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  1. Pikered

    Glitch very funny

    this is cute. surely many know it. for those who do not know him: from the lake choose option. go to the leaderbord. select the profile of the first player in the list. select his first fish. view in 3d. when you are in 3D view press option. voilà, you will be fishing indoors in an industrial warehouse. Hello. have fun.
  2. Pikered

    Yellow perch goldrush

    all your videos are a great help. I have already said, in times not suspicious, that if you want to win you have to watch the videos of Rotacomando.
  3. Pikered

    Yellow perch goldrush

    thanks . I think the beauty of this game is just that. discover new things every day. now I do not do many comp. I want to learn well those I do not know. I'm standing in position 58. yellow perch I just do not understand. lol
  4. Pikered

    Yellow perch goldrush

    thanks friend. you're always kind and helpful.
  5. Pikered

    Yellow perch goldrush

    hi fishermen friends. someone can explain me "yellow perch goldrush". excluding the video of the good Sabi. Rod configuration, lures, recovery method, heights. Many thanks to all.
  6. Pikered


    Hello Friend. sorry if I intervene. I do not speak English well, I did not understand the concept well. you can explain with other words. thank you. see you on fp.
  7. Pikered

    Thank you all! (Players coming from the PC)

    Thank you. your advice is the basis for winning. this is done. I've always said you're a great person. while everyone is accusing and reporting. You give advice to win. THANK YOU
  8. Pikered

    Thank you all! (Players coming from the PC)

    let it be Sonny. we are friends even in real life and we know very well who is pathetic indeed. equate the tricks to the second account, this is pathetic.
  9. Pikered

    Bug, glitch or trick?

    you are right. I had not thought about making the account reset. I wanted to replace the old with the new one. but now I'm leaving the amateur one.
  10. Pikered

    Bug, glitch or trick?

  11. Pikered

    Bug, glitch or trick?

    I understand what you say. but the second account is to fix the errors. get to the high level a little stronger in personal rating. I'm not really last, so I do not have to beat amateurs for my ego. but I have to correct many mistakes and this is not cheating.
  12. Pikered

    The menu is horrendous.

    Menù.... very very very very bad.
  13. Pikered

    Thank you all! (Players coming from the PC)

    Hello, my friend. you are right. they complain about double accounts. they played for years on the pc. we started on ps4. we had fun discovering new spot. they already knew everything. but now we are reaching them, with the second account? it 'does not matter. lol
  14. Pikered

    Bug, glitch or trick?

    This thing seems very strange to me. I do not care about double accounts, so everyone has it. But the result of this competition puzzles me. Hello to all
  15. Pikered

    Please ban williansbr

    Goodmorning everyone. But in short, do these tricks exist? Explain it to everyone, so let's see what happens. Whoever wins with the tricks must be hunted.