room. As an example, the screenshot attached shows the chat window telling me seven people are present - but clicking on the 'who is here' button shows nobody else at all, and if I wander around the lake I can't find anybody.
  10. I am aware of the 'forward until morning' option. That doesn't help me at 8pm, or indeed at 5am. Sitting with the bait in the water getting zero bites because the fish are programmed to only appear at specific times is not playing a game, it's an exercise in futility. I went and played a different game instead.
  11. I'm targeting a specific fish. I log on, skip time from darkness to 6am and fish for an hour, then advance time again to 7pm. I didn't catch the fish I want, so I figure I'll advance time again to tomorrow. But I can't; the time advance is on a 55 minute cooldown. Sorry, but that's not fun. There are no fish biting where I am, and I'm a 20 minute kayak ride away from being able to fish anywhere else. I could use real money to override the cooldown, but I refuse to pay to play. I've paid for a premium account in the past, I've paid for a couple of DLC; these reward the developers without imposing a constant demand on my RL finances. So basically I'm being forced to play another game for an hour, then spend 20 (game) minutes doing nothing but rowing a kayak back to the fishing spot. I'm not suggesting you change this, just making you aware of the very real impact this game design is causing to one of your players.
  12. Bait was pulled too far away. fish is gone

    On the floating platform in the north of Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan. Casting right next to the platform.
  13. Bait was pulled too far away. fish is gone

    I don't know how or where to access ingame email, and I don't have a screenshot. Are you really telling me that posting a video on your support forum makes it inaccessible to your helpdesk? That's ok, I'll stop contributing. Sorry for wasting your time.
  14. Bait was pulled too far away. fish is gone

    I have video evidence of this issue:
  15. failed casting

    I didn't have screenshots or video of this, but it looks like it was because I was aiming about 20 feet out but selecting the power on the power bar at around 80 feet out. I was doing this because I knew where I wanted to put the float, and didn't want to have to mess about aligning the position of the right-click aim marker. Resolution would be to recognise that the player is trying to do something like this and either allow them, or warn them of why it's not working.