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  1. But does it really make a difference?
  2. From Italy, Rome, a greeting to all, really everyone. Our country is going through a truly tragic period, the dead in the Mediterranean and all you know. Thanks to you all fisherman friends for carefree hours spent together. I would just like to say: stop hating go fishing. Guido alias PikeRed
  3. I'm okay with you, I do not know how they play so much, but mine is only envy :-). I haven't competed for a year and I'm still in the rankings, that's not the problem. People get tired, now it's even worse with the other game. However you are two champions and I thank you for having responded.
  4. People are getting tired. I have always said that this game is wonderful, but fish must be more random. Change the competitions, make new ones and take away some old ones. Do something to not always see the same names. My friends, and they are many, are fed up.
  5. Good morning to all, fishermen friends. I have the impression that the forum dedicated to ps4 is a bit discriminated. Looking for information on fp I could see that, for example, the steam channel is very updated and the developers interact a lot, but much, much more. Apart from that, I still wanted to thank FP for the wonderful updates. I always read about someone complaining, but this is the MOST BEAUTIFUL GAME IN THE WORLD. I do not know what job you are constantly complaining about, developing takes time, patience, study. Continuous meetings, scrammer, money. So I just say turn on the ps4 and enjoy. Hi everyone, old and new friends.
  6. Hi guys, I've been missing for work for a while. I congratulate everyone. Well done.
  7. Well done, congratulations. Furious super.
  8. During the competition 45 min are 45 secondi, as sex.
  9. If it's your first time, I'd call it luck. I quit a century ago to take snapshots of these moments.
  10. My English is not enough, my translator either.
  11. Pikered


    Why do you announce a kayak and not a stringer when you go for a competition? I always have to pay the trip twice. I'm stupid.
  12. very good, they are the names I wanted to be. Congratulations to all
  13. All things considered, everything is wrong in competitions.
  14. 30° ^ 100 = - 5 minimum
  15. My free time is drastically reducing. Various problems, moreover my son no longer has to touch PikeRed. Now my reflection is this: if in the comp finish tenth, out of 90 players, I take only one point. If I arrive first or second 14-20 points maximum. If I arrive after the thirtieth I lose 20 points. Not being able to do many races, it penalizes me too much. Example: if I can do only two and one I lose I am fucked. Don't you think the allocation of points is unfair? Thanks to those who will respond.
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