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  1. No te calientes tanto la cabeza en tiber... suele salir a pocos metros de la orilla en cualquier sitio... con pinkis, cualquier gusano o larvas de mosquito, anzuelo pequeño...
  2. That the uselessness of a company does not allow us to remember these days. Happy holidays to the whole family of Fishing Planet and The Fisherman
  3. now, this day, I can buy fireworks... I suppose that I can go fishing to all the fish in the event of the Christmas, (today... one week later)... I am not going to bother to catch any... One week is late and finding out it by chance...
  4. In fisherman too?... Sure?... No events... no fish, no nothing....
  5. For what? ... if they have not put awards or fish, or gifts ... they have just put a box in Alberta.
  6. You already know the plans they have with us ... https://steamcommunity.com/games/380600/announcements/detail/1702855013796648948
  7. These are the answers we will have in the forum 'support' of 'The Fisherman' .... Well, ask: How I can demand the return of money?
  8. So why they continue to ignore us? Because you put that post on this forum ... If all they have left us and according to you, the developers are in charge because they say nothing?
  9. Same post for all forums that ask's for information on 'the Fisherman'?...(including the fisherman forum?) good....
  10. This is the forum for Fisherman?.. no?... the dev's are the same... no?... all links to support game going to FP devs?... no?... What's you say?...
  11. After years in f2p, and much money spent on DLC's, buy excited 'The Fisherman' with the absurd idea that we would have a game more polished and above all, someone who would listen to finish polishing the few bugs that remain. Not only has exactly the same bugs and translation problems, there are more (the translations is long. There are translations that have not been touched in years). Today, it seems that the brothers are forgotten. from f2p, we refer to bigben and from bigben , say absolutely nothing. We do not know if they are working on something (fixes, translations, bugs), or simply send mails to the spam folder. just no communication. We see how in f2p, follow updates here as we are still ignored. Sad. Really sad.
  12. No question is stupid .. And yes, it is normal ... it is the depth of the lake in the place where the bait falls.
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