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  1. Yeah very good considering i'm red/green cb as well
  2. Also confirmed on mine.
  3. I know they are still adjusting things like the bells/bite alarms just hang in there, for now just watch the rod tip.
  4. What level are you?, where are you currently fishing? How many days are you staying at that waterway, what are you fishing?
  5. is it working since the 2.0.2 update Klawdette?
  6. Can you tell me exactly how to replicate it? what your using etc etc
  7. Exactly right mdram, and there's also the fact that the DLC codes we award as prizes are for the pc, and ps4 codes are different, it's a logistical nightmare to keep multiple sets of codes for multiple platforms.
  8. Actually in this game if you do not have enough drag applied to the fish, it won't ever lose it's stamina.
  9. Competition bite system is totally different then regular game. It's by design. You can't practice for a competition.
  10. Here we go again, Let's fish some trout!! Enter Competition Here // Standings Page Here As always rules can be found on the complete rules list tab on the Standings Page.
  11. You just change visibility of image to public from the image itself.
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