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  1. Blackbird86


    So someone on here was saying that oregon is one of the most fun spots in the game. Ive never been. What tackle should i invest in for oregon? Line weight/lures/baits/etc
  2. So im in florida with my rod at 65%. Should i go home and repair or would it be more cost effective to just continue farming til it reaches single digits?
  3. Ok. Thanks for the info. Thats what i figured. Shame theres no match rod that can handle 40 lb line
  4. So i shouldnt go higher than 35 lb test with my bobber rig then?
  5. Blackbird86


    What lb test, what location, and what bait/lures should i use to farm stripers and steelhead for cash?
  6. Hey. Quick question. The max lb test line is 40 lb flouro but the heaviest match rod only goes it 35 lb. Does that mean i cant use 40 lb test on it?
  7. Uni splake was the first unique i caught. Got him on a shiner right up against the cliff face by the dock in alberta. Max leader depth, 3/0 hook, and casting as far as i could i believe. Literally as close to the cliff face as possible
  8. So i restarted my router and it hasnt frozen all day!
  9. My username is blackbird86yo on ps4. Since ive been in michigan fishing for pike with shiners today(feb 2, 2018), the games been freezing every 5-10 mins or so. Very frustrating. Its frozen probably about 8 times now in an hour of play time. It froze occasionally elsewhere but nothing like this. I tried closing app. I tried restarting ps4. Nothing works. Id travel somewhere else but i already bought the 3 day license and im running low on funds. Would really like to be able to pike fish in michigan without this problem.
  10. I have a couple 3 ft crankbaits. Will that suffice?
  11. His alberta leveling guide is from last january. Is it still accurate?
  12. Ill be level 28 soon. Was wondering what gear ill need for white moose lake alberta to farm xp and money.
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