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  1. When will be updete for ps4 with feeder ????
  2. sefkezgb

    bundle problem,

    so???will anbody text me back or what????support fishing planet????i will contaczt sony supoort or what???
  3. support needed ....inbox

  4. sefkezgb

    bundle problem,

    help me support when you see....
  5. sefkezgb

    bundle problem,

    please someone of support i can when be online to pm inbox for help....please i have a problem...thx
  6. sefkezgb

    bundle problem,

    i neesd help please.i bought pro angle sport bundle on playstation store but for another region for acc i bearly level 2..on acc witch i usualy play is lv 32..please help i dont wana play 30 lv again..please help i will put pictures of may acc if need too.what i have to do?????
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