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  1. Congrats to winers and all other gamers...
  2. Welcome to my world!! :(...
  3. Hi: @suepollock In pc, are the same or more bugs... no difference... @alohastone You can play in PC, conected to a TV and play with a controller, exactly same as can you play in a Console.... (vibration in controller included). @Rodrigoskybox Yes... but the solution is the same... button reset!! XDDD
  4. Hello: I'm going to tell you how I did it, and by the way, you will use to train the 'one by one' ... Telefloat 450, light float, with fluoro, #10 hook and mosquito larvae, sunny day... Throw about 10 meters, at the exit on the right of the map. Wait for the first bell, and in the second, when the float goes down, a little tug at the rod... I assure you, you'll get to it at the first touch, and I'll pass 30 without problems .....
  5. It can be... is the last thing we think about... Thank you.
  6. Hi @Master_Baits.... As @RedDwarf10 says ... they are usually hooked with the bottom .. or some small fish bite .. I also spend a lot, but usually, I have very low hooks .. and above, some hooked with the weeds or fish that do not get hooked ... P.S. Sorry, my English is not very good.
  7. Many of us use paper notes or a spreadsheet ... but not organized as this one ... Thanks for the work.
  8. Who has come up with the wonderful idea of lowering the kilos on the braid x-series 0.30mm? and without warning? ... Now who returns the crankbait x-series that I just lost?
  9. yesterday i tried with 3 friends... no results ... in christmas event works.. but now.... nothing...
  10. Thanks... good idea.. not all are pro experts!! XD.. And this competition depend more from luck ...
  11. Como aqui no hay apartado de errores, y ya he posteado y enviado a los lugares correspondientes, os dejo esto.. imagino que no sere el unico... Teo Jurado Platform Steam (Mac OS) Desde el ultimo update 1.13 No puedo cambiar hilos, no puedo salir del mapa, no puedo salir del juego. También compré el DLC Christmas Magic Pack y Santa's Kayak Pack. Fui a jugar a Alberta, pero debido a estas fallas, tengo que irme y volver a ingresar, con lo cual, he gastado casi todo el dinero que venía en los paquetes, tratando de salir y volver a ingresar al Mapa. . Necesito alguna solución, ya que es increíble, ni siquiera puedo cambiar el hilo de los carretes. En los otros mapas, no he notado nada extraño ... en este momento.
  12. Teo Jurado Platform Steam (Mac OS) from last update of december 1.13 can't change lines, can't exit from map, can't exit from game. I also bought the DLC Christmas Magic Pack and Santa's Kayak Pack. I went to play in Alberta, but due to these failures, I have to leave and re-enter, with which, I have spent almost all the money that came in the packs, just trying to leave and re-enter the Map... I need some solution, since it is incredible, not even able to change the thread of the reels. On the other maps, I have not noticed anything strange ... at the moment
  13. Teo Jurado

    blocked to alberta

    Same ... can't exit from alberta, can't exit from game... can't change lines... is strange... steam on Mac OS ..
  14. Buenas... mi ID Teojurado, juego en PS4 y OSX (sobre todo este ultimo).. nivel bajo en ambas.. comencé hace bien poco... y juego esporadicamente... pero me encanta....
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