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  1. I only have PS4 to connect with internet, so I don't know how to send video. But here is a link to the video I posted to YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmkS65cYq3g
  2. I was just fishing in California and there was some guy walking around the lake underwater. I asked him wtf was going on and he told me he glitched out the bottom of his bassboat. He then showed some guy how to do it in a kayak, so they were both running around fishing underwater. He says he can see all the fish underwater too. I got video and screenshots of his description of how to do it.
  3. Violent Vole are you stupid? I had baxta and axtab over a year ago. Axtab was the 1st person to get a ban for multi accounts in 1 tournament (last years pike tour) I have never played a axtab since that day. At that time the rules were unclear and many pc players were posting on yt with multiple accounts. What is your problem?
  4. Have player models turned off close, works fine for me. I couldn't give a toss if i'm fishing in 'someones' spot. Guess i'm one of these idiot multirod users you reference.
  5. You didn't always think that, 4hrs before you thought it was 15 seconds (which is right)
  6. These new lakes suck. The fish don't give any indication on the surface, it's impossible to farm currency. I hate them and am quitting fp again, this time permanently. If never played a game that pisses me off so much.
  7. I tested this a bit and it happens a lot, about 50% of the time. So you have to restart and try putting them out again, like a never ending loop.
  8. Is it normal to have no missions? It's always been empty when I look there ?
  9. Sometimes when I'm fishing someone will anchor their kayak right on my marker bouy, making it difficult to cast to the right spot. An option to make kayaks invisible (like when players are close) would solve this issue.
  10. Yeah I've never use the filters in the shop either !! The radial menus are a good idea too
  11. I think fishing in a private lobby helps, I'm on a normal ps4 and I seem to get more bugs when I play in public lobbys.
  12. Yes they are handy, you can set them up in different areas/angles.
  13. About 5 times now my character has got stuck staring at the ground after putting out the slingshot rodstand. I have had to restart fishing planet each time as none of the buttons do anything. I have the double and triple slingshot rodstands, usually it happens when I put out the 2nd one.
  14. Hey, I got to this point aswell, was always mad and shouting at TV !! I quit, played some other games for a few months, then came back and I'm much more chilled now and really enjoying Fishing Planet again. I think we all get burntout after a while of playing the same game day after day.
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