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  1. Hello. Amazonian Maze is a great and BIG map but there is a issue predator wise. Yes there are a lot of Bass and Trahira but we are missing another middle tier (6 -> 18kg) fish predator. There are many fish up to 7-8kg and a lot of fish greater than 20kg. Need something more in between and Payara would be perfect for the river and small crevices around the map. Payara in Bolivia is perfect with all the species so adding it in Amazonian Maze would be a big plus. Now it seems a bit empty with predators that are not super heavy weight. When fishing in river, lot of fish are too small
  2. This for today. 25.9.2020. I just don't understand... How?
  3. I simply wanted to know if there is more fish species in the Mississippi delta that are not in the game. I was asking this since Mississippi is massive so I was expecting more fish when lake was announced. I even said this isn't a whine post. It was just a question. Jesus...
  4. Finally! After reporting probably around 20 cheaters, being frustrated seeing them cheat in open, NO MORE! Fishing Planet got a nice Anticheat protection and n00bs who only edit code to cheat cannot do it anymore! AWESOME JOB DEVS! AWESOME! Beers all around!
  5. It has already been discussed. Killerwhale said they will be adding the option of buying lost X-Series (not sure if CR or BC or something else) in the shop but not sure about mission rewards. Maybe it comes with the new France\Trolling update... Maybe not. I really hope they do. It is easy to make a mistake with leaders now, get a disconnect or lure just disappears like in my case. But we will see.
  6. Exploit has been fixed and this should be closed so thread can die so it doesn't scare new players from Comps\Tournaments because not everyone is savy with ingame mechanics nor they don't know if it is fixed or not. If in future something similar happens, support is the way to go and I guess if it is really rampant post here.
  7. I will be just a bit honest here because I am just a bit confused... This is NOT MEANT AS A WHINE POST. I just want to know more. If anyone who knows this area well can correct me or add their pro opinion I would be grateful. I am from EU and I am by no means expert or even layman on Mississippi River but I did read a lot about it. Now, I know this is the Delta part. So, Mississippi rolls out and... it really doesn't have many Fish species to catch. We have few new and rest from the other parts (WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE) but I was wondering, is Mississippi delta that poor in fish
  8. It is in the Eye of Beholder... For players that have been playing since release, game is "easy" BUT it can still offer decent challenges especially when new lakes and gear come out. Just try Carp fishing, it is (in a good way) MADNESS But for newer players, you got what we never had. Fishing Planet from A to Z on YouTube + if you ask a specific question here or on Steam forums you will get your answer. But as dimsam said, check tutorials, they are good and then just practice in Texas. It is free yet you will earn money. You can learn all fishing techniques there. Spinning, Cas
  9. Yeah it sucks. GL with support. And if you remember let me know if did you get it back. I might try again heh
  10. Same thing happened to me... But I wasn't even disconnected with Lure in water. I had big lag and rebooted to try to fix. When I came back Lure was gone. Since Mission is complete there is no way to get it back. I wrote to support even but nada.
  11. Tournaments are good and it all works like in normal game, you just need to practice at the same conditions as the tournament. MUCH BIGGER problem are people who exploit the Tournament\Comp rules but especially tournaments. Hint: "X-Person has left." 1min later "X-Person has joined". If you played during a certain time in Lousiana Qualifier you could clearly see person exploiting the sh1t out of it. There was probably more since rooms are small. Granted, it won't work every time but it works enough. Can't believe this haven't been fixed already. EDIT: Since devs know w
  12. No. Pikes are not afraid of anything. Both ingame and IRL Dude will come to your boat and sit there like a boss. Because he is in most cases If you catch anything smaller beware of the massive strike Talking IRL here.
  13. Thanks. Spots are not the problem. I just had trouble understanding the tournament because it is clear if you want to win, you will catch biggest fish. And in Qualifying Fish there is a lot of small ones. So I thought there is some "catch" to it. Cheers.
  14. Hello. I didn't play this Tournament yet (if it was the same last xmas). I don't understand it really... So for "ease" here is the full description of first qualifier: Qualifier #1 Information So it says "catch gigantic Trophy and Unique fish....". But some fish on "Qualifying Fish" are much larger than some so you would just go for the biggest? So how does this go? Also second qualifier in Michigan has Muskies AND Smallmouth Bass, Walleye... Why catch Smallmouth who only Unique can be larger than requirement? Why catch Walleye when you can catch much larger Pike and B
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