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  1. I think the thing that bugged me about this is that the bait that we needed to catch the fish was a premium bait only. I mean achievements are a one time thing, unique fish do not give baitcoin anymore, Most people are not going to have the skills to out fish 300+ people, and if you are getting higher in level you stop getting bait coins. So it sucks that we can't partake because we don't have bait coins or shell out a bunch of cash for the event that is going to give us more bait coins.
  2. That is actually kind of cool then it's a rare catch! I checked the fish facts it was right at the tail end of the normal size. The build works I do get the red arrows for largemouth and some of the peacocks.
  3. Ah ok so it was kind of a random giant that I hooked into. Cool I think it's pretty awesome that you could hook into something like that out of the blue.
  4. Ok so the story is I joined this group and was fishing the infinite tunnels in Florida. I was using the farcaster 8 foot 6 with the attorney 3000 p on 10lb floro. The lure I was using was the blue/black spinner bait. I was fishing on the lowest speed and slowly twitched it back. Needless to say I was fishing for bass when this monster took my lure. It took me about 10 minuets real time to bring it in. I checked the species list but noticed it should not hit a spinnerbait and you should only get them on the salty delta. I have not caught another one since and I also added picks for proof.
  5. What never i just turned the dog house into a man cave ^.^
  6. Yeah but wife gets mad when I run two things at once since it soaks up the Internet.
  7. I was thinking about this today while i was farming nighttime walleye. It would be great if we had a music function where we can play music while we fished. It would not have to be anything too complex you would tap the touch pad to bring up an ipod or radio looking thing. From there you could swipe left or right to select the station you want and circle left or right for volume. It would also be kind of cool to have some kind of silly news report or something from time to time. I don't know how it would work on pc though.
  8. I caved and dropped 20 bucks (I took it out of my tobacco money ) >.< With it I got the unlimited advanced fishing for new york and florida. Know any good higher level farming places with an unlimited advanced license for around 170 coins?
  9. Ok challenge hunting do any of them reset or are they a one time thing?
  10. Ok i just noticed this today why are all of the shad color spinnerbaits bait coin only? Also why are half of the crankbaits baitcoin only? I'm almost lv 30 i don't get lots of bait coin anymore! Is there a way to get baitcoin besides horking money over or tournament fish? (Sine unique fish don't give baitcoin anymore) I mean if horking money over is the only way to get bait coin then i am just going to throw my gear in the truck buy some bait with that money and go catch real fish. I think it would be cool if there was an app where if say i go to sporting good store A and buy lures B I can enter a code from my receipt to get the in game equivalent. Or get some cool gear for going to an event. Grant it there would be some things to work out so someones kid does not spend 800 bucks on tackle but I think it would it would be a cool little thing.
  11. Ok so for float fishing how do I get more distance from my cast? I have a fenix 12ft 10inch rod with a fatboy spin 5000 with 12lb floro at 500ft. The problem is I only get 166ft of casting distance. It's also the same with 10lb floro. Is there a way to get more distance with the float rig?
  12. Shellcracker is another name for red ear sun fish. You should get coins from unique red ear on Neherrin river unless it has been changed .
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