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  1. Tarne67

    Help me with rules

    I think it is referring to things like the quick strike method used to hook fish faster than intended.
  2. Tarne67

    Major Spring Update. Patch note 1.0.8

    The big update made the game interesting again for about 20 mins. Wish we could see some new content.
  3. Tarne67


    At this time, I do not believe there is a way. However, I believe in the next patch you will be able to take snap shots in third person.
  4. Tarne67

    A sheer impossibility for most players

    Excellent post and could not agree more. I did catch my 50 by last Thursday of the rowdies but gave up after that. Just too boring and slow going. So, maybe after 2 more St. Patricks days I will get my 150. Though I did not think the hat was worth it all or even the 100 more gold.
  5. Tarne67

    No hook ups...

    I gave up on crankbaits also, I was trying lures. In Alberta I was mostly using the med spoon #4/0 and #4/0 spinners of various types and I cant remember what I was using in Neherrin but was a 2 or 3 hook set up. it was a set up for the breaking shad tournament. Also found I was having the same problem in Alaska using lures with #4/0 hooks. I have switched to using lures with #2/0 hooks and have seen a huge improvement. Just harder to find lures within the proper weight range using a #2/0 hook. The 5/6 oz #2/0 bullet spinner and the 1oz #2/0 single spoon have been working well with only about a 30% chance of missed bites. It's just weird that I can catch the same fish floating consistently with a #6/0 hook but have to drop to #2/0 with lures.
  6. Tarne67

    To devs: make the user interface user friendly

    /Agree. I still have not figured out how to use the chat menu specialty functions. I am curious, has anyone tried hooking a mouse up to the ps4 and using it game?
  7. Tarne67

    No hook ups...

    Is it just me or am I doing something wrong? It has been very difficult to get hooked up with lures especially in certain places like Alberta and Neherrin. It's really sad because I did a tournament in Neherrin and got maybe 20-30 bites but no hook ups and I was trying to show a friend the game and his only comment was "Why play a fishing game where you cant catch fish?" Then I tried the triple trout tournament in alberta and for the first in game hour nothing but bites and then finally started getting hooked up. I tried different hooks sizes, retrieval techniques, speeds, bait, etc,. I even went back to those places after the tournament and still had the same issues. In other places it is no where near as bad but I do not ever want to go back to those two lakes again. However, when I am seeing guys catching 30+ fish in a tournament that I am getting nothing but bites leads me to believe I am doing something wrong... Any help?
  8. Tarne67

    Unfair Competition??

    I have noticed a few people running multiple accounts such as b-a-x-t-a and a-x-t-a-b which I am sure helps. Use one account to go first and find the best thing they are hitting on then use the main account afterwards to fish it up.
  9. Tarne67

    Suggestions for Devs.

    I, and others, have mentioned some of these in other places. I just kind of wanted to consolidate them. 1. Ocean fishing: From day boats, beach, pier etc,. Raise level cap to 50, incorporate ocean fishing from 40-50. Think of the money you could make on new packs for that! 2. Cabin. Buy a cabin on a lake to display your record fish and tournament trophies. The lake you purchase the cabin on, probably with bait coins, you would not have to pay travel expenses to because it is your home lake., Friends and club mates should be able to visit it and you should be able to decorate it. 3. Club management system and maybe instead of a cabin above the club would have a cabin that could display the record fish of each type caught by the club and who caught it. Bragging rights is always good. 4. High end gear. Not something winnable from tournaments but maybe like a quest or mission. Catch certain uniques from certain lakes of certain poundages or something. 5. High end packages. I reached level 40, have all the top gear, caught all the unique fish.. need something more to go after and do. I have given up on tournaments.
  10. Tarne67

    Sun glasses

    definatley be cool to get some polarized sun glasses.
  11. Tarne67

    Catch, Keep, Sell, Release

    Like the aquarium idea but at least a trophy room but the idea of having a cabin and decorating it with fish trophies, tournament trophies would be cool. Buy it on a lake, and where you buy the cabin you have dont have to pay travel fees because thats your home lake.. Friends should be able to visit it too.
  12. Tarne67

    Make Your Own Lures

    /agree I was thinking the same thing. Would live to see some ocean fishing too. Renting dayboats or off the beach, jedi, or pier.
  13. Tarne67

    Wow a money grind!!!

    I found this game to be just the opposite. I got to level 40 and had all the top gear in less than two weeks. Really not much of a grind at all. If anything not enough of a grind. When I play a game I expect 2-3 months of grinding to get to max level and all the top equipment. I only wish there was more stuff. New equipment would be nice. I'm tired of the same equipment being released in packs but in a different color. Heh, the game needs a quest to get some uber gear
  14. Tarne67

    New maps

    Have there been any indications of adding ocean fishing? Would love to go after some Halibut, tuna, mahi mahi, sword fish, shark etc,. on the west coast.
  15. Tarne67

    Unique Splake

    Sweet, I finally got it, twice. 40 something days.. I got it by the left camp fire so I might have been in the wrong place since I was focusing near the right camp fire. The other I got by accident. Just left of the Uni lake trout. Seems an interesting area since in the same spot I have caught the uni splake, uni brook trout, and uni lake trout.