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  1. Hi just for anyone that has not tried them yet buy frog lures if you can and are bass fishing they are deadly. I have had so many trophy bass on the yellow and light green frogs it is unreal also a unique. They catch all day and night. I use a very slow stop start retreive and bam fish after fish every cast :).
  2. Silvertourist20

    San joachin

    Any tips for catching trophy salmon and steelhead. Tried at peak times and with lures or bait (shiners and eggs). Any good tips please as I must be doing something wrong. Thank you
  3. You can turn the bell on for bites in settings I do :).
  4. I get this sometimes all I do is highlight the item previously equipped say the reel then select the line or go to the shop then back to inventory.
  5. Hi please can someone advise me on the best spinning rod/reel or casting rod/reel to catch lake trout at white moose lake I am nearly lvl 29 and play on the ps 4. I have hooked a couple of big lake trout (I think) but they wrecked my gear had one take 15% off my reel before it got away due to lack of tension somehow from a barbed hook ha ha. Thank you in advance
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