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  1. Hey I was wondering if the devs could put in a confirm purchase in the shop. At the very least with the spending of coins. Accidentally bought some stuff with coins when I was in the shop a few times while im trying to save up for advance liscense in the different lakes. A few coins doesn't seem bad but when you have to fish for a few hours or more to do a challenge its like,"Fffff######ck", when it happens.
  2. Mind if I friend request you on psn bud
  3. If you get the kayak do you still have to pay to use it?
  4. I'll play with you bud. Im central us time. Psn name CanesPugnaces
  5. I was using a casting spoon and using the slow straight technique and on some of the casts, in one spot, the line in the water would make big circles like the lure was making big swoops in the water. I haven't been able to constantly recreate it there or at all anywhere else, but the fish love it. Is it a bug or is that supposed to do that. Can anyone help out a newbie please? If its a bug let me know and I'll request this to be moved to the right topic page. This happened at emerald lake by old dock. Parked boat left of it and casted along infront if the grass hitting about at the right lilly patch and then it would sometimes do it.
  6. Twitching. Reel speed one maybe 2 qith constant reeling and a tap of the pole got me 3 dots all the way back. Lift and drop. I can never get over 1 dot. I'm on ps4 and ive heard that it's harder here. Stop and go. Reel speed one or 2. The way I keep track is the count seconds with "and" instead of "Mississippi". Like one and two and three and... Steady counting and reel in on the "number" and the "and". Only actually reels on the number but keeps a 3 dot technique. Popping. Reel speed one with constant reeling and a pop a lil after the slack is taken up. That will get you clise to a 2 dot and you can adjust from there. Watch for the fish following and ease up on speed of pops or pause for a sec and be ready for the bite. It will happen fast. Thats all the techniques I use. Sorry if this doesnt translate to pc if that what you are on.
  7. Who is killerwhale? Im serious. Tried looking them up but all I got was the mammal
  8. Canes

    Emerald lake bugs

    Hey guys. Ive been fishing on emerald lake trying to get a unique pike. After the update when you cast into the weeds along the bank it shoots your lure all over the place and sometimes tips you over. This happened on monday dec 19. Anyone else have this craziness? It's funny but super annoying not getting a good placement with your lure.
  9. Upload to youtube and then attach link. Having issues casting into weeds around emerald lake.
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