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  1. Community Event #8 Finished

    Exactly right mdram, and there's also the fact that the DLC codes we award as prizes are for the pc, and ps4 codes are different, it's a logistical nightmare to keep multiple sets of codes for multiple platforms.
  2. Actually in this game if you do not have enough drag applied to the fish, it won't ever lose it's stamina.
  3. Fix the competitions

    Competition bite system is totally different then regular game. It's by design. You can't practice for a competition.
  4. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Ended

    Start date changed to 12/16
  5. Here we go again, Let's fish some trout!! Enter Competition Here // Standings Page Here As always rules can be found on the complete rules list tab on the Standings Page.
  6. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    You just change visibility of image to public from the image itself.
  7. I was right all along, who woulda thought.

    If there is, they arent' going to announce they are in use, would give the people making them a leg up on how to beat them.
  8. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Taking a look at the lure selection to see what we can do to keep this challenging but still catch fish, so some feedback for other options of lures to use, would be appreciated from the other competitors.
  9. DLC'S

    I'm sure some if not all of the dlc's will come to the ps4 will just take a bit of time for them to roll them out.
  10. Alaska blackfish just take my bait I can't hook one. Please help!!

    Try smaller/larger hooks then the one your using, trying waiting until he's fully submerged the float. Also try checking your game ping that could be a problem as well.
  11. Carp...

    Thumb Up
  12. Far casts float rod?

    Combination of better reels and upgrading your rod, and the size of your line. Match rods are good for casting as well
  13. Forum Bug

    Should be fixed now Maz there was a problem for a good majority of us.
  14. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    As a side note they didn't use those screenshots in the end anyways
  15. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    The codes purpose is to make sure nobody is catching fish, and leaving them in their screenshot library prior to the competition starting, and then uploading them after the competition starts. So the fact that it's ACK? instead of ACK! makes no difference, as the code is still serving it purpose.