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  1. Unbelievably frustrating

    With jig heads and soft plastic baits, you also must factor in the weight of the plastic bait. This is just an example. If your rod has a maximum lure weight of 1/2 ounce and you equip a 1/2 ounce jig head, when you equip the plastic bait you will get the "Bait too heavy" message. The plastic bait has minimal weight, but it is enough to trigger the message.
  2. Server patch notes for PS4 and Steam

    You also need to make sure you have the correct bait and the equipment you want BEFORE you leave home. Make sure you have enough bait (if float fishing) and enough line to last for many days. Always plan ahead! That will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  3. Clubs/Player Events

    In the mean time, you may want to check out Trulight's post. It should be a lot of fun for everyone.
  4. Clubs/Player Events

    We are also looking forward to the "Official" in game clubs. But until that happens we will continue to function as we have done for the last two years. Hopefully we will get some news on the status of that project.
  5. Boats

    Noneya, I'll simply say this: I hope you've already found a good divorce lawyer,, or a pre-paid hospital room.
  6. Setting the hook

    I'm on PC and giving specifics about when to set the hook is difficult, but to get a greater percentage of good hook-ups this is what I do: i never have the rod pointed straight down the line, I always hold it at angle (either left or right) at a 45 degree angle. When I detect a bite I set the hook with the right mouse button and at the same time pull on my rod and reel. I just know this works for me.
  7. Tips For Making More Cash

    Another thing to remember: When you are at home and preparing to go to another river or lake, always double check what you are taking with you. When you are trying to make money it can be really bad if you get to the new location and find you only have five of the bait you intend to use for the trip, or you simply left it in your home inventory. Unnecessary travel will drain your bank account quickly. Also, even though you can buy certain lures, baits, etc. at the lake or river they are more expensive than if you purchase the same item from the shop when at home. Always remember the "P" Principle: Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance! Good luck & tight lines!
  8. Pro-Hookers Fishing Club

    We like to fish with someone extensively to see how they interact with our members and others in the Fishing Planet Community. I guess you could say we like to get to know them. If one of our members feels that someone would fit in well with our group they contact me. In many cases it's someone I have fished with personally. So, the invitation will normally come from me in a private message in game, or from another member if I have approved them sending an invitation. When someone receives an invitation, they fill out an application. Once I have reviewed the application I'll email them with the rest of the new member instructions (this may take a couple of days, because I like to fish in game too, ya know!).
  9. The Correct Drag Setting Every Time

    This may be old news to some, but hopefully it will be helpful to others. When fishing in real life setting our drag correctly is primarily done by feel; however, here in the game it's just a matter of simple math. Here's what I do whenever I do a new set up or change line weight on a current set up. 1. I make sure the line weight is correct for that rod. 2. I make sure the line weight is below the maximum drag of the reel (this will limit unnecessary wear on the reel). 3. Different reels have a different number of drag settings (6, 8, or 12). Once you know the number of settings on the reel, simply divide the maximum drag of the reel by the number of settings. Now you know the exact amount of drag each setting has. I always adjust my drag so it is at least a half pound to one pound lower than the line weight, There are exceptions though. For example, I use a Thunderspin 6000 which has 24.2 pounds of maximum drag with 25 pound line. If I set the drag to max I'll place excessive wear on the reel, but running the drag at 1 click below maximum it works just fine. This should give you the most efficient use of rod, reel, and line. Good Luck and tight lines!
  10. These are a GREAT bunch of folks

  11. Pro-Hookers Fishing Club

    Many times in game the question is asked "What's PH? From our humble beginning the Pro-Hookers Fishing Club has evolved into one of the largest clubs in Fishing Planet. In August 2015 our Founder and President PH_OldNr.7 started Pro-Hookers. I am the club's Chief Operations Officer and Senior Administrator. We now have more than 300 members (40+ still very active in Fishing Planet) from all parts of the world, ranging from Indonesia to Poland and Scandinavia to South Africa. Most of our members range in age from 45-71 and are/were avid fishermen in real life. We hold our own weekly club competitions and have our own Teamspeak3 server. Our weekly competitions run for two real life hours, are held at a different location each week, and we fish for a different species. At the end of each weekly competition points are assigned for 1st to 3rd place. At the end of 8 weeks the points are totaled and the member with the most points gets their name on our Master Pro-Hooker Fisherman Trophy (designed by PH_OldNr.7) on our website. They also get a permanent title on our Teamspeak3 server. We want to keep the club like a group of folks you would want to go fishing with in real life, or just to go have a beer with; therefore, membership is by invitation only with an application process. We also try to be as helpful as we can to those we fish with everyday. Enjoy Fishing Planet! Good luck and tight lines to all!
  12. New Braided Lines To Fill Gaps.

    I totally agree Trulight, there is also a gap from 20 to 30 pounds in the braided line.