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  1. Thanks a lot for your valuable work!
  2. I liked this information a lot because the official wiki is sometimes wrong with it.
  3. A great source of information regarding rods and reels is OldAces-Noneya's Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VwTKpPoHICgSbMWFzUER199xLwH5j35wW3AxGc-dI4k/edit#gid=306396154 Unfortunately he does not allow copy/paste Looking forward to the update of your great work though, it helped me a lot in my first days
  4. You have to be at least level 32 https://wiki.fishingplanet.com/Fish_Monsters_Mission White Moose Voodoo ShellsLevel 32 Rumor has it, that a Voodoo Fish has been spotted in White Moose, and it can be caught only with the special bait. Fish out 5 Shells from the bottom of White Moose Lake to create a special bait, that according to old Native American manuscripts, was used by the wise shamans of northern tribes to summon the Voodoo Fish from it’s depth! 1.Travel to White Moose Lake 2.Catch Shells and put them in the Backpack
  5. It's not available on PC/Steam as well. Is it restricted to The Fisherman?
  6. Lines or Leaders only break if they are too weak (reel drag set to high) or if they are bitten through (only fish with teeth, not at Lesni). You can put the whole leader pack in your backpack so you do not need to travel home to fetch it. Leaders of a single size only occupy one slot. Be aware the mono leaders are gone if you detach them.
  7. I had some issues ("Running" Spinner) the last two days. I guess FP had some server issues. After restarting the app connects to another server and it works at least for some hours.
  8. I don't think so, because they "fixed" the description instead with the last update.
  9. Different colors would be great. I would like an option to switch on the text (description) for all buoys on the map, not only the one where the mouse is over.
  10. I did some exploration in Lesni Vila and tried my first competition. Unfortunately the behaviour during competition seems to be totally different from what I experienced before even though time and weather seems to be the same.
  11. Thanks for your tipps. I am exploring Lesni Vila right now using your technique. How do you set markers at the spots where you see disturbance? Eyeballing on the map, try and error until the marker position fits well?
  12. Seems to be real-life advertising ...
  13. Until now I followed hints in the forum or youtube videos. Now I'd like to explore a waterway buy my own, but there are so many variables that I have no clue where to start: Weather (air/water temperatures and even barometric pressure) Time of Day Spot / Position Water depth / bottom surface (silt, gravel, weed, ...) Bait / Lure Presentation (depth / type of retrieve) Hook size (does type matter as well?) Type of fish / size ... I checked the wiki for bait / lure and hook size, but this seems to be only an estimate as they bite on much larger hooks and other baits as well. I should add that I have no angling experience in real life, so I cannot deduct from that. I appreciate any advice on how to systematically explore a body of water.
  14. Does it only happen in Akhtuba? I was in Akhtuba yesterday for the first time and experienced some weird behaviour: Suddenly reel in was very slow, I mean *very* slow. It took me minutes for a few meters I could not access any rod I restarted the game and everything was ok again. I must admit that I restart the game after some hours of gaming when it begins to lag. This is not due to resource limits because neither CPU, GPU nor memory is more than 50% used while playing.
  15. You may consider to wait for the Big Alli 450 which allows a nice 9kg setup. For the Big Alli 420 you can build a 8.5kg setup with: Exterminator 5500 (max. drag 8.5) Braid 0.17 (test 8.65) Leader Titan 0.18 (test 8.5) Fluoracarbon 0.4 (test 9.1) Mono 0.3 (test 9.0) Big River 6000 works well too with max drag 8.15 as Tonto suggests. It all depends on your level an what lines/leaders you can use.
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