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  1. Sorry with everything going on forgot to activate the critter pot form, it's live now, if you have one please submit it.
  2. Community Event Entries Are Being Transferred Here Now Go To The Upgraded Event Site! Results: 1st.) PH_Speedy -- Selected Rigs DLC 2nd.) PH_Kyrstally -- Selected Trout Triumph DLC 3rd.) PH_WarlordSully-TwitchTv -- Selected Salmon Star DLC 4th.) Randomly Selected: PH_DFA_CupOfJoe Randomly Awarded Golden Dragon DLC Critter Pot Winner: PH_Krystally Chain Pickeral Score Of 5.188 Screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1961575158 Competition Specific Information 1.) LOCATION: New York (Emerald Lake) 2.) Start Time: 01/03/20 12:01 PM EDT TO 01/10/20 11:59 AM EDT 3.) Lures/Baits: Any Jigs&Rigs Combination (Shads/Worms/Tubes/Crawfish Etc Etc), Rod stands prohibited. 4.) Fishing Hours: 9pm-5am (Night Fishing) 5.) SPECIES: Walleye, Sauger, Black Crappie 6.) SCORING IS AVERAGED Your Score Is Your Total Fish Weight Divided By 3 Prize List: 1st Place: DLC 2nd Place: DLC 3rd Place: DLC 4th To 25 Place: Random Draw For Chance Of Winning A DLC If You Have 3 Valid Fish Entered. Critter Pot: Largest Landed Chain Pickerel Between 6:00am And 6:30am Game Time. Prize Pool: Salmon Star, Trout Triumph, Golden Dragon Pack, Rig Pack Prize Picks 1st then 2nd, then 3rd, Rand Gets Leftovers. Critter Pot Prize: Rigs DLC Pack General Rules / Guidelines 1.) All Fish Will Need A Steam Screenshot 2a.) You Need To Screenshot While Holding The Fish, With the FULL GUI (Chat/Lure Visible) With the weight displaying in pounds only. Also only enter the weight for example 10.123 (DO NOT ADD lb or lbs). 2b.) You Will Need To Hit Your Tab Key And Type In A Specific Code Into Your Chat Bar When Your Fish Is Caught, You Don't Have To Send It To Chat, But It Needs To Be There. 2c.) Code For Chatbar Is: LaffyTaffy 3.) All Weights Will Be Submitted In Pounds (Imperial setting in-game) 4.) You can edit your entries after your first submission, as you catch bigger fish you can cull out a smaller one. 5.) Obvious Invalid Entries & Trolls Will Be Disqualified. 6.) In The Case Of Ties, Whoever Has The Oldest Submission/Revision Wins. 7.) Fish Must Be Submitted Within 1 Hour Of Being Caught, Or It Will Not Count. This form will close immediately at the end of the Event. 8.) Fish Caught In In Game Comps DO NOT Count. 9.) Steam Screenshots Must Be Set To Public and the links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx AT THE END OF THE EVENT ENTRIES WITH INCORRECT SCREEN SHOT LINKS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! 10.) Critter Pot Entries Must Follow Tackle/Submission Guidelines. Submit Critter Pot Fish Here
  3. Yeah very good considering i'm red/green cb as well
  4. I know they are still adjusting things like the bells/bite alarms just hang in there, for now just watch the rod tip.
  5. What level are you?, where are you currently fishing? How many days are you staying at that waterway, what are you fishing?
  6. is it working since the 2.0.2 update Klawdette?
  7. Can you tell me exactly how to replicate it? what your using etc etc
  8. Exactly right mdram, and there's also the fact that the DLC codes we award as prizes are for the pc, and ps4 codes are different, it's a logistical nightmare to keep multiple sets of codes for multiple platforms.
  9. Actually in this game if you do not have enough drag applied to the fish, it won't ever lose it's stamina.
  10. Competition bite system is totally different then regular game. It's by design. You can't practice for a competition.
  11. Here we go again, Let's fish some trout!! Enter Competition Here // Standings Page Here As always rules can be found on the complete rules list tab on the Standings Page.
  12. You just change visibility of image to public from the image itself.
  13. If there is, they arent' going to announce they are in use, would give the people making them a leg up on how to beat them.
  14. Taking a look at the lure selection to see what we can do to keep this challenging but still catch fish, so some feedback for other options of lures to use, would be appreciated from the other competitors.
  15. PH_Trulight


    I'm sure some if not all of the dlc's will come to the ps4 will just take a bit of time for them to roll them out.
  16. Try smaller/larger hooks then the one your using, trying waiting until he's fully submerged the float. Also try checking your game ping that could be a problem as well.
  17. Combination of better reels and upgrading your rod, and the size of your line. Match rods are good for casting as well
  18. Should be fixed now Maz there was a problem for a good majority of us.
  19. As a side note they didn't use those screenshots in the end anyways
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