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    Welcome Fishing Planet Anniversary!

    That doesn't answer the question. Let me explain why I ask. 1. I guess the Facebook one is over but i'm not sure. If I post on your video, am I competing with those stories? 2. FP is a company with a reputation, email address, statutory agent if necessary and is bound by certain laws. I'm sure this is all on the up and up but I don't know you. With FP I have recourse should any problems arise. 3. If this is not affiliated with FP, how do you propose to give me premium on PS4 should I win? Would the winner get a check in the mail; paypal? So again, is this affiliated with Fishing Planet or not?
  2. Tmif

    Welcome Fishing Planet Anniversary!

    Is this affiliated with Fishing Planet or is it separate?
  3. Tmif

    Welcome Fishing Planet Anniversary!

    So is this affiliated with Fishing Planet or different? Someone needs to say because someone could miss a chance to win if they only enter on one or the other.
  4. Tmif

    3 gig update.

  5. Tmif

    Sorry Guys But Have too Complain

    That video is 3 months old. I mean it's good to show how it can be done. It would be better to show how sabiErika22 placed 5th today.
  6. Tmif

    Repair prices

    Did something change? Just had a fully repaired 440 lb keepnet cost me $6000 for 2 days fishing. Caught 140 lbs one day in the competition and 40 lbs the next. Seems like just some random amount they charged.
  7. Tmif

    Repair prices

    I tried to save on travel costs so I used it as a tent. Must've had some serious night terrors to cause 6k worth of damage.
  8. What, if any, changes will be made to the competition system?
  9. Google translate says "hamecon" from screenshot means hook. I don't speak french so maybe it means barbless hook? Lost 4.1 lbs due to bluescreen and several minutes to restart. 4 would've made me throw my controller across the room. Also only caught one 2 lb fish in the first 30 minutes trying multiple lures and multiple pegs. Fish just seemed turned off. Sent an email but not holding my breath for the inevitable "working as intended" or "wrong spot" reply.
  10. Tmif

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    Still a problem! Cost me a 7.2 brown trout today. Others said they kept getting blue screens. In the semis these cost REAL time you can't get back. I guess I meet the definition of insanity because i keep entering expecting diffetent results.
  11. Thanks to Hate_ful, Nordak76, and Warlordsully for talking me into doing it!
  12. Didn't light one off in AK and caught 14 chinook.
  13. Tmif

    Legendary Fish Locations

    Caught 14 this morning in the regular uni spot, all along the tree line. X series 5m crank at 1 speed.
  14. Tmif


    Every hook, jig head, spoon or spinner that is barbless costs baitcoins to purchase. So I have to spend baitcoins to buy gear to participate in the tournament, which costs me storage space that I don't have. So spend more baitcoins on storage space. Great way to get everyone involved.
  15. Tmif


    I think the bite rate for crayfish was higher than for walleye in that tournament.
  16. This has been an issue for me for a while. Competition fishing is different from regular fishing to me. Is it apples and oranges? Probably not. I agree with nordak that you do have to tweak your info for the comps. Lately I have significantly improved at some comps by doing just that. For example, going from 400 points to 1100 points in the Neherrin Minimal. Not winning them yet but I at least compete. The point about the same people always at the top is another matter. To me that is a Fishing Planet issue. I don't blame someone for figuring out what works best consistently. But if they have figured it out, FP should work to make changes so more people can compete. To paraphrase Spock, the fun of the many, outweighs the fun of the few. More people enjoying comps means more money. Tournaments are the same. I guess I am a nerd because I did the math on the last 4 tourneys and just under 6% of entrants were taking 41% of the qualifying spots. That is very top heavy. I sent my findings to Sergey and he acknowledged that the comp system needed fixing but would probably have to wait until after the new lakes are released. He was also kind enough to ask for further feedback on the system, which I happily gave him.
  17. Tmif

    Missing Splake

    I used to be able to catch splake (unique and regular) like, well, catching fish in a barrel. The last couple of months though I couldn't catch more than 1 a day to save my life. I've peppered the whole lake, tried every lure and retrieve. I think I could go catch a sturgeon in Michigan easier than finding a splake! What am I missing?
  18. Tmif

    New Waterways

  19. Tmif

    Fargin Blue Screen Cost Me Final

    Finally! Now I can stop all that training and practicing.
  20. Tarpon by the overturned boat in FL. Using my jigwinner in the tiger trout spot and reeling in a 21 lb unique walleye.
  21. Tmif

    "sitting players"

    Sure, i'm aware of that. 2 days in game you might say i'll give the tourney a try. Why no achievement for going there though? And it doesn't look like the caught anything either.
  22. Tmif

    "sitting players"

    How about the level 2 player that was in my lobby in the FL qualifier? Checked their profile and they didn't have the achievement for going to that location. Or in MO I was in a lobby by myself.
  23. Tmif

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    Top 5 for most of my tourney until the uni time starts everyone passed me by. Managed to catch an 11 lber. Smallest fish in net was 7.1 lb and last I checked was 15 lbs behind. And as soon as the horn sounds.....blue error!
  24. Tmif

    Snags during competition

    I don't see how this is possible. We have all caught fish after a release from snag. Now we bring in boots. I had 10 or so garbage caught in qualifier 1 and the same in qualifier 2. More than when I fish normally. I've had snags as soon as the lure touches bottom without even reeling. Unless each cast is predetermined, it is false to say it doesn't affect catch rates.
  25. Tmif

    I'm paralysed. Devs please read.

    Kinda similar, in the Midnight Salmon comp last night I pressed x to discard some pondweed. After that I couldn't turn left or right. I could move but not turn. Had to restart to fix.