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  1. Tmif

    Char Charger's Open Final Results

    That sucks. I had a blue error with 2 minutes left. Wouldn't have made a difference for me.
  2. Tmif

    Unfair competitions

    Today's headscratcher....how do you catch a unique chinook and a small blackfish in 4 minutes at the Battle of Kaniq?
  3. Tmif

    Blue error

    It makes no sense. I did well at basically just one spot using probably 3 basic lures. Still had 1 blue error, another error that made me restart, flickering overlay, and mis-sorted keepnet. And I didn't get to keep a fish at the end that probably should have counted(it was really close).
  4. Tmif

    Blue error

    Devs....you're making statements, "we already have a solution", not asking questions.
  5. Tmif

    Lobby Discrepancies

    For instance, in the last catfish tourney, no one in my room caught a qualifying or even non qualifying fish for 45 minutes real time. You start to think the lobby/room is bad. I might be off but it seems in comps and especially the tourney that the "RNG" is almost assigned out in a bell curve. A few unlucky at the bottom, a few lucky at the top, and loads of mediocre in the middle. Not sure whether it is assigned individually or by lobby/room though.
  6. Tmif

    Can't add friend

    I find when it doesn't work for me there is usually a space after the name typed in.
  7. Tmif

    Blue error

    2 for me. 1 while I was reeling in a fish. And then when I would restart and come back in, my HUD was flickering in and out. The scoreboard, what lure I was using , the time and weather. Also, when I did mange to catch a fish, the keepnet where it shows your 10 fish would close by itself. I had to press triangle to bring it back up. Usually the keepnet in the tournaments sorts your fish from low to high, but sometimes mine would be out of order. Not a gamebreaker, but I had to spend a few seconds to scroll through to see which one to release. Oh, and the lag sucks too.
  8. Tmif

    Unfair competitions

    So I guess the fix was now all the profiles from the competitions are wiped so you can't see their info. Not very transparent or trust inspiring on the legitimacy of comps.
  9. Tmif

    Unfair competitions

    If a dev is creating an account to fish, no problem. This account entered a competition and placed in the top 7. Are dev's entering comps?
  10. Tmif

    Unfair competitions

    Someone please explain this one to me. Account has 0 days in game and is level 13??? From the Bowfin comp today.
  11. Tmif

    Competitions - Devs Please Respond

    Apparently you can just create another account and compete in the amateur comps.
  12. Tmif

    The Show Off Contest!

    I resized the last in Paint.
  13. Tmif

    The Show Off Contest!

    He's making a run for it.
  14. Tmif

    The Show Off Contest!

    Probably not what you had in mind, but nobody else has posted one.
  15. Tmif

    Xseries pear bobber worn out.

    As far as I know, you can't repair a bobber. I did bounce it off the rock face alot going for the golden trout! Just wish it was repairable for baitcoins or at least a repeatable achievement.