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  1. Tmif

    Halloween event

    Ah yes, Halloween....the time to decide which of 5?? packs not to buy. As always PH_Carpman99, you are more helpful and informative than the devs. Also if anyone's interested I have a pretty substantial jawbone collection for sale
  2. Tmif

    Halloween event

    Loaded up the game and it told me I failed a mission which is strange because I hadn't started a mission. i have 2 missions available. The Frankenfish potion and Scary Kayaking. For the potion mission, it does not say how to get the ingredients like crocodile teeth or dried frogs legs.
  3. It would be nice to have the option to turn off the chat scroll be a one time thing. Having to do it every time is getting annoying.
  4. Does this affect sonar? What is the effective radius of the sonar? Is it more/less than the distance that fish are spooked? Is sonar now useless? Does this affect depth? Will I scare away a catfish on the bottom? At what depth? 30 feet? 50 feet? Is there a cooldown period? Will a scared fish return after a certain amount of time? Think about Lone Star. Are most of the fish on the back side of the dock now going to be scared away? Does this render the easy cast for float poles useless? It was less than 30 feet. So may questions, yet no acknowledgement in this forum that the issue even exists.
  5. I read today on the steam forums about a feature that snuck its way into FP. Spooking fish if you get too close. Was this also included in the update we got today for PS4? In the post, Killerwhale said that it would be fixed tomorrow. Does that include PS4 also?
  6. Tmif

    Fishing poles

    First check whether the setup is complete, i.e. bait, lure, bobber, etc. The slot number of the rod should be green. If it's red you are missing something. If all slots are green, then it probably is a bug. I have encountered this bug several times, and while annoying, can usually be solved by restarting the game. Don't leave the lake. Just restart and see if that fixes it. Sometimes you can work around this by going to the inventory, cycle to the rod you want, then back to the lake. Im on ps4, so it would be Options, rod 3, options again. All else fails, email support. You'll get a quicker response than in here.
  7. Is there an auto balancing in these custom comps? Just did one where it was at least 2 to 1 in favor of the other team. Is that up to FP or the creator of the comp?
  8. Just wondering if there is any thought that goes into the scheduling of sponsored user comps? Seems like 2 are usually scheduled at the same time. Today, there are 2 scheduled to start at the same time the LBAC starts.
  9. Just me? Well, then I volunteer my services as a tester since it seems I,and I alone, am either skilled or unlucky enough to uncover these rare issues.
  10. Had the same issue. I sent an email to support and apparently they are unable to see the issue in the game data. They requested a video of the problem. When they work, they are fun. Hope they get it sorted.
  11. Specifically, I was referring to Michigan. The gate pops up in the opposite direction the previous gates have you headed.
  12. Boat races where the horseshoe gate pops up behind you??? I just don't get it. Guess you have to fail several times to learn the pattern.
  13. Try the middle of the small pond by itself in the middle of the map. No other way to say it, but it looks like a sperm! On the bottom with crawfish cut or maggots.
  14. Tmif


    Just wondering where the Walleye are located in Mississippi.
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