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  1. A sheer impossibility for most players

    VV don't waste anymore of your time. Even if they respond they will say you're doing it wrong. Even if they said it was screwed up but there's nothing that can be done now I would at least understand. But they won't admit it's broken and will say it's your fault. I now have several hours of my day freed up.
  2. Michigan qualifier

    O Not a problem anymore. 2 cats in 1.5 hrs in NC. Every bait, spot, hook size, bobbers. Apparently the bubbles tell you where to waste your time.
  3. Michigan qualifier

    How will the 10 biggest cats work? If I catch 10 70 lb. fish (unlikely), there's no way that fits in my net. Will the 440lb limit be suspended?
  4. 6 hours..

    This is a sunk cost trap. "Here kid, have some bully grasshoppers. The first ones are free!"
  5. 6 hours..

    I got 30. Grind is a polite word.
  6. 6 hours..

    Oh no. Just unlocked the Leprechaun fish challenge. There aren't enough hours in the day.
  7. 6 hours..

    I think you're forgetting all the bullheads stuffed in my keepnet!
  8. Can't keep fish

    After a competition, half the time it won't let me keep the first fish I catch. Fully exited the comp, entered new room and have appropriate licenses. Restarting fixes the problem but can be annoying.
  9. Uni Location

    Got a uni bowfin fishing for flatheads there. 8pm cloudy. Very strange.
  10. Unfair Competition??

    I have a slight issue with the comps but it has little to do with cheating. It is the huge factor of luck. A recent walleye comp (3 best) I was in, the winner had 3 over 16lb uniques. I think that happens not through cheating but a good day of RNG. Hell, I won a LMB comp because I caught 2 big uniques doing nothing but a 2 speed twitch. RNG smiled on me that comp. However, I would much rather someone win because they are just the better fisherman than to enter a comp hoping on luck. I have seen the usual names at comps practicing beforehand, so they put the time and effort in.
  11. Wow a money grind!!!

    The in game days only advance while playing. You only need to pay for 1 day travel as you can extend as much as you like at 5 am when you sell your fish. Don't hit leave, just exit the game and you come back where you left off.
  12. I responded to your first post on the entirely different thread very civilly. But you come onto a second thread with the same m.o. They're different threads but the same forum and the same people responding to them. They don't occur in a vacuum. Listen to me, don't listen to me.....that's fine. If you say it was a lighthearted remark, ok. But that's not how it was taken by many on here.
  13. First, critiquing the efficacy of an internet forum poll is an exercise in futility. Second, any constructive criticism you gave was lost with your opening sentence. In another thread your first post was something like "you guys are clearly not anglers". Now the intersection of people who play Assassin's Creed and those who actually are assassins is probably small. But the intersection of those who play Fishing Planet and those who actually fish is probably large. You made an assumption about people who you know nothing about. And saying "you guys are clearly not anglers" is basically calling them stupid. Your critique is lost by your opening much the way you can smack someone on the back of the head and say Pay Attention! but they won't pay attention. All they will do is think about how you just smacked them. If you tell someone their cooking sucks but here's how to fix it, again, they focus on the first part and you're probably not getting invited over for dinner anymore. Your posts are the equivalent of walking into a room full of people with both middle fingers raised. No matter what you say after that, they justifiably are going to focus on the double birds. You can open a peanut with a hammer but it's not really efficient.
  14. The problem is you're being pedantic. Your first sentence in this thread called the poll silly, and you also called it useless. Some may find that insulting, some not. If you are an expert on polls, then be constructive and not destructive in your advice.
  15. Unique Muskie in Michigan

    6/0 shiners. 32" depth at 144' feet. Usual spot.