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  1. my days left on premium account isn't showing anymore. i just bought another 30 days and it still doesn't show i have a premium account anymore
  2. the marron river is the worst lake i have ever fished on in any fishing game. graphics are cartoonish at best and lag is horrible there.lots of fish and xp is huge but this was hard work to get to level 93 only to find the map so dull.i hope i'm not the only one who has these problems there I have a gaming computer and blazing fast internet
  3. as someone who has fished the Mississippi for over 50 years the answer to your question is yes there are many more species that aren't in the game. the river is 2481 miles long. so naturally some fish will be found in some places and not in others.it passes through 10 u.s. states fish run from Herring, Skipjack Muskellunge (Musky, Muskie) Paddlefish Pike, Northern Pumkinseed Redhorse, River Shad, Gizzard Sauger Sturgeon, Lake Sturgeon, Shovelnose Sucker, White Walleye , and of course huge blue cats, spoonbill cats, flathead cats,bullhead cats and many more species. hope that answers your question.
  4. they have motor boats and bass boat links in the store now
  5. i see they have added motorboats and bass boats to the store menu. both are blank,but i wonder when they will be in the store?
  6. congrats on being honest,but i suppose your aware of the numerous hacks for fishing planet on you tube.
  7. the cheating only gets worse and worse. the crappie tournament was a joke. the top 20 everyday caught 20 trophies. i'm level 50 and fish all day everyday as i'm handicapped with nothing else to do. it's impossible to catch what these people are catching every event without cheating. i keep hoping fishing planet will do something but it's apparent they will not.
  8. these cheaters don't even try and hide their cheating. they will catch pound after pound of fish in first 30 seconds. in one tournament over the holidays i saw a guy catch a 70 lb. blue cat in florida. they don't have any blue cats in the florida map.
  9. unfortunately you are so right about the competitions being broken. sadly the last few i have entered someone always catches 40 fish in the first 10 seconds. it's gotten way out of hand on every challenge
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