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  1. About the DLC packs if the ones mentioned are too pricey for you. The virtual bass pack and gars and glory got me to lvl 40 with no problems. (much cheaper) I have since only bought the heavy sports casting pack for the salmon.

  2. 1 hour ago, J.Mitchell WV said:

    Would be a good deal for someone who hasn't purchased any DLC. I myself already have them all as listed above except for the Trout Triumph Pack lol.


    its really expensive for a once off purchase though lol

  3. 20 hours ago, PH_Recklessf4tman said:

    make it to the semi final ... GREAT. Semi final starts i cannot enter for ages i finally get the enter button time has already started and fish are on the board.I catch a catfish my game freezes ALT-F4 it is. Load back up now along way behind catch a couple of fish ..ok this it catch some fish catch up a little then yet again i catch a fish my game freezes so ALT-F4 again but this time i'm not gonna bother loading back up. Hopefully the game gets fixed soon until then i'm not wasting anymore time on it.

    So sorry to hear. I have also stopped my prem and not buying any more DLC until its sorted out. The devs (although I believe they work really hard) promised the bugs I was having would be sorted. Alas update comes, bugs persist. Havent played since. Basically sign in everyday for bonus until i see change here in the forum. From what I can see, its getting worse lol. 

    Devs: I love the game and know you work hard....but something has to change.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Tmif said:

    Sure, i'm aware of that. 2 days in game you might say i'll give the tourney a try. Why no achievement for going there though? And it doesn't look like the caught anything either.

    if they average lvl2 player without DLC then im not suprised they didnt catch anything lol. I think they would get reward for entering first tourney, I dont know how it works with the adventurer awards and comps though.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Tmif said:

    How about the level 2 player that was in my lobby in the FL qualifier? Checked their profile and they didn't have the achievement for going to that location. Or in MO I was in a lobby by myself.

    I think in tournaments the locations are opened for anyone entering the tournament for the duration of the tournament. so he can acces FL if he registered for tourney. Once tourney finishes, so does the acces

  6. 6 minutes ago, Doc Marty said:

    If you buy a DLC, i/e/ Bass Open Pack, that gives you 7 days of premium and 7 days of advanced licenses, 1. Does the time start as soon as you install the DLC, or can you decide when to start? 2. Do they both have to start at the same time? 3. Once you start, is is 7 days, real time, continuous, or 7 days game time? Thanks!!

    It starts as soon as you install the DLC and its 7 days real time.

  7. 1 hour ago, Sergey.B said:

    The new system does not interfere with the fishing process. Previously, when you got a snag or a hitch, nothing happened, after the update, there is a chance to add an underwater item when you have your lure snagged or hatched.

    Although your reasoning is right, the problem is, in most cases you will still catch fish after being released from a hitch. ie if i get a hitch 120 ft out. once i have been released from the snag normally i would still hook a fish between 100ft and 80ft. now if you hook a branch 120ft out you have to reel it in with no chance of catching fish. You cannot say it doesn't interfere with fishing process.


    And in most cases when dragging your spoon on the floor you get stuck on rocks or whatever before hooking the fish.

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  8. 9 hours ago, Violentvole said:

    Give them some credit, it took them 6 months to realise there was(n't) an issue with crankbaits 😉

    However, any update is better than none at all.

    For me, the big question is can they get me spending money again? Because, aside from maintaining my Premium, I haven't bought anything for ages.

    And that should be a concern to them given how free I used to be with my money.

    I also stopped buying stuff. Even stopped buying prem for now and told them why. They promised the bugs I was experiencing would be fixed with this patch. Alas it still continued. So I will be spending my money on other stuff for now. Its sad because I really love the game. But im still around...hoping....

  9. 8 hours ago, Mkuhens said:

    So got it downloaded,waitwd all day to get it and try it. First cast caught a trash bag which it let me keep or gave me the option to. The next cast a smallmouth cast or two later a crayfish with the only option was to discard. So  guess keeping the crayfish for bait is a big no? You can buy them for bait but not keep the ones you catch to use for bait with makes no sense.

    Not at the moment. This is a new feature with the intention of the items being caught being used for other missions etc. But it is still in development. So just admire the rubbish you caught lol.

  10. On 10/10/2017 at 12:28 PM, PH_TalonAquila said:

    Unfortunately, no.  There is no crossplatform play, and the devs have stated there will not be.


    1 hour ago, Aimee said:

    and in plans is there such an idea? It would be very good if the game became crossplatform, now it's a popular trend

    There is your answer Aimee

  11. 48 minutes ago, Dachinsta said:

    Did it again, but this time with bait fishing.  Please, any response or acknowledgment is appreciated.

    Haha!!  think Big Foot was under water and decided to run of with it int the woods... No seriously that sucks.

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  12. On 5/23/2018 at 4:42 PM, kdog013 said:

    Like this?


    I spotted this in a youtube video from the pc version when I was learning how to play and getting ready to go to Michigan for the first time.Not very big, but the xp is crazy.

    I'm wondering if they aren't already on ps4. I use a 20 lb. setup for pike and I've landed a 40 lb. musky with it before. I recently found a good spot off to the right of the sandy cape? peg for pike. I've never seen a single musky there and have caught many trophy pike and uni pike with no problem, but twice now I've hooked into something that my setup is no match for. It acts like a pike, but when it jumps it's too far away for me to see, so I can't be certain. 

    The first time I fought it for 55 mins before losing it, came unhooked when I was chasing it along the beach because I was running out of 290 feet of line for the second or third time.

    The second time my brother hooked into it with only 245 ft., the end of the spool in our backpack, and after just 15 mins, it was gone and so was the line.

    I've caught random walleye, smallmouth, salmon, and even a 20lb. blue cat once in this spot, but have never seen a single musky of any type, so what could it be? 

    When I go back I'm going to use my 32lb. setup, maybe I can turn down the drag for all the other fish. I'll take some snapshots of the spot where I'm casting, maybe one of you guys can catch it, or has somebody already caught this before?



    Historic Fish were part of another FP initiative a long time ago

  13. On 5/11/2018 at 2:49 AM, WhiskerFisher said:

    and I haven't been able to hook a single fish in the 3 fishing outings. They're on my lure, I set the hook, then they're gone. Sometimes they even pull drag first. I don't get it. Not possible to miss 15 strikes in a row at my level.

    Happens alot in Alaska too

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