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  1. I had already said in another post about this problem, crappie. They replied, but without a solution. I did not participate in the tournament. Even if the winners are good, the ranking is never what it should be.
  2. I think I briefly understood how point assignment works. For completeness, what are the variables taken into consideration? Does the algorithm used, in its construct, also discriminate the level? Thanks for the answers.
  3. Ask me friendship I send you a marker
  4. The competition is at time xx: xx, the weather is on the relevant tab. You can be lucky and find yourself at the right day or use your coins to jump. You do not make money, you do not do xp but you are studying a competition.
  5. In Russia, kayaks leave. Impossible to resume it. I tried to throw it with the hook ... nothing.
  6. It seems to me that the markers in the new lakes are useless. Fish are not in a precise point but only in that direction. However many different species in the same area. He's driving my son crazy, more than he already is. Lol
  7. 4.02. Intentionally exploiting the physics system to catch the fish faster or bigger. This includes, but is not limited to, catching the fish without appropriate force applied to the tackle. What does this mean exactly, in other words? Sorry I'm Italian, notoriously ignorant. Lol
  8. I wanted to do the "BIG BOWFIN HUNTING" competition, I took the strnger, I went in and when I caught the first fish he gave me the message: "you do not have a keepnet". Only solution to leave the comp. This game is wonderful but the bugs have increased. I have already reported the problem to support, fast and friendly support. But only I have these problems?
  9. Other friends of mine had the same problem
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