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  1. Probably so, just curious if we can transfer our accounts to PS5 or if a brand new game for PS5 is in the works.
  2. Walleyewhisperer


    Any chance this game carries over to PS5?
  3. What percentage of the FP population is level 55 and can even have the opportunity to catch these new fish?
  4. Same happened to me. Customer service was no help at all. Has anyone figured out a way to get another lure? Is it possible to gift this lure to someone?
  5. I went to Alberta and it was dead. Barely anyone playing and nobody really shooting off fireworks. Plus if you did the objectives last year you can’t do them again. Is it really that hard to reset objectives to give older players something to do? Back to RDR2.....
  6. Hey even me and my 500+ fireworks might make an appearance
  7. Haven’t played FP since Madden 19 came out and it doesn’t look like I missed much. I guess I’ll check back in after football season
  8. Once you can afford it and have it unlocked, night fishing for walleye at New York is great and you’ll be able to bank a lot of $$ there. Just make sure your buy the biggest net you can.
  9. 1st 50 was pretty fast then 51-90 took a lot longer for some reason. Then I found a hot spot for Muskie in Michigan and probably caught 50+ more. Was a fun event and that XP for the Muskie was sweet!
  10. Has the catch rate for these gone down? I’m just a casual player and they seem much harder to catch than they were earlier in the week. Same spots, weather, and lures but just rarely catching them now. Any tips or hot spots?
  11. Everything on PC usually makes it’s way to PS4. Just takes about a month longer.
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