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  1. I am probably doing this all wrong, but I am unable to start one of the bass fishing missions, it states you must use a casting rod, 006 braid and a bass rig. I have set up the correct rod and a bass 3-way rig, but I am unable to equip any hook or lure, am I doing something wrong? TIA.
  2. Every time I use a leader on my setup, I lose it when I change the setup, fair enough for Carp, but I lose all leaders on everything including feeder and float, anyone else have this issue?
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    The Congo
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    Fishing the Congo
  5. I notice that whenever I use a leader on any setup I always lose it when I try to change the setup, I looked on FB and was told it only happens on carp leaders, but I lose the leader on everything, bottom rods, float and feeder rods. Is this normal?
  6. I have noticed that everywhere I look it states Fishing Planet PC on Steam, I don't have steam on my PC, but can use the program no probs at all. Absolutely true to life sim by the way.
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