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  1. lake trout too much stamina

    Fish gets hook 3 seconds into the clip. Fish gets landed 1 hours 27 minutes and 29 seconds into the clip. In game time, fish gets hooked at 8.35am and landed at 2.25pm.
  2. lake trout too much stamina

    So I know I had poorly matched equipment - only way I could get the lure 160 feet for the spake I was targeting - but it's still a bit ludicrous that a lake trout was still fighting over 5 1/2 hours after being hooked. Video footage (beware, 87 minute video involving one fish): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/218017859 46lb rod, 24lb reel, 10lb braid: I'd expect a 27lb fish to take 15-20 game minutes to land, maybe more if it's unique. This was.. well, boring.
  3. failed casting

    Sometimes while trying to cast a bobber the cast will fail. The line will go all spaghetti on screen and the bobber will land 20 feet in front of you instead of 90 feet on the other side of the river. On Neherrin this just happened to me 17 times in a row. Once is irritating. Twice is very annoying. 17 is just ludicrous. I have 30 fish on my FishBastille, including two uniques, so it's reasonable to assume that my in-game character is not a beginner. But this deeply frustrating experience is not just stretching the bounds of reality, it's also just not fun. Please consider either removing this "feature" from the game, or make it occur 17 times a week, not 17 times in a row.