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    Comps are terrible, agreed. I tried to think of some competitions where a casual player can compete with someone who puts in a lot of time. Only poker and golf came to mind. But Chris Moneymaker and an amateur Justin Rose at your Open Championship are the exceptions, not the rule. Over time, you see the same players winning. As for the randomness, again, I agree they should be WAAYYYY less structured. But as to my mention of Chaos Theory, there is no true randomness. There will always be patterns, trends to discern. If it was truly random, would you feel good winning a comp knowing it was straight luck? That your number got spit out of the hopper that day?
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    Not an expert myself but that is low. For example, I am at 30 mbps down and 4 mbps up.
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    Maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean by "stand a chance". In any sport, those that put in the time to practice will have an advantage over those who do not. Believe me, I am not a fan of the way the competitions are structured. I have sent enough emails to FP on the subject that my username is probably considered a dirty word around the dev's offices. Should they be less "paint by numbers"? Absolutely. Although I did win the Midnight Salmon by somehow catching a 40lb. uni chum. Straight luck. Like I said, I quit doing them because it was scripted as you say. When I see "anyone stand a chance", that brings to my mind a lottery ticket. I'm sure there is some middle ground shade of grey sweet spot that FP is working on for these comps that we'll get right after the new update(lol). At least we can disagree without being disagreeable.
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    For a good example of what FP competitions are, research Chaos Theory. VV is right that comps have their own rules. However I disagree (very respectfully!) that a comp should have a random winner. Remember it is a computer system, 0's and 1's and algorithms and such. The players you see always at the top, even the multiple account/device cheaters, have put in the time to reduce their inefficiencies and maximize their optimum fishing times. The same 10 players everyone always sees at the top have it broken down by weather and minute. 5 PM on a cloudy day fish X spot with X lure. Catch a trophy, move to Y spot and use Y lure, etc. This will get you a higher floor on your performance but RNG still plays a factor. Those guys have bad days too but we only remember when they are on the leaderboard(confirmation bias). I only have 3 wins and was getting pretty good at the Perch one before I quit doing them. Seemed like work to me when I just wanted to have fun.
  5. I was told by FP that the names you mentioned, and several others associated with them, are using separate devices.
  6. Tmif

    I went to Alberta again.

    Went into random rooms last night just to set off fireworks for others. Seemed like nobody else had been setting them off in each room. Not sure they even knew how they worked because all 4 others were just sitting in their kayaks! So now I'm out of fireworks and no one else lights them.
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    Merry Christmas from Fishing Planet

    Got presents but at some point the fish will be turned on? Edit they're on
  8. Tmif

    new fishing system

    @sabiScs Better to have people think you're a jerk than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  9. Tmif

    White moose qualifier

    It was something to see! Hope it holds.
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    I wish it existed. But well done on the photoshop!
  11. Tmif

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Sold the Monstrosity today as well. Looked great, but the stamina was so bad. One thing that would help is if we could finally get an official word on underwater items(esp. backlash). The storage cap disincentivizes trying different lures or combinations.
  12. Tmif

    Videos Of New Waterways

    As someone with very few storage slots left, my concern is whether the new fish will be able to be caught with existing spinning/float rods. Obviously a fish bigger than the gar would require a larger rod than the Brutus. I'm referring to the catch/bite rates of old gear vs. new feeder gear.
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    If true, then I stand corrected and I tip my cap to FP.
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    While I agree with most of the posts denouncing cheating, this is at least the 3rd or 4th topic covering this issue. Let's face facts. FP, either willfully or through inaction, doesn't care.
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    Seriously curious as to which rule you are referring to. Only thing I can see that comes close to what you are referring to is 4.02 which deals with "intentionally exploiting the physics system" to bring in fish faster or bigger. Using a larger setup is not exploiting the physics system.
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    Came back to play the tourney after a break only to almost quit because the menu was impossibly slow to navigate. I didn't even bring all the lures I wanted because it took too long to move items. Not gonna even try the second qualifier.
  17. Tmif


    TROPHY. Your profile says you only have caught a regular blackfish at .440lb.
  18. Really?? Is there no way to get another?
  19. Tmif


    They are live now.
  20. These final results are not even close to the ones listed in the game either. Shenanigans!
  21. Tmif

    Underwater items

    To be clear, i'm not complaining because I have a ton of stuff and don't want to get rid of it. I have 259 home storage slots because I didn't break up my line into 3' segments to game the system. Between this trash and all the stuff I had to buy for the beginner missions, I am close to full.
  22. Tmif

    Underwater items

    I read on Facebook that underwater items were junk and could be discarded. Could we get an official word on if these items can be removed? Previously, FP said they would be useful in the missions and they weren't. I only have 10 storage spots left and am currently holding onto 14 backlash, 5 bat wings, 5 jawbones, 2 nooses, and 5 candle ends. The backlash also says "loot" when you pull one in. I would just like a definitive answer if I should hang onto this stuff.
  23. Kayak out until you see the yellow diamond disappear. The mission must be tracked to see it. Throw a float into the water to check the current. Position yourself so that the diamond disappears and the float goes from your R to L or L to R. Doesn't matter which. You don't have to be in the mist with your kayak. I was casting 25 or so feet out and letting it float from one side to the other. Candy, bloodworms, wax worms, and maggots at 10" deep. I used #4 hook but saw others use from #1 - #8. Some said they varied their depth from min to max, min to max, etc. I caught 300 total fish to complete this mission. Hang in there. I'm on PS4 or I would show you.
  24. Yeah, i'm aware of the timer at night. It skips every time I press square. Can't even go from night to night. Longstanding issue that was supposedly fixed.