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  1. rod bug

    I put in a detailed report to support@fishingplanet.com with an attached copy of my output log. That makes it easier to find the issue.
  2. rod bug

    PH_TalonAquila also just had the same issue in Alaska
  3. rod bug

    I just had the same bug in Louisiana while I was fishing with PH_Flishbone. I was using a casting set-up with 20 pound braid and a 3/4 oz. #4/0 Popper. When reeling back in I snagged at approximately 80 ft. the snag appeared to release and I could reel in to 6 ft., however, the line appeared to remain at 80 ft. and at 6 ft. i could no linger reel. I could hear the sound of the reel and had to Alt+F4 to leave the game. Luckily, when I returned to the game I had not lost my popper. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1205588094 I will submit a ticket and attach my output log.
  4. TROPHY’S and UNIQUE’s – (PC & PS4 Users Welcome)

    Nicely done Scrappy! Good fish.
  5. events suck

    It would probably be more productive to provide some details. Like what specific events, the times you think should be adjusted, etc. The more specific details provided gives the team more of an idea what could be changed in the future. Also, make suggestions about how, in your opinion, they should be changed. just saying "events Suck" is kind of counter-productive. Just my opinion.
  6. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Starts 11/25

    For those entering the competition. You still must have the fish and screen shot entered withing an hour after the catch. But for this competition you may make the screen shot private, then change it to public within 24 hours of the competition ending. However, if you chose to make your screen shot private, the validity of the catch cannot be verified before the competition is over. If an incorrect lure was used by mistake, there will be no opportunity for you to be notified of the error prior to the competition ending.
  7. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Starts 11/25

    Much better now with the lure changes, all night fishing lures. Still a great challenge, but you can catch fish (even though it may not be the species you want). This will be fun.
  8. "On location" stores

    You are more than welcome. Just glad to be of some help! Good luck & tight lines!
  9. "On location" stores

    You can, but you must have room in your backpack. If you have no room in your backpack, the item will automatically go into your home inventory. When you are at a fishing location, go into your inventory and at the bottom right you can see how many baits, etc., you can have with you. For example, it will show 5/6 reels, 8/10 lines, 25/30 baits. That means while at the location you can buy 1 reel, 2 lines, and 5 baits (which includes floats and hooks). The Vest, Tackle Bag or Box, and Rod Case all have various space depending on what you have equipped. Those will dictate how much you can have on you when you go to the fishing location. I hope that helps.
  10. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    It was a really good competition and very enjoyable fishing with my partner treebeard60. We had a great time! Thanks Trulight.
  11. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Starts 11/25

    I always knew you had a sadistic streak Trulight! This is going to be a real challenge, but loads of fun.
  12. Forum Bug

    PH_Trulight is also having the issue. He can't post, reply, send messages, or anything that involves typing. Several other PH members also have the issue. This will have a great impact on being able to do the next community competition.
  13. Big Mistake

    Texas is free to travel; however without a license you have certain restrictions. So, read what the Basic License restrictions are. There are no restrictions with the Advanced License.
  14. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    Hey treebeard I sent you a couple of messages. We gonna kick some butt! lol
  15. Grab Your Torch & Pitchforks Not Updated Correctly

    Thank you, the ticket is on it's way.