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  1. One more.. and my team mate too....
  2. Sorry about that, but only speak in spanish (my languaje) and English. This game is not well optimized. it never has been. I currently have a computer, in which I play at various FPS, in Ultra, without heating the graphics or the CPU. but this game, is so poorly optimized, that even leaving all the parameters disconnected and playing low, the graph would rise in temperature in a second ... I can only give you one piece of advice, which is the one I use. MSI Afterburner. Afterburner (msi.com) by applying a speed curve to the graphics card, a fan curve and limiting the game to 60FPS, it can be played decently and without affecting performance. I have not found anything else, for me it has been the only thing I have been able to make work.
  3. And from nvidia panel too, but not works nothing... NIS nvidia ( Upscaling ) not works with FP.
  4. Hi. Why now when you see the keepnet, the fish are messy? ... has always been seen by weight order, of less to greater. It is not the first time that in a tournament, no step because of this nonsense.
  5. Clip key no longuer exists... Many times te config is gone...
  6. Hi. Why there is no way to be able to configure options from the NVIDIA control panel with this game? I can configure any game, except this one. For example. A very good usefulness is Upscaling and for this game, it is as if it did not exist. Not to mention many of the other options. The optimization is horrible. At least, we can do something with the control panel.
  7. Hello: For a couple of updates, I had to erase many of my saved models because, for example, I was missing a line. It is not true. I had the thread on the bag and at home, even so, it makes you buy it in the store, and not even like this, it lets me up the model. This, I do not get angry so much, if it were not because it also does it with the models loaded by the DLC's. Some, because there is no Golden bait, others on the line (usually fluoro). Please, repair this.
  8. Hi: Tried the new map and FPS down from 40 to 20 depending on spot.. Normally I've from 80 to 140 fps in the others maps... Practically, you can not play. CPU: i7-3770 MEM: 32GB. GPU: NVIDIA RX-2060 Video settings down to minimun It's not serious.
  9. I have been in the game for a few years, and although this is not something strange, it is rare that it does it in fish like Chinooks, and more uniques chinooks.. I've had a problem with the rod for months. the fish bites, pulls the thread, you try to catch it, and the rod does not make the hook animation ... no matter what you do, you know you are going to lose it ... The thing would not go to more, unless for these last days in Alaska. You take unique chinooks, pull the thread, you have been with it for a couple of minutes ... and suddenly, it either lets go without any explanation (no jumps, gets out of the water, picks up, nothing, just lets go), or makes a run towards you, not even Karl Lewis himself, loosens up and leaves, or goes up the islands to pick mushrooms ... If they were small fish, well, you take another one ... but in competitions, as you don't get very happy ... and me, when it can happen two or three times in a competition. Is it just me, or does it happen to someone else? P.S. By the way. happens with any reel and any rod. He has passed me, with a 5500, with an 8500 ambuser, with a kraken 9000, and with all kinds of rods ...
  10. No te calientes tanto la cabeza en tiber... suele salir a pocos metros de la orilla en cualquier sitio... con pinkis, cualquier gusano o larvas de mosquito, anzuelo pequeño...
  11. That the uselessness of a company does not allow us to remember these days. Happy holidays to the whole family of Fishing Planet and The Fisherman
  12. now, this day, I can buy fireworks... I suppose that I can go fishing to all the fish in the event of the Christmas, (today... one week later)... I am not going to bother to catch any... One week is late and finding out it by chance...
  13. In fisherman too?... Sure?... No events... no fish, no nothing....
  14. For what? ... if they have not put awards or fish, or gifts ... they have just put a box in Alberta.
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