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  1. It happens on PC too, if you go from reeling out, to the retrieve. You have to allow it to stop first. I realise this may not be exactly the same problem, as I don't know, (and never will), how the PS4 and PC versions compare. Bear in mind, this was using keyboard and mouse.
  2. If they get around to making any UK venue with access to Atlantic Salmon, I wonder how they will deal with the fact that Spoons are rarely used here. They are available, but far more likely to catch Brown Trout than Salmon. Standard *spinning* tackle in Scotland would be using Devon Minnows in Brown/Gold, Black/Gold, Green/Yellow (Yellowbellies), and the outliers for special conditions are Blue/Silver (Changeable weather) and Black/Orange (in heavily coloured water). If we are to get more technical, they come in a range of sizes from 2" to 3 1/4 ", but all tend to be custom weighted. I've seen 2" Devons weighing nearly 3 ozs, used in heavy floods. Of course, stable weather would do away with this, but as a lot of the rivers respond to high water conditions... And don't start me on fly fishing Sorry, just almost thinking out loud.
  3. robotoda


    They are planned for, and will arrive in due course.
  4. For what it's worth, I really hammered an ultralight rod on Everglades, took it down to 25%, couldn't get near controlling whatever fish had taken the lure (7g casting spoon, if I remember), so broke the line. Cost me a new jigwinner 270 too. Didn't bother fixing the old rod, as it was obviously too out-of-place. I noticed it affected casting distance too.
  5. Can we have this again, please?
  6. It may be a somewhat older expression than you think, as it's been common usage in the UK for a long time. Not yet sure about DLC, as I am not usually in a position to pay for any. We'll see.
  7. I actually don't know if this is a bug, or not. Those of us with enquiring minds want to know what happens when you fish at night. I was at White Moose Lake, and it was getting late, so I forwarded to about 9pm. I already have the night fishing headlight, and I immediately noticed there was a *shelf* around where the dock is. I cast out to around 15 m with a night float, set to around 2m depth. After a while, when zoomed in, I noticed that you could see the bait (in this case, a shiner). What happened next is probably down to the water clarity there. I noticed a Burbot appear, and it started nosing around the bait. (I've got some sea fishing experience, and the Burbot looks a bit like a Cod). I then actually saw the fish take the bait. I swear I am not using anything other than the standard program. This won't really help the *farmers* looking for big points, as Burbot (although reasonable) do not make the best scores. I just think it sort of added another dimension to the fishing.
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