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  1. I have the same issue. All of my pre 4.20 markers were changed to the Gar icon. Markers still have all other info but icon is always Gar. No matter on what I click. Platform: PC (Steam)
  2. I think it would be a good idea to make seperate topics for discussions. So it is easier for you to see and respond to feedback and it removes most of the duplicate questions\requests. No need for many topics, just ones about major features like Saltwater, Fish Fight, Player UI\UX, Quality of Life features, etc... Then everyone can post in those topics and you can easily see and sort questions and answers without a huge thread which will get harder and harder to follow. But still, very nice answers so far to our questions\feedback. Thank you for all answers!
  3. Is it possible to offer Vulkan as an option? Use OpenGL by default but maybe offer Vulkan as an rendering option for different android releases\kernels?
  4. Remove them. Most of amateur competitions are never even finished (low registrations) and they take space for Normal competitions. Sometimes to extreme level where there are amateurs 2-3 in a row. Just keep Normal competitions and remove the level cap on School Bass. Low level players can still play many Normal competitions in their level rank. Lot of comps are on low level lakes. It will be harder but they will at least learn something for the future when they are higher level and better at competitions.
  5. Hello. Thank you Killerwhale for posting your roadmap and things you are considering. Some feedback and thoughts from a player that has been playing since game released. 1. About your post I would be nice to see a DEMO video (work in progress) of the new fish fight and reeling. A short video so we can fully understand what is going to change. Because now I am thinking about how currently we NEED to reel constantly otherwise we get slack on the line and poof - fish gone. Again, a demo would be awesome to see to further this discussion. For pulling fish out of the water, I agree something needs to be done. Your proposal seems fine. Delay with breaking is also fine. But again, a demo would be best to see all of this in action. This is good. More events and fresh events are always welcome. I may be in the minority but saltwater fishing is really not what I am looking for in this game. It will be a cool addition but standing on a boat with just ocean around you is boring for me unless there are some deep mechanics involved. I play Fishing Planet for it's great lake\river fishing and ability to explore the waterways for fishing spots. We have awesome array of lakes\rivers to play on and I want more. But if more lakes are not priority and saltwater is, then fine. I will of course play it. 1. Clubs and Leagues are a MUST. Cannot wait for this feature 2. Skins... Since we probably won't be able to make skins for our rods and reels because they are mostly sold as DLC, I don't know what else can it be used for. I see stuff like markers and such and that is okay but it is really a minor thing. 3. Trophy room. Now this is a problem. We do not have a proper trophies to put in it except maybe giant Carps. Look... Currently we have Common, Trophy and Unique fish. All those fish have EXACT minimum and maximum weight\length foreach category. So for example if I catch a max weight Unique Largemouth Bass, I can put it in the trophy room but that is not really a trophy. Many players will have exact same weight and length Unique Largemouth Bass that I have and nobody can get further than that. After some months, everyone will have the SAME trophies as everyone else. There is not really a REAL trophy fish. For a trophy room to work we NEED a new fish weight\length type. It doesn't matter how the fish is called but it has to be RARE and HARD to catch. If you manage to catch that type of fish - that goes to the trophy room. This type of fish doesn't have to apply to ALL fish species in the game at the start. You can easily slowly add more and more of this "special" fish to the game. But for Trophy Room to work, we need a new fish rarity type. So for example a Largemouth Bass that exceeds maximum weight\length but is hard to catch. 4. Inventory system seems okay. Will take some time getting used to but we really need a inventory UI overhaul. I have over 1300 items in home storage and it is really not fun managing it all 5. Bugs and general improvements: of course, always good. Now for my feedback and kind of a wishlist: 0. I will try to avoid already asked and answered questions. 1. More tournaments. I already made a thread on the forums here: Tournaments always invite huge interest and many players come back for them. So even you as a company would benefit from it. Tournaments are 100x better than any competition and if we had multiple per month, I would gladly buy a Tournament themed DLC. 2. New fish type that is hard to catch but exceeds current Unique weight\length limit. A chase fish. I already wrote about this above but this in my opinion is a very good way to make players invest the time to find and catch that elusive fish. You can make it however you want but it has to reward lake exploration, persistence and at the end a great reward for the time spent: a REAL Trophy fish. I am sure this feature wouldn't be a problem to introduce and I am also sure that many players would devote their time to find great trophies over the fishing planet world map. We currently only have Unique fish that have set limit. It is just a grind on same fish over and over. There is nothing to CHASE. 3. Simple lure crafting system You already addressed this but I just wanted to add that if crafting is implemented, it needs to be simple and effective. Just a crude example: I want to craft a crankbait. Give me few options like: Color, Depth, Size, Hooksize. I pay for it (materials) and that is it. Again, this is just crude example but simple lure crafting would be really fun. It does not have to be a full blown crafting system for every little thing. Just the main things. People would have lots of fun with this system. Simple yet very effective. 4. Modular competition weather types and more competitions. Don't let a competition be 2 years old and still run on the same weather condition. It becomes boring real fast because it is ALWAYS the same except RNG. Put in modular weather changes so it rewards people who search for spots and invest in exploration. Competitions would be way more fun. Also, add more competitions. We already have many but you can slowly add new ones over time even on older lakes. 5. This is important for me. Do not forget old lakes. I know you cannot do much for older lakes and you have finite resources for future projects but doing just few improvements\additions on old lakes would be great. Maybe expand some a little bit, add new (or existing) fish species... I know old lakes will not be a priority but many players that have thousands of hours like to fish in old lakes. Improving them would go a long way. Also a new player would benefit from it. 6. Other general Quality of life improvements (most of this was already mentioned): - allow purchase of x-series or special lures (people lose a mission lure and cannot get it back) with either baitcoins or new currency. - Rework the Map device. In it's current state, it really looks bad. Please make a proper maps with depths and such. It would look better and would contain actual useful information. - Add all relevant info on the fish marker: Time of Day, Temperatures (Air\Water), Wind direction\speed - other information that was already mentioned in posts above. Again, thank you for the update and a chance to provide feedback. I didn't list everything I wanted to but maybe I will in a future post.
  6. Hello. I talked around with lot of people who play FP fairly frequently and one of main topics was that there is not enough tournaments and that wait is too long and max level guys mostly come back for tournaments and some competition here and there. I know there are people who play normal competitions a LOT but it is not many people. Stats can be seen in Comps page when you see how many people registered while every tournament gets 500, even 600+ registrations. But at the same time, me and everyone I talked about really wanted more tournaments because they are VERY FUN. With increased player numbers in recent times, it would surely help to retain players and to give more entertainment. Custom Competitions are great but they simply cannot measure to tournament structure. Why not make 2 per month? But they should be a bit different. Like we had: Crappies, Smallmouth, etc... Bring them back into rotation. Or new ones, it doesn't matter. Let us have fun catching smaller fish again and not just giants (most of the time). Crappies was one of my favorite tournaments because it was a massive change of pace and it was extremely fun. Who would have thought that catching such small fish is such fun in tourey environment. Same with Smallies and Bass Open. There is so many lakes and sooo much fish to make tournaments around. These "secondary" tournaments could even have less rewards (baitcoins). People will play them no matter what are the rewards and you guys can make new Packs for these tournaments. For start, not even every month should have 2. Start adding them as you see fit and by next year we could have a impressive tournament calendar. Dunno, just a suggestion.
  7. I see testers and youtubers got access to the test server. River looks wonderful and can't wait to fish it. May I ask how long until it is released to public?
  8. Awesome work guys and gals. I hope you are all safe and again, thank you for continued work on FP during these difficult times.
  9. I also experienced what OP is saying and I found a solution... I made friends along the way and I always fish with them in Friends only rooms or Private room if nobody is online. Public rooms can also be toxic but Gamemasters do a good job. Anyway, if you like the social aspect, just chat up few people in public rooms you like and friend them and go to Friend only. It is loads of fun to fish and talk in that kind of rooms.
  10. Never, ever use Golem lure without Titanium Leader. Just don't. Sorry for your losses.
  11. Agreed. It took me 6 hours to catch 127kg Nile Perch with 8/0 blue flat spoon. Didn't have any luck with Uniques on it at night. I think this was a mistake of percentages from other 3 fish... Nile Perch trophy goes up to 129kg so you have a very little room... I caught a ton of trophys but all of them were always between 85 -> 115. Anyway, I think it should be looked at and number lowered to maybe 115 or something like that.
  12. Since nobody answered, I'll just close this topic with info for anyone considering to buy the pack. - Headlamp can be put on any hat which has Flashlight spot so you can use it with some hat that has more tackle space than the Prometheus. - Slingshot has 40m \ 131ft range. - Hat has 2 Tackle spots so if you don't have any better you can use this with the headlamp instead of Prometheus. Stay safe.
  13. Yeah you are right, it's not like this is groundbreaking Was just wondering on the specs. Anyway got my answer about the Headlamp. You can mount it on any hat that has a flashlight spot. This is nice because Prometheus one that has the light has only 1 Tackle space while some others have 4 + Flashlight spot. I mean it's not a lot but it's still better than Prometheus. Still waiting to see what range is the slingshot
  14. Heya. I just saw this BC DLC in shop. It has a hat, headlamp and slingshot. On, slingshot, it says Range: Medium. What range is that (m or ft)? Also, headlamp is in the "Misc" while hat is in "Outfit". Is headlamp a hat or something you can equip with the hat that has Flashlight space? Thanks.
  15. Hello. Amazonian Maze is a great and BIG map but there is a issue predator wise. Yes there are a lot of Bass and Trahira but we are missing another middle tier (6 -> 18kg) fish predator. There are many fish up to 7-8kg and a lot of fish greater than 20kg. Need something more in between and Payara would be perfect for the river and small crevices around the map. Payara in Bolivia is perfect with all the species so adding it in Amazonian Maze would be a big plus. Now it seems a bit empty with predators that are not super heavy weight. When fishing in river, lot of fish are too small to grab even a 5/0 hook. Anyway, I think Payara would be a great addition to the map. Regards.
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