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  1. Probably so, just curious if we can transfer our accounts to PS5 or if a brand new game for PS5 is in the works.
  2. Walleyewhisperer


    Any chance this game carries over to PS5?
  3. So you're telling me my PS4 can become an ATM? LOL
  4. Dude it’s just a game.... lol
  5. Or just always use a private room or friends only room. Problem solved.
  6. If anyone has caught every possible fish in the game it is definitely Del
  7. What percentage of the FP population is level 55 and can even have the opportunity to catch these new fish?
  8. And no post about what the update was even made for.
  9. Or just fish in a private room and you’ll never need to worry about being bothered by anyone again. The game is much more relaxing that way.
  10. I agree, the prices for unlimited licenses are way too high. Even if they were 50% off they’d still be overpriced.
  11. Just saw UK (1286BC), Russia (1125BC) Germany (825BC) and Italy (150BC) are on sale. Looks like they are 25% off. Still too much for me, but thought someone may be looking to get one.
  12. Same happened to me. Customer service was no help at all. Has anyone figured out a way to get another lure? Is it possible to gift this lure to someone?
  13. What’s the best bait for snakeheads? How many bait coins does the gear sell for? Thanks!
  14. Do they expire? What is the best value to spend them on? Thanks and stay safe out there!
  15. I'm getting it all the time with the rod stand otherwise it's not so bad. I guess I'll just be scrapping the rods and rod stand I purchased until this gets fixed too.
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