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  1. No question is stupid .. And yes, it is normal ... it is the depth of the lake in the place where the bait falls.
  2. congrats to all... very hard to win any comp...!!
  3. Pretty... More resistance.. but nothing more... And the x-series hooks do not always make a difference ... do not obsess...
  4. I remember when I started, that we all believed that people used hacks ... that it was impossible to get so many fish in such a short time, or that it was impossible that if I could not get uniques or trophies or any other fish, these people could do it. Little by little, you are throwing hours .. and you see that you can also do the same .. there are no hacks ... there is knowledge. I've made two semifinals, and believe me ... I'm a noob ... I can not take so many hours, and lately, instead of learning, I forget things ... XD As you comment right here, and taking into account that the tournament schedule, is not the same as the free game, you have to practice, and ignore the advice of people. I also tell you that only by the way you bring the hooks, you can take unique fish, or little fish ... not all the collections are made the same, nor do they work for all fish. Fishing Planet is a game more complex than it seems ... P.D. Sorry for my poor english..
  5. Congrats to winers and all other gamers...
  6. Welcome to my world!! :(...
  7. Hi: @suepollock In pc, are the same or more bugs... no difference... @alohastone You can play in PC, conected to a TV and play with a controller, exactly same as can you play in a Console.... (vibration in controller included). @Rodrigoskybox Yes... but the solution is the same... button reset!! XDDD
  8. Hello: I'm going to tell you how I did it, and by the way, you will use to train the 'one by one' ... Telefloat 450, light float, with fluoro, #10 hook and mosquito larvae, sunny day... Throw about 10 meters, at the exit on the right of the map. Wait for the first bell, and in the second, when the float goes down, a little tug at the rod... I assure you, you'll get to it at the first touch, and I'll pass 30 without problems .....
  9. It can be... is the last thing we think about... Thank you.
  10. Hi @Master_Baits.... As @RedDwarf10 says ... they are usually hooked with the bottom .. or some small fish bite .. I also spend a lot, but usually, I have very low hooks .. and above, some hooked with the weeds or fish that do not get hooked ... P.S. Sorry, my English is not very good.
  11. Many of us use paper notes or a spreadsheet ... but not organized as this one ... Thanks for the work.
  12. Who has come up with the wonderful idea of lowering the kilos on the braid x-series 0.30mm? and without warning? ... Now who returns the crankbait x-series that I just lost?
  13. yesterday i tried with 3 friends... no results ... in christmas event works.. but now.... nothing...
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