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  1. Walleyewhisperer

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    So what’s the plan FP?
  2. Walleyewhisperer

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    Interesting how most people can catch a uni or two at the most and others catch them like trophies.
  3. Walleyewhisperer

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    You obviously didn’t practice enough!
  4. Walleyewhisperer

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    Oh yeah and I had no problems pulling out about 10 shells and 10 other pieces of crap without a blue screen so you’ve got that working just right! 👍 (But it apparently doesn’t affect catch rates..... lol)
  5. Walleyewhisperer

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    Was in the VBO Tournament and am 99.9% sure I had a uni smallmouth on my line (I’ve fished enough to know the difference) and guess what happens..... “BLUE” Ended with 45.250 pounds so quite possibly that fish could have made the difference in qualifying. The major point is I really don’t care if I make it to the next round. I have fun in the game, but what isn’t fun is being at a pinnacle moment in the game and it is ruined by an issue many players experience quite often especially in competitions. FIX THIS DAMN ISSUE ALREADY FP!
  6. Walleyewhisperer

    PS4: Patch Note 1.10.

    Adding junk to catch and collect which doesn’t stack and takes up storage space was a poor attempt to get people to spend more money. If you guys would just listen to your customers and fix the simple things we’ve been asking you to fix you would see that you would retain a lot more players. And guess what? They would then in turn spend a lot more money!
  7. Walleyewhisperer

    PS4: Patch Note 1.10.

    So I catch a lily in Michigan and can’t keep it and have to discard it. What’s the point?
  8. Walleyewhisperer

    PS4: Patch Note 1.10.

    Awesome, so another patch that gives us junk to catch and doesn’t address one of the biggest current issues in the game from the previous patch. Right on! 👍
  9. Walleyewhisperer

    PS4: Patch Note 1.10.

    So does “Complex Bug Fix” mean that the blue screen error during competitions has been fixed?
  10. Walleyewhisperer

    Stability Update. Patch note 1.0.9

    Many players are experiencing this blue screen and it’s only during comps and only started happening after the latest patch. It’s an obvious bug that has not been fixed yet. Makes me not want to enter comps anymore as I’ve experienced the same fate.
  11. Walleyewhisperer

    300 fish challenge

    No, took me 3 in-game days. It’s 24 real life hours that resets at 12am EST. Pretty funny that support doesn’t even have the correct answers..... 👍
  12. Walleyewhisperer


    So what is the purpose of using storage and keeping these items?
  13. Walleyewhisperer

    Angling Machine III Challenge

    Good luck, but at Florida for peacock bass is by far the easiest way to get it done. (Believe me, I’ve tried all sorts of different options).... lol
  14. Walleyewhisperer

    300 fish challenge

    Just finished the 300 challenge and it took a total of around 5 hours. I was at Texas using blood worms, #10 hook, and 20 inch depth. Casted next to lily pads during all peak times and averaged around 60 fish an hour. Glad that’s over!
  15. Walleyewhisperer

    No assembled rods? (Dev reply please)

    That happens from time to time and yes the only way to fix it is to leave the lake and return.