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  1. Tmif


    Somebody caught one on the 7th. Looks like there is 1 a month.
  2. Tmif


    I'm sure it's mythical nature will be addressed in the next update.
  3. Tmif

    Bug, glitch or trick?

    Playing a competition with multiple accounts is cheating according to FP. And you did have an amateur account. All your post is saying is that others are cheating more than you are.
  4. Tmif


    I got the spot. I talked to him yesterday.
  5. Tmif


    Sandropen was nice enough to share his experience with catching the trophy. I spent several hours recreating the conditions to no avail. I even tried to just catch a regular blackfish on a lure. Nothing. There is not even a preferred lure bit on the species page. My only conclusion is that the devs purposefully made it near impossible, or it is broke and a bug causes it to be near impossible. I give up until I see evidence that catching one is more likely than seeing Bigfoot wielding Excalibur and riding a unicorn.
  6. Tmif


    I have spent more time than I care to trying to catch this. Different spots, baits, and hook sizes. I have never caught a blackfish on a lure but i'll admit I haven't really tried because I value the little bit of sanity I have left. I have sent a message to Sandropen in hopes he takes mercy on me and will share any information.
  7. Tmif


    So no new trophies caught. Not even by accident in the Battle of Kaniq. The top blackfish on the leaderboard is always .441 which tells me that is the programmed max limit on that fish. Maybe the trophy is just REALLY rare.
  8. Tmif


    Yes, but according to their profile they caught it on the 19th. It wasnt on the leaderboard until a couple of days ago. So far the user has not replied to a message or friend request.
  9. Tmif

    Please ban williansbr

    Someone is using your name to do amateur competitions. Check out PikeRed_gz.
  10. Tmif


    Still haven't seen a trophy blackfish, but I got an answer. Diana.S (Fishing Planet) Sep 24, 13:50 EEST Hello, This fish available on PS4 as well as on Steam. Best regards, Diana Senior Customer Support Specialist
  11. Tmif

    Competition bug

    The video ends with 19 minutes left in the comp. Should only take a minute or so to restart.
  12. Tmif

    Competition bug

    This has happened to me a few times in the past. However, you should have restarted when the message would not go away. You do not have to leave the competition.
  13. Tmif


    Literally laughed out loud when this came up in a message during the missions! Well done devs.
  14. Tmif


    Now the species list on PS4 says there is a trophy blackfish??? However, there was none on the leaderboard. I emailed support last week to get a definitive answer and the answer I got was "give us some time to investigate". How long does it take to find out if a trophy is there or not?