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  1. Pikered

    Independence Trout Open: Semifinal Results

    without taking anything away from anyone. reading these post I marvel, I smile and I think this game is strange and those who attend it maybe it is more. understand me.
  2. Pikered

    Fargin Blue Screen Cost Me Final

    I'm really sorry. now he does not win who is better. whoever has less mistakes wins.
  3. Pikered

    You can rest assured

    I'm at position 55, every race I do is a different mistake. so I lose. You do not have to play to overtake me, I go down alone. Ahahahaha Ahahah 😂😂
  4. Pikered

    What was your biggest mistake or failure

    c'mon carp minus twenty points. ( - 20 points) arrggghhhhhhh I'm really a beginner 😂😂
  5. Pikered


    a new goal to reach. Grazie Sandro 😁
  6. Pikered

    Angling Machine III Challenge

    it's really a privilege to be able to help someone. Have nice day
  7. Pikered

    Angling Machine III Challenge

    I did it all in everglades with a 1 meter crank. Vel. 1. Infinite tunnel
  8. Pikered

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    seven times during the tournament. always with the fish attached. How can I qualify? ridiculous. I can post image error history.
  9. Pikered

    Wish list for devs to read.

    I agree 100%
  10. Pikered

    identity problems

    obviously no points. ahahahah
  11. Pikered

    Unfair competitions

    Goodmorning everyone. When you start playing it's frustrating not being able to reach the first ones. believe there are tricks. they are probably players coming from the pc. I only understood that we must play a lot. when you're at a low level, it's the baits and the equipment that makes the difference. If you want to have good results you have to study Rotacommando videos. Great player and great man. You must hear the advice of the most experienced. You have to play for fun. I would like to be as good as Happy_Assassin, like Drunk_Killer, Like X-xH3aDxS4o7x-X etc. .. etc ... They are all very nice. You just have to ask. The real problem is not multiple accounts. The real problem is the people who insult you in chat, it happened to me. The solution is to play for fun and that's it. (Sorry for my english) Have Fun!!!
  12. Pikered

    Major Spring Update. Patch note 1.0.8

    nice and well done. the best fishing game.
  13. Pikered

    Krazy Kayak

    sorry. I made confusion with the names. when it happened I played for a short time. that day I had a lot of fun with all. thank you.
  14. Pikered

    What happen?

    I'm not saying that they always win the same, indeed. It seems that the best are suffering a kind of punishment. Perhaps in favor of those who have just started and buy so many dlc? Can someone convince me otherwise? nb. I hope Google has translated well.
  15. Pikered

    What happen?

    Hello to all. My friends who are leaving fp argue that it can be the server has decide who wins and who loses. Sometimes I convince myself too. Low thread tension, bait pulled quickly, doing nothing. Lag to no end. The last comp of the sturgeons I could play only 15 minutes. What happen?