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  1. Really... At least i asked for a forum section in my own language... I'll never understand these posts (literally)
  2. I agree. The speed in wich you reel in your line should have been affected by how soft or hard you press the R2 button. At least, that's what you mean right ?
  3. - store sections aren't loading - premium store not loading - exorbitant long loading screen when traveling to a fishing location Or could it be my isp ?
  4. Not my thread but let's just post every impressive catch to get this forum section going.
  5. Liked and subbed. Tip: write down what you want to say in the vid and read it out loud, edit the footage later. It provides a more energetic video. Also, tell what you want to talk about in the beginning of the video and go over it point by point. This way the viewer knows what he can expect watching the video instead of just going with the info provided by the title. Nice vid, keep em coming.
  6. Just post them if you think it contributes to the forums. I don't think you need "permission" or need to ask for such. Your content is either apropriate or it isn't. Asking before posting is not how forums work generally.
  7. Good initiative. When i got my first 5kg+ catch i'll be sure to post it here.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and i want to start out by saying i LOVE this game. It's relaxing and exciting at the same time, the controlls work well, the graphics are good, the overall feel is nice, i can go on and on but there are some things that need some attention as well but i'll post that in the bug report section. Anyway, i don't know where else to post this but can we have a Dutch ps4 forum section ? I reckon this game is very popular in my country and being able to converse in our own language would greatly help out a lot of us since this is a knowlegde based game. (Hence it will spark a lot of discussions/how to's etc...) Happy angling.
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