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  1. Thank you..the Oregon Redband Trout is one of the tougher uniques to catch imo. And the Ubersheet Project times and weather weren’t working for me so i made this guide specifically for PS4 players.
  2. I made this short guide of the unique redband trout for PS4 players after sorting through alot of information i found online. I hope this helps and Enjoy
  3. Big thanks to Youtuber Mik_The_Sniper for his clear muskie unique guide.
  4. Thanks for replying. I‘ll get the red one then
  5. Im buying two, so which two of the red, yellow, and pink should i purchase and why? Im gearing up for a trip to St Croix Michigan
  6. cavebean

    Clear Muskie

    Thanks Cedric i’ll experiment with different types of lures. Yeah the two clear muskies i caught were early morning.
  7. cavebean

    Clear Muskie

    Is it possible or even worth the time to try and catch a clear muskie on lures? I play on PS4, currently fishing St Croix and only caught two using shiners
  8. Check the PlayStation Network Status website for updates.
  9. This is the reason your game is not loading. Check there site for Network status updates
  10. Yes like I said check PSN for network status
  11. The PlayStation Network is experiencing server issues affecting online gaming. Check there site for updates
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