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  1. Few Tips Not For Pros

    #5. I'm level 39 and just went to LA, haven't been to CA or AK yet. Tried going to Michigan before I had the proper gear and lost many lures. #8 Bass for Cash.
  2. Why I love this community.

    I think I resemble this post! It's all true. The thing mentioned was something as simple as the presentation of crankbait. I've said before, i'm no real life fisherman. And the videos on cranks all show a strike in milliseconds of casting so no help there. VV is right, I put in a lot of hours trying for that SOB LMB and I could've kept grinding on it until I eventually got it. But he took the time to offer some advice and answer some questions and BOOM, three casts later my white whale is vanquished! BTW, there should be whales in FP. Like VV said, you gotta do the work (I have copies of ubersheet, charts, and even a map of the docks in LA) but it's nice knowing someone will take the time to help out when all else fails. VV--self praise all you want, you earned it.
  3. Unique, finally!

    Wow! Do the guys on here know their fishing! 5 minutes talking to violentvole and I caught not one but two of my nemesis Uni Largemouth Bass! Your help is much appreciated! And he didn't even laugh at me when I lost my 8' crank on probably another uni when I accidentally equipped the wrong rod!
  4. Unique, finally!

    Miracles do happen!
  5. Unique, finally!

    2 ig hours 5-7 am. One trophy, one small one. That's it. Starting to think the problem is me.
  6. Unique, finally!

    Taking a break from LMB and trying for his little brother in NC. I always did poorly here. Thought I would give it another go.
  7. Unique, finally!

    Agree with every bit of this. The frustration and the credit.
  8. Unique, finally!

    I have spent weeks (rt) looking for the Uni LMB in Florida. Tried every time on the ubersheet and what youtube shows. Every bait/lure recommended. I've caught a dozen trophies over 8 lbs. and lots more under that.I understand it's a RNG thing and all and will keep at it. Putting aside the fact that both places probably run off the same RNG, did anyone find it easier to catch in LA?
  9. Yes a thousand times on the Thora 9' 6". I paired it with the Exterminator 5500. Also had good success with the Omnifloat 14' 10" at lower levels and Nero 14' 10" for bigger fish.
  10. Now this event is really...

    Sure. Tell me how and 5 are yours.
  11. I'm there now. Not uniques, but every time I use shrimps at that spot I get a lot of bowfin.
  12. Unique, finally!

    Left Alberta, too many issues. This does help soothe the pain some.
  13. Alberta

    I guess not very. But I bought a pack that included the Cosmocast 6'3" and the Cyclone 6500 Sport. They matched those, not me. I just picked the line. I lost a lure on an insta snap where the rod and reel indicators were still blue. Not even gonna use it in Alberta with the size of the fish, not that it casts far enough to catch most fish there anyways.
  14. Alberta

    Thanks for the replies. I will keep at it. Gotta give the developers credit. They made a fishing game fun for someone who never really fished and gets physically ill just to smell fish cooking!